July 2009

Newsletter #51

Dear AWS Community,

We are excited to announce the 3rd annual AWS Start-Up Challenge. We are continuously impressed by the innovative business ideas and diverse uses of AWS from customers across all industries and this contest is a way to identify and highlight those great ideas from up-and-coming start-ups. The grand prize winner will take away $50,000 in cash and $50,000 in AWS credits to build and grow their business. Read more about the contest below and be sure to check out our latest Developer Resources and Virtual Events.

News & Announcements

Announcing the 3rd Annual AWS Start-Up Challenge
The AWS Start-Up Challenge has launched and once again we are looking for the most promising start-ups that are building their businesses on AWS infrastructure services. Start-ups in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Israel are encouraged to apply for a chance to win $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in AWS credits, mentoring sessions from AWS technical experts, and AWS Premium Support Gold for one year.

The 2008 Challenge winner, John Barr, VP of Yieldex says, “Winning the AWS Start-Up Challenge last year put our business on the fast track. Since then, we’ve successfully raised $8.5 million dollars and grown at least two orders of magnitude in each of the data processing categories we measure, including 40 billion monthly impressions under management and 3 terabytes of data processed daily in the cloud.” To learn more and enter the competition, visit the AWS Start-Up Challenge home page.

AWS Management Console Adds Support for Amazon CloudFront
We’re excited to announce support for Amazon CloudFront to the AWS Management Console. Now you can use a simple, point-and-click web interface to configure and manage Amazon CloudFront, the cost-effective, low-latency content delivery service. Using the AWS Management Console is free of charge and it will help you get started with Amazon CloudFront faster than ever.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Now Available in the EU Region
Amazon Elastic MapReduce web service is now available in the EU Region. Customers can run Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows processing data stored locally in the EU Region. Amazon Elastic MapReduce utilizes a hosted Hadoop framework running on AWS infrastructure services and enables businesses, researchers, data analysts, and developers to easily and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data.

New Amazon SimpleDB Query Enhancements and WSDL
In response to customer requests for additional querying capabilities, Amazon SimpleDB has released several upgrades for the SELECT API. Developers may now perform contains queries via the LIKE operator, enabling them to search for an attribute value within any part of a string. In addition, queries may now be executed on and sorted by the itemName, query sorts have been upgraded to allow is null as the predicate, and the limit on the number of items returned by a Select has been increased to 2500. These new features are available with the new Amazon SimpleDB WSDL 2009-04-15.

Featured Case Study: Virgin Atlantic’s
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Virgin Atlantic Airways, the company announced their new travel website, Just like their planes, their new site is in the clouds, hosted entirely on the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform. Read the full story.

Developer Resources

Here are a few highlights and new additions to our Developer Resource Center.

Running Windows SharePoint Services on Amazon EC2
In this tutorial, Brian Desmond looks at the steps necessary to deploy a SharePoint workstation on an Amazon EC2 instance, including setting up the instance and storage.

Hosting Flex Application and PHP Services with the Zend Framework in Amazon EC2
Dan Orlando walks through setting up an Amazon EC2 instance to host an Adobe Flex application that ties together Flex, the Zend PHP Framework, and Amazon EC2.

IBM Launches Three New AMIs
IBM has released WebSphere Application Server, Mashup Center, and Lotus Forms turbo AMIs for development/test use.

Getting Started with Oracle Database on AWS (PDF)
This whitepaper instructs how to get started using Oracle software on Amazon EC2. Examples include creating a new database, moving an existing database to Elastic Block Store, moving a database to a new EC2 instance, and creating backups.

Featured Solutions

Check out what your peers have built with AWS. If you have a web application built on top of AWS or a tool that helps others integrate with AWS, submit your entry to the Solutions Catalog.

Phanfare offers premium archival photo and video sharing for serious amateurs and professional photographers. Each photo and video is safely and securely stored using Amazon S3.

WatchDox provides an easy way to send documents securely, and control and track who views, prints or forwards them. Built on Amazon S3.

S3stat is a service that takes the detailed server access logs provided by Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3, and translates them into human readable statistics, reports, and graphs.

AWS On The Road

Join AWS and our partners at the following events.

Cloud Seminar
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

IBM Seminar: Introduction to SaaS, Multi-Tenancy, and Cloud Computing
July 15, Waltham MA,

IBM Workshops: Getting started with IBM software on Amazon Web Services featuring sMash & DB2
July 16, Waltham, MA
August 25, Austin, TX

Virtual Events

Find upcoming webinars and previously recorded events on the AWS Webinar page

Amazon Second Life Job Fair
Join Amazon in Second Life on July 14 for the first ever Amazon Second Life Job Fair. This free event is a unique opportunity for candidates to have direct access to hiring managers and recruiters from around the world. Amazon is looking for all levels of technical and non-technical candidates – from hands-on engineers to program managers and game-changing principal architects. Visit our career site to see open positions, then join us in-world.
July 14, 6:00am – 12:00am PDT

Webinar: An Introduction to Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions
In this webinar, the Amazon Payments team will introduce you to Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions. With Amazon Simple Pay Subscriptions, you can add a recurring payments feature on your website quickly and easily. If you offer digital content subscriptions, collect membership dues on a periodic basis, or provide premium services on your website, this webinar is for you.
July 16, 11:30am – 12:30pm PDT

Webinar: An Introduction to Checkout by Amazon
In this webinar learn how Checkout by Amazon makes it easy for millions of Amazon customers to buy your products using payment information stored in their Amazon accounts. If you are a developer providing solutions for merchants, learn more about Checkout by Amazon and its features including the Callback API and Instant Order Processing Notifications.
July 28 10:00am – 10:45am PDT

Virtual Workshop for Start-ups: Running IBM on EC2 and S3
Learn how to use IBM product AMIs to create and deploy applications in the Amazon EC2 cloud. IBM will show you how to add your own product functionality to the IBM AMIs by rebundling them.
July 29, 6:00am – 8:00am PDT
July 29, 10:00am – 12:00pm PDT

Webinar: Data Warehousing in the AWS Cloud
In this webinar, learn how a major pharmaceutical company, with the help of Recombinant Data Corp., leveraged the AWS cloud for their healthcare data warehousing. The project featured 7 instances and is anticipated to expand beyond 37 TB of data. The result: greater scalability & performance which led to higher quality research outcomes, accelerated discoveries and lower costs.
August 12, 12:00pm – 1:00pm PDT

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