May 2007

Newsletter #25

Greetings AWS Developers,

This month, learn how to use the new Amazon Mechanical Turk Sandbox to test your Mechanical Turk applications. We also have some upcoming AWS pricing changes, so please take a look below to learn more. As a brief follow-up on Web 2.0 Expo, it was a great conference, and exciting to be joined by several of you on the show floor. In case you’re coordinating Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions at shows like this, and would like some AWS support, check out the Upcoming Events section below.

Kathrin Jackson
Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Developer Sandbox Now Available
  • Upcoming AWS Pricing Changes
  • Developer Resources: Amazon S3, SQS, and EC2
  • Solutions Catalog Highlights – What Your Peers Are Building
  • Upcoming Events
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk – Developer Sandbox Now Available

    The Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Sandbox is a simulated environment that allows you to test your applications and HITs. The Developer Sandbox is free to use for registered Mechanical Turk Requesters.

    Features of the Developer Sandbox include:
    • Test your Mechanical Turk solution for free. Fees will not be withdrawn and payments will not be made to Worker accounts.
    • Functional parity with the production web site.
    • Simple URL change to configure your application to work against the Developer Sandbox or the production web site.

    Check out the Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Sandbox.

    Upcoming AWS Pricing Changes

    A quick reminder that on Monday we announced some price changes for AWS services, which will take effect on June 1st, 2007. These include a significant reduction in bandwidth prices, applicable to Amazon S3, EC2 and SQS customers. In addition we have instituted a small request-based charge for Amazon S3 transactions. The net effect for the vast majority of our existing customers will be a price decrease. Please see the Amazon S3, EC2, and SQS detail pages for the full details of the new pricing plan for each service.

    Developer Resources: Community Content for Amazon S3, SQS, and EC2

    Distributed Messaging with Ruby and Amazon SQS
    AWS developer Jack Herrington gives an introduction to Amazon SQS using the Ruby programming language.

    Video: Seven Steps to Easy Rails Deployment on Amazon EC2
    AWS developer Steve Odom shows how to deploy a Rails application on Amazon EC2 using Capistrano and the Elastic Rails plug-in.

    Simple Access to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 in Perl
    AWS developer Timothy Kay put together this command-line tool, based on Perl and curl, that provides easy access to Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. The tool is designed to be simple to install and simple to use.

    Solutions Catalog Highlights – What Your Peers Are Building

    Check out the wide variety of AWS applications this month: bug tracking, backup solutions, and “bling”!

    Digisense System
    For Managed IT Service Providers: Turnkey off-site backup and archiving at a flat monthly fee. Built using Amazon S3.

    16bugs makes bug tracking easy, allowing you to outsource your bug tracking needs and access a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Built using Amazon S3.

    Blingee is a platform for creatively enhancing digital pictures with customizable animation. Built using Amazon S3.

    Not listed in the Solutions Catalog yet? Start with our community co-marketing.

    Check out the AWS blog for more news about AWS developers and their applications.

    Upcoming Events

    AWS team members will be busy this month, traveling to a variety of conferences and User Groups. If you happen to be organizing a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at any of these events, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at; we’d love to hear about it and come support you!

    Startup Camp 2 – San Francisco, CA
    May 7-8, 2007
    Jinesh Varia

    Atlanta Cutting Edge .NET – Atlanta, GA
    May 7, 2007
    Mike Culver

    Boston .NET User Group – Waltham, MA
    May 8, 2007
    Mike Culver

    Madison Ruby on Rails User Group – Madison, WI
    May 9, 2007
    Mike Culver

    Milwaukee .NET Users Group – Milwaukee, WI
    May 10, 2007
    Mike Culver

    O’Reilly RailsConf – Portland, OR
    May 17-20, 2007
    Jinesh Varia

    Portland Code Camp – Portland, OR
    May 19-20, 2007
    Jinesh Varia

    Dallas .NET Users Group – Dallas, TX
    May 22, 2007
    Mike Culver

    Refresh – Dallas, TX
    May 23, 2007
    Mike Culver

    O’Reilly Where2.0 – San Jose, CA
    May 29-30, 2007
    Jinesh Varia

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