November 2009

Newsletter #55

Dear AWS Community,

We’re excited to share several announcements with you today:

  • AWS has successfully completed a SAS70 Audit of our operational procedures and security
  • Our commitment to the Asia-Pacific market with plans to provide multiple AWS Availability Zones in Singapore in the first half of 2010
  • The 2009 Startup Challenge Finalists are announced
  • Developers can now utilize the new AWS SDK for .NET to make it even easier to build .NET applications on AWS
  • Customers with sensitive data can use Amazon CloudFront’s new private content feature
  • AWS Multi-Factor Authentication compatible devices are now available worldwide

You can read more about these new announcements below and get the details of other major announcements we made in late October, including the new Amazon Relational Database Service, High-Memory Instances for Amazon EC2, and a 15% reduction in Amazon EC2 pricing.

  • News & Announcements
    • AWS Completes SAS70 Audit
    • AWS Expands into Asia
    • Announcing 2009 AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists
    • AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET Now Available
    • Amazon CloudFront Now Supports Private Content
    • Introducing Amazon Relational Database Service
    • Amazon EC2 Releases High-Memory Instances
    • Amazon EC2 Lowers On-Demand Instance Pricing
    • AWS Multi-Factor Authentication Compatible Devices Now Available Worldwide
  • Developer Resources
  • AWS On The Road
  • Virtual Events

News & Announcements

AWS Completes SAS70 Audit
Amazon Web Services has successfully completed a Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS70) Type II Audit, and has obtained a favorable unbiased opinion from its independent auditors. SAS70 certifies that AWS has had an in-depth audit of its controls, specifically as it relates to operational performance and security to safeguard customer data. We have updated our security overview whitepaper to reflect the results of our SAS70 Audit, as well as other additions. You can download the whitepaper at the AWS Security Center.

AWS Expands into Asia
Today, we announced plans to open an Asia-Pacific region in the first half of 2010. We are excited to enable businesses to deploy compute and storage resources in close proximity to their end-users in Asia. AWS customers will be able to access AWS’s infrastructure services from Multiple Availability Zones in Singapore in the first half of 2010, then in other Availability Zones within Asia over the second half of 2010. Read the full announcement.

Announcing 2009 AWS Start-Up Challenge Finalists
We are pleased to announce the seven finalists for the 2009 AWS Start-Up Challenge: Bizo, FlightCaster, Gazaro, GoodData, Involver, Motally, ReTel Technologies. These innovative start-ups have been selected for their business potential and use of AWS. The grand prize winner will be announced at the event December 9, 6:00pm-8:30pm at PlugandPlayTechCenter in Sunnyvale, California. If you are interested in attending, please register today as seats are limited.

AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET Now Available
The AWS SDK for .NET makes it even easier for Windows developers to build .NET applications that tap into the cost-effective, scalable, and reliable AWS infrastructure services such as Amazon S3, EC2, and SimpleDB. With the AWS SDK for .NET, developers get started in minutes with a single, downloadable package complete with Visual Studio project templates, the AWS .NET library, C# code samples, and documentation. Learn more about the AWS SDK for .NET.

Amazon CloudFront Now Supports Private Content

Now you can have detailed control over who is able to download your files from Amazon CloudFront, the cost-effective, low-latency content delivery service. This optional feature lets you use Amazon CloudFront to deliver important digital assets that you prefer not to make publicly available. For instance, if your website sells digital goods, you might use this feature to help ensure your merchandise is only downloaded by paying customers. Or, if your company delivers training materials to employees, you might use this feature to help ensure that proprietary information isn’t accessed outside of your organization. Learn more about this feature and the service on the CloudFront service page.

Introducing Amazon Relational Database Service
Amazon Relational Database Service is a new web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. Amazon RDS gives you access to the full capabilities of a familiar MySQL database. This means the code, applications, and tools you already use today with your existing MySQL databases work seamlessly with Amazon RDS. Amazon RDS manages time-consuming database administration tasks, such as automatically patching database software and backups. You can also scale the compute resources or storage capacity associated with your database via a single API call. For more information, please visit the Amazon RDS service page or read the press release.

Amazon EC2 Releases High-Memory Instances

Amazon EC2 has released a new family of instances: High-Memory. This new instance family has two new instances specifically designed for memory-intensive, high throughput workloads such as databases, memory caching, and rendering. The two instances are Double Extra Large (34.2 GB memory, 13 ECU (4 virtual cores with 3.25 ECU each), 850 GB storage, 64-bit platform) and Quadruple Extra Large (68.4 GB memory, 26 ECU (8 virtual cores with 3.25 ECU each), 1690 GB storage, 64-bit platform). Learn about all Amazon EC2 instance types.

Amazon EC2 Lowers On-Demand Instance Pricing
Effective November 1, Amazon EC2 has lowered prices up to 15% for all On-Demand instance families and sizes. For example, a Small Standard Linux-based instance will cost just 8.5 cents per hour of computing, compared to the current price of 10 cents per hour. For more details by instance type and region, please visit the Amazon EC2 service page.

AWS Multi-Factor Authentication Compatible Devices Now Available Worldwide
Gemalto, Inc. has announced that they now support worldwide shipping of devices compatible with AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This extends the additional security provided by AWS MFA to AWS’s international customers. For more details on AWS Multi-Factor Authentication, please visit

Developer Resources

Here are a few highlights and new additions to our Developer Resource Center.

Windows and .NET Resources
In addition to the new AWS SDK for .NET, you can find a number of other Windows and .NET developer resources in our Resource Center, including libraries, such as the VB.Net Library for Amazon Relational Database Service, and articles, such as Deploying ASP.NET Applications on Amazon EC2.

IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6.2.1 AMI
The Tivoli Monitoring AMI from IBM provides enterprise-class resource monitoring in a preinstalled and preconfigured image.

Elastra Cloud Server AMI
Elastra’s Cloud Server 2.0 lets you quickly streamline provisioning of EC2 resources and open source components such as Apache, JBoss, Tomcat and MySQL.

AWS On The Road

Join AWS and our partners at the following events.

IBM Cloud Computing Seminar
November 26, Hursley, United Kingdom
Attend this free day-long event and learn from experts at IBM how to use Amazon EC2 pre-loaded with IBM middleware (WebSphere sMash and DB2) to adopt a SaaS model.

Chicago Amazon Web Services Group

December 1, Chicago, IL

AWS Start-Up Challenge Final Event
December 9, Sunnyvale, CA
Register for this great networking event. Hear presentations from the seven finalists and learn which one will win $100,000 in cash and AWS credits.

Virtual Events

Find upcoming webinars and previously recorded events on the AWS Webinar page.

Cloud Quickstart: Accelerating your path to cloud computing with IBM, WaveMaker and RightScale and built on EC2
November 12, 11:00AM – 12:00PM PST
Learn how the IBM Cloud Quickstart Roadmap can accelerate your cloud development. Based on IBM best practices leveraging WebSphere Application Server and DB2 and best-of-breed components from AWS partners WaveMaker and RightScale, the IBM Cloud Quickstart Roadmap makes it fast and easy for anyone to build scalable cloud applications.

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