February 2008

Newsletter #34

Greetings AWS Developers,

If you’re building a Facebook application, we encourage you to read about how to use our services to help your application scale for Facebook’s large and growing user base. We also have some interesting new applications built on top of a variety of Amazon Web Services, and are pleased to highlight our community’s contributions to our Resource Center – be sure to check those out! Finally, a reminder to our Amazon ECS 3.0 customers about the upcoming migration deadline.

Kathrin Jackson
Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Web Services and Facebook Team Up for Developers
  • Amazon ECS 3.0 – Important Migration Reminder
  • Developer Resources
  • Solutions Catalog Highlights: What Your Peers Are Building
  • Upcoming Events
  • Amazon Web Services and Facebook Team Up for Developers

    Amazon Web Services and Facebook are teaming up to help developers build instantly scalable applications for Facebook users. Build your Facebook app on AWS to ensure reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness as your application grows in popularity. With 55 million active members worldwide (as of November 2007), Facebook’s social networking site allows you to create and share your applications with a massive and growing community of users. Amazon Web Services enables you to quickly implement your ideas for Facebook applications by providing an inexpensive, scalable computing platform. Using these infrastructure web services, your Facebook application is able to reach “web-scale” by scaling up and down seamlessly as demand dictates—with pay-as-you-go pricing and no upfront costs.

    Amazon ECS 3.0 – Important Migration Reminder

    This is an important reminder that the Amazon E-Commerce Web Service 3.0 will be deprecated on March 31st, 2008, after which we will no longer accept Amazon ECS 3.0 requests. If you are still using Amazon ECS 3.0, please upgrade to the Amazon Associates Web Service (previously called Amazon E-Commerce Web Service 4.0) by then to ensure that you or your customers are not affected by the deprecation. This deprecation was first announced a year ago in February 2007, and we are continuing to notify current customers via e-mail. Amazon ECS 3.0 has had complete feature and data parity with Amazon ECS 4.0 since June 2006 (Version: 2006-06-28). We will re-invest the existing maintenance effort saved by discontinuing Amazon ECS 3.0 into Amazon ECS 4.0 to allow for the introduction of more features and capabilities.

    Developer Resources

    Mobile Monitoring and Administration of Amazon Web Services
    John Fronckowiak provides the framework for iPhone-based monitoring and administration of AWS, focusing on Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3.

    Building a Small Business Backup System Using Amazon S3
    Thomas Myer puts Amazon S3 to work as a simple, inexpensive, efficient backup solution for small businesses.

    Details of the Onetime Payment Use Case
    This tutorial walks through the programming steps for making a basic payment using Amazon FPS.

    Solutions Catalog Highlights: What Your Peers Are Building

    Enables you to create animated 3D avatars, hang out and chat with friends in virtual rooms and play games in one rich online environment. Built using Amazon S3 and EC2.

    Sonian Archive
    A hosted archive service that provides the most reliable and affordable way to handle email archiving. Built using Amazon S3, EC2, SQS, and FPS.

    Provides free and licensed chat services. Instantly install a chat box on your website, or contact us for licensed, branded chat for your business. Built using Amazon S3 and EC2.

    Not listed in the Solutions Catalog yet? Start with our community co-marketing.

    Check out the AWS blog for more news about AWS developers and their applications.

    Upcoming Events

    Don’t forget to let the AWS evangelists know where you’d like them to visit!

    Online ColdFusion Meetup – online
    February 7, 2008
    Mike Culver

    Columbus Ruby Brigade – Columbus, OH
    February 11, 2008
    Mike Culver

    Microsoft Office System Developer Conference – San Jose, CA
    February 11, 2008
    Jinesh Varia

    Central Ohio Java User Group – Columbus, OH
    February 12, 2008
    Mike Culver

    AWS Australia and New Zealand Trip
    February 18-29, 2008
    Mike Culver Mike will be visiting a variety of cities and looks forward to seeing you! Please refer to his wiki for details about his itinerary.

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