October 2008

Newsletter #42

Dear AWS Developers,

Whether you are a small start-up or a large enterprise, we have several major announcements this month that can benefit you. Using Amazon EC2, you will soon be able to run Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server and with the recent Oracle partnership, you can also easily run Oracle software. By choosing the AWS cloud to deploy your Windows and Oracle-based applications, you can take advantage of AWS’ proven scalability, flexibility, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

To further meet your needs, the newly released security whitepaper details our security methods and outlines the mechanisms you can use to secure your applications in the AWS cloud. We have also announced an upcoming service which gives you a high performance method of distributing your content. Last but not least, we have extended the deadline of the AWS Start-Up Challenge. Enter today! This is a great way to get some exposure and resources for your great business ideas.

  • News & Announcements
    • AWS Start-Up Challenge – Win $100,000 in Prizes
    • Windows on Amazon EC2
    • Oracle Products Licensed for Amazon Web Services
    • AWS Security Whitepaper
    • New Service Under Development for Content Delivery
    • Important Changes to Amazon DevPay Pricing and Policy
    • Amazon FPS Launches Several New Features For Payments Processing
  • Developer Resources
  • Featured Solutions
  • AWS On The Road

News & Announcements

To keep you up-to-date, here are the latest news items and announcements from AWS.

AWS Start-Up Challenge – Win $100,000 in Prizes
Don’t forget to enter the 2008 AWS Start-Up Challenge! This contest is a great opportunity to gain exposure for your great app or idea built on AWS and compete for a chance to win $100,000 in cash and AWS credits. To enter, simply submit your business application. The deadline has been extended to October 10th. All finalists will receive promotional exposure and be flown to Amazon HQ in November to participate in the final round and event.

Amazon EC2 with Windows
Later this year, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) will offer the ability to run Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server. Amazon EC2 running Windows Server operating system or SQL Server relational databases provides an ideal environment for deploying ASP.NET web sites, high performance computing clusters, media transcoding solutions, and many other Windows-based applications. To learn more, please go to

Oracle Products Licensed for Amazon Web Services
Oracle customers can now license Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Enterprise Manager to run on Amazon EC2. Using publicly-available AMIs, developers can rapidly build applications using Oracle’s popular development tools and take advantage of the provisioning and automated software deployment in these AMIs AWS cloud computing environment. Learn more about Oracle on EC2.

Amazon Web Services Security Whitepaper
Since the issues of end-to-end security are more sophisticated in cloud computing environments than in a single datacenter, we’ve published a security whitepaper that should help answer some initial questions about physical and operational security processes for network infrastructure controlled by AWS.

New AWS Service Under Development for Content Delivery
We are excited to share some early details with you about a new offering we have under development here at AWS—a content delivery service. This new service will provide you a high performance method of distributing content to end users, giving your customers low latency and high data transfer rates when they access your objects.

Amazon FPS Launches Several New Features For Payments Processing
Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS) has launched three features to improve your payments processing: Instant Payment Notification notifies you when a transaction succeeds, fails or is temporarily declined through a simple HTTP post to your web server. Soft Descriptor Customization allows you to specify a custom soft-descriptor, prefixed with AMZ, so your customers can identify you on their credit card. Temporary Decline Enhancements will automatically retry the transactions placed in temporary declined state.

Important Changes to Amazon DevPay Pricing and Policy
Based on feedback from our developer community, we are pleased to announce that we have made changes to Amazon DevPay pricing and policy that should make it more attractive for you to sell your products and services using Amazon DevPay. Amazon DevPay is a simple-to-use online billing and account management service that makes it easy for businesses to sell applications that are built in, or run on top of, Amazon Web Services.

Developer Resources

Here are a few highlights and new additions to our Developer Resource Center.

Oracle Public AMIs
Oracle has produced four publicly-available Amazon EC2 AMIs with pre-installed and configured software for Enterprise, Standard or Express editions. In a matter of minutes, developers can have a fully configured Oracle Database computing environment running on Amazon EC2 that includes the web-based management tool Enterprise Manager Database Control and the web-based rapid development tool Applications Express (APEX).

AWS Quick Reference Cards
The AWS Developer Relations team have created AWS Quick Reference Cards, available in PDF form, to summarize the most important data types, function calls, and command line tools for each service. Several cards are now available, Amazon EC2, Amazon SQS, Amazon DevPay, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Fulfillment Web Service, Amazon Associates Web Service, with more to follow.

Featured Solutions

Check out what your peers have built with AWS. These solutions include interesting web applications built on top of AWS as well as tools that help you integrate with AWS.

Ylastic is built on top of AWS Infrastructure Services and provides an intuitive user interface for managing Amazon S3, EC2, SQS and SimpleDB, along with monitoring, alerts, reporting tools, and more.

Bucket Explorer
Bucket Explorer is a user interface for Amazon S3. It helps you to transfer files to and from Amazon S3, manage ACLs, create signed URLs, manage bucket logging and allows access to shared buckets and files.

Ankoder is video transcoding API that allows anyone to integrate video transcoding to your website within minutes. Ankoder is built on AWS and also supports file uploading and hosting of videos to Amazon S3.

AWS On The Road

You can see more events and sign up for a private meeting or a formal presentation on the AWS Evangelist Wiki Calendar.

Cloudcon East
Oct. 17, Malvern, PA

nPost Tech Start-Up Event
Oct. 22, Seattle, WA

Microsoft PDC
Oct. 27-30, Las Vegas
If you’d like to hear more about AWS activities at PDC, email us.

AWS Startup Event – London
November 4, London

AWS Startup Event – Amsterdam
November 6, Amsterdam

AWS Start-Up Challenge Finale Event
November 20, Seattle

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