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Jan 30, 2010

January 2010 - Announcing Amazon CloudFront Streaming and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

We are excited to ring in 2010 and are looking forward to a great year. This month's newsletter highlights several new announcements, including Amazon CloudFront Streaming and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances. Also check out the latest AWS Developer Resources, including the "Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices" whitepaper. > Read more
Feb 20, 2010

February 2010 - Consolidated Billing for AWS Accounts

In this installment of the AWS customer newsletter, check out the newly launched Consolidated Billing feature, the Versioning feature for Amazon S3, and the recent announcement on lower pricing for outbound data transfer. We are also excited to share with you several announcements from the AWS Solution Provider community and we hope you will register for one of the virtual events or stop by and see us at an upcoming conference, such as CeBIT. > Read more
Mar 30, 2010

March 2010 - Amazon SimpleDB Introduces Consistent Reads

Check out our latest feature announcements, including consistent reads from Amazon SimpleDB and Extra Large High Memory Instances from Amazon EC2. For developers, we have a number of new resources to highlight this month, including sample code for Amazon Mechanical Turk and an ASP.NET sample application for Amazon S3 and SimpleDB. Also, check out our event calendar and webinar schedule, March will be a busy month and we hope you will connect with us at one of these events. > Read more
Apr 30, 2010

April 2010 - Announcing Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)

To keep you up to date on what's happening in AWS, this month's newsletter includes our new service Amazon Simple Notification Service, our new combined data transfer pricing tier, and many new features and resources. We also want to highlight our event calendar -- there are a number of exciting events happening this month organized by AWS, our partners, or our customers. > Read more
May 30, 2010

May 2010 - Announcing the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region

In this newsletter, we are excited to announce Amazon CloudFront's access log feature is now enabled for streaming distributions - read more below. This month's newsletter also highlights AWS's global expansion with our new Singapore Region, Amazon VPC availability in Europe, and Amazon RDS availability in Northern California. In May and June, we have a full calendar of events taking place around the world and many virtual events, we hope you can join us. > Read more
Jun 30, 2010

June 2010 - Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS added to the AWS Management Console

This month, we are excited to recap several recent announcements, including new features for our content delivery, database, and storage services. Also, to make it easier to build applications in the cloud, we have added Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS to the AWS Management Console. If you are a developer or architect, check out the newly released whitepapers on Web hosting and building fault-toleration applications on AWS. > Read more
Jul 30, 2010

July 2010 - EC2 Cluster Compute Instances and much more

Over the past month, several AWS service teams have released exciting features and capabilities to help customers be successful. Amazon EC2 has released several features, including Cluster Compute Instances, designed for high-performance computing (HPC) applications and support for user managed kernels. Amazon S3 has released support for Bucket Policies and support for Reduced Redundancy Storage in the AWS Management Console. Amazon Simple Queue Service has introduced a free tier, giving customers the first 100,000 requests at no charge. We have also released several resources: a web hosting whitepaper, a new Mechanical Turk best practices guide, and developer resources for Windows and .NET. > Read more
Aug 28, 2010

August 2010 - AWS Start-Up Challenge 2010 Launch

We are excited to inform you that the AWS Start-Up Challenge 2010 will soon be open for submissions. This year, start-ups in 22 countries across the Americas, Asia, and Europe can enter to be selected as regional semi-finalists and compete for the global grand prize. Sign up to be notified about the contest. This month, Amazon CloudFront, the easy to use content delivery network, announced a new feature to assign a default root object to your HTTP or HTTPS distribution, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce announced that they will soon be supported by AWS Premium Support. We have also launched a new Python Developer Center with libraries, sample code, tutorials and other Python resources to help you build on AWS. > Read more
Sep 09, 2010

September 2010 - Amazon Linux AMI Released

In this newsletter, we are pleased to highlight the release of Amazon Linux AMI and recap several other recent AWS announcements: Micro Instances, Database Engine Version Management, Identity and Access Management, the 2010 AWS Start-Up Challenge, and more. We are also excited to share the new case study highlighting the U.S. Department of Energy’s Open Energy Information Initiative website hosted on AWS. September and October will be busy months for events and webinars – check out the calendar below and please join us. > Read more
Oct 12, 2010

October 2010 - New Amazon EC2 Features and Announcements

Over the past several weeks, Amazon EC2 has made several major announcements for customers with large deployments - including new features for tagging and filtering EC2 resources, using RSA keys to replace AWS private keys, an announcement with Oracle to certify enterprise software on Amazon EC2, and an announcement with Novell to offer Amazon EC2 running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 and 11. In addition, Amazon RDS has released an important Read Replicas feature and lowered pricing for High Mem DB Instances. We are also excited to tell you about AWS evangelist Jeff Barr’s new book: "Host Your Web Site in the Cloud". Check out the webinars coming up in October and November, most notable is AWS's new office hours webinar. Tune in to get your Amazon EC2 questions answered by Jeff Barr in real time. > Read more
Nov 10, 2010

November 2010 - New Amazon CloudFront Announcements

Amazon CloudFront has just announced some exciting news about their content delivery service - it's now in GA, it can be used with non-S3 origin servers, and has a 99.9% availability SLA. If you haven't already, take a look at CloudFront, with edge locations worldwide, it is a cost-effective way to deliver your content. Also, check out the newly released Nasa JPL case study, read how Nasa uses AWS to process images and data sent from their remote robots. November will be a busy month for AWS staff, our customers, and partners with 22 live events happening across the globe, from Washington DC, Hamburg, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires. If you prefer to stay at home, log on to one of the six live webinars. > Read more
Dec 15, 2010

December 2010 - PCI compliance and ISO 27001 certification, Amazon Route 53, free EC2 monitoring, GPU Clusters, and more

With the end of 2010 drawing near, we took a quick glance at the past 12 months. Most of the releases we announced were direct requests from you (our customers), such as an Asia Pacific Region, combined data transfer pricing tiers, consolidated billing, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Micro Instances, Cluster and GPU Instances, CloudFront streaming, new relational database features from Amazon RDS, a DNS service, additional console support, and more. We hope you have found these releases useful as you build on top of AWS. We strive to be the most customer centric company on earth, and to do that, we continually need your feedback. Our annual customer survey is open and we hope you will take a few minutes to tell us what you think. Please start the survey and we thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us. This newsletter highlights the announcements that we've made over the last month, specifically, PCI compliance and ISO 27001 certification, Amazon Route 53, free EC2 monitoring, GPU Clusters, Amazon S3 object size increased to 5 terabytes, and the finale of the AWS Start-Up Challenge. In addition, we have released new content to help you migrate your legacy applications to the cloud –- see the whitepapers below. If you are interested in migration, check out the December 20 webinar, Jon Jenkins, Director of Corporate Applications will share insights about how, as a customer of AWS, migrated their own internal IT applications to the cloud. Best wishes and have a Happy New Year! > Read more

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