April 2010 - Announcing Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)

Newsletter #60

Dear AWS Community,

To keep you up to date on what's happening in AWS, this month's newsletter includes our new service Amazon Simple Notification Service, our new combined data transfer pricing tier, and many new features and resources. We also want to highlight our event calendar -- there are a number of exciting events happening this month organized by AWS, our partners, or our customers. The AWS community is growing and these events are a great way to connect to other users. Be sure to check out an AWS user group in your area or start your own group.

  • News & Announcements
    • Amazon Relational Database Service Now Available in Europe
    • Announcing Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
    • Combined Data Transfer Pricing
    • Amazon CloudFront in Singapore, Private Content for Streaming
    • Support for Session Stickiness in Elastic Load Balancing
    • Amazon Elastic MapReduce Introduces Custom Cluster Configuration Option
    • Share Your Feedback With Us
    • Attention: AWS Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
  • Developer Resources
  • AWS On The Road
  • Virtual Events

News & Announcements

Amazon Relational Database Service Now Available in Europe
We are excited to announce Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is now available in our EU Region. Amazon RDS provides cost-efficient and resizable capacity for MySQL deployments in the cloud, while managing time-consuming tasks like backup, scaling, and patching. Developers and business can now run Amazon RDS DB Instances with closer proximity to other AWS resources in the EU Region in order to reduce latency and help meet EU data storage requirements (when applicable).

Announcing Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
Amazon SNS makes it easy to set up, operate, and send notifications from the cloud. You can leverage this highly reliable web service to send notifications or messages to applications or people using a “push” mechanism and have these messages delivered over protocol of choice (i.e. HTTP, email, etc.). The potential uses for Amazon SNS include monitoring applications, workflow systems, time-sensitive information updates, mobile applications, and many others.

Combined Data Transfer Pricing
Your Data Transfer Out pricing tier for a given Region is now based on your total Data Transfer Out usage within a region for Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, and Amazon VPC. With AWS aggregating your total Data Transfer Out usage across multiple services, you can reach higher usage tiers and lower pricing more quickly. In addition, you’ll benefit from a complimentary tier which provides your first GB of outbound transfer in each Region each month at no charge. Effective April 1, 2010.

Amazon CloudFront in Singapore, Private Content for Streaming
Amazon CloudFront, the easy to use content delivery network, now has an edge location in Singapore, totaling 15 edge locations worldwide. This will help you deliver content to end users in Asia with even lower latency and faster data transfer rates than before. Also, Amazon CloudFront has introduced a private content feature. Now you can have detailed control over who is able to receive your streaming media. There are no additional charges for using private content above the service’s normal rates for streaming.

Support for Session Stickiness in Elastic Load Balancing
We are excited to announce support for session stickiness in Elastic Load Balancing. Now you can configure the load balancer to bind user sessions to specific application instances. Elastic Load Balancing supports two mechanisms to provide session stickiness: load balancer-generated HTTP cookies, which allow browser-based session lifetimes, and application-generated HTTP cookies, which allow application-specific session lifetimes.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Introduces Custom Cluster Configuration Option
Bootstrap Actions is a new feature in Amazon Elastic MapReduce that provides users a way to run custom set-up prior to the execution of their job flow. Bootstrap Actions can be used to install software or configure instances before running your job flow. You can write a Bootstrap Action script in any language including among others Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby, C++, or Java. There are several pre-defined Bootstrap Actions available.

Share Your Feedback With Us
Some customers have asked us about ways to easily convert virtual machines from VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen Server, and Microsoft Hyper-V to Amazon EC2 instances – and vice versa. If this is something that you’re interested in, we would like to hear from you. Please send an email to describing your needs and use case.

Attention: AWS Start-ups and Entrepreneurs
Want funding and mentorship for your start-up? Get your start-up funded and off the ground by joining TechStars. TechStars is a seed stage investment fund that provides seed funding and mentoring for teams forming technology companies. You can apply to TechStars in Seattle at, deadline May 21, 2010.

Developer Resources

Here are some developer resources to help you build and grow on AWS.

Announcing the AWS SDK for Java
With the AWS SDK for Java, developers can get started in minutes with a single, downloadable package that includes the AWS Java library, code samples, and documentation. Eclipse Java IDE users can get started with the SDK easily using the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse.

Elastic Load Balancing Tips & Tricks (From AWS Support Team)
Check out these helpful tips on using Elastic Load Balancing to distribute incoming traffic equally across your EC2 instances in multiple Availability Zones.

Amazon SimpleDB Sample Application
This C# sample application demonstrates how SimpleDB’s new Conditional Puts & Deletes and Consistent Reads are used to deploy a penny auction site with a SimpleDB backend.

Step-by-Step Guide for Federation with Windows ADFS
If you are trying to federate your Windows Active Directory domains with resources running on Amazon EC2, use this <a href=” ”>detailed step-by-step guide. This document walks you through creating a test lab demonstrating identity federation between an on-premise Windows Server Active Directory domain on EC2. Also check out this blog post that references a whitepaper and other resources about common federation scenarios.

AWS On The Road

We hope you can join AWS, our customers, and partners at the following events.

AWS Start-Up Event – Silicon Valley
April 14, Silicon Valley, CA

April 17, Redmond, WA

RightScale User Conference
April 21, New York, NY

AWS User Group – Minneapolis/Twin Cities
April 20, 8:00am, Minneapolis, MN
Join this kick-off user group meeting with free coffee, breakfast and some lively conversation.

AWS User Group – Hamburg
April 20, Hamburg, Germany

AWS User Group – Buenos Aires
April 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina

AWS Cloud for the Enterprise
April 22, London, UK

April 25-27, Philadelphia, PA
Visit the AWS booth and attend the breakout track on cloud computing featuring Tenet Healthcare’s use of Pegasystems and AWS to innovate healthcare IT solutions.

AWS User Group – Seattle
April 27, 5:30pm-8:30pm, Seattle, WA

IBM Impact
May 2-7, Las Vegas, NV
Visit the AWS booth (E19) in the Cloud Zone pavilion and attend the hands-on AWS Lab.

AWS User Group – Paris
May 3, Paris, France

AWS User Group – NYC
May 10, New York, NY

LOGIN Conference
May 10-13, Seattle, WA

AWSome User Group – Atlanta
May 11, Atlanta, GA

AWS Cloud for the Enterprise
May 12, Seattle, WA

AWS Bootcamp
May 12, London, UK

Workshop: Getting Started with IBM Software on AWS, featuring WebSphere sMash and DB2
May 18, Chicago, Illinois

Virtual Events

Learn more about AWS by registering for an upcoming webinar or virtual event.

Double-Take Software Webinar: Don’t Buy the Cow—Why You Don’t Need a Second Datacenter to Protect Your Servers
April 21, 8:00am PT
In this live webinar, Double-Take Software and AWS will show you how you can set up world-class disaster recovery for any Windows server in about the time it takes to milk a couple of cows (about an hour), plus show you how Double-Take uses AWS to create the Ultimate Disaster Recovery Solution (UDRS).

Introducing InfoSphere Information Server on Amazon EC2
April 29, 9:00am PT
IBM and CapGemini will demonstrate how this new AMI reduces the upfront time and expense involved with setting up hardware infrastructure and software licenses for data integration projects lasting 3-12 months, such as application migration and consolidation associated with data quality improvement.

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