November 2010 - New Amazon CloudFront Announcements

Dear AWS Community,

Amazon CloudFront has just announced some exciting news about their content delivery service - it's now in GA, it can be used with non-S3 origin servers, and has a 99.9% availability SLA. If you haven't already, take a look at CloudFront, with edge locations worldwide, it is a cost-effective way to deliver your content. Also, check out the newly released Nasa JPL case study, read how Nasa uses AWS to process images and data sent from their remote robots. November will be a busy month for AWS staff, our customers, and partners with 22 live events happening across the globe, from Washington DC, Hamburg, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires. If you prefer to stay at home, log on to one of the six live webinars.

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    • Amazon S3 Reduces Storage Pricing
    • Amazon Elastic MapReduce Introduces Resizing Running Job Flows
    • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Adds Support for HTTPS
    • AWS Management Console Adds Support for Amazon SNS
    • Mechanical Turk Releases New Worker Management Features
    • Featured Case Study: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
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Just Announced

Amazon CloudFront, the easy-to-use AWS content delivery network, has made three significant new announcements. First, after adding many highly-requested features during the course of its public beta period, Amazon CloudFront is now entering General Availability (GA).

Second, you can now use Amazon CloudFront with any origin server that holds the original, definitive versions of your content – in addition to Amazon S3. Customers can now use Amazon CloudFront with origin servers running on Amazon EC2 instances or with any other custom origin. This is especially useful for customers with custom content management systems that don’t use Amazon S3, or for customers who want to do object manipulation, like image resizing or ad insertion, in their origin. To utilize this new functionality, please see our Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide. There is no additional charge to use a non-S3 origin. Of course, Amazon S3 remains a great choice to use with CloudFront and is the recommended option for most use cases.

Third, Amazon CloudFront now offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA), with a service level commitment of 99.9% availability. If availability falls below this level, customers are eligible to receive service credits. The new Amazon CloudFront SLA is designed to give you additional confidence that your content will always be available. Please visit the CloudFront product page for more information about these new features.

News & Announcements

To keep you up-to-date, here are the latest news items and announcements from AWS.

Amazon S3 Reduces Storage Pricing
Amazon S3 has reduced storage prices for both Standard and Reduced Redundancy Storage in all regions effective November 1. In addition, they have lowered the threshold for volume based discounts from 50 terabytes to 1 terabyte, extending volume pricing discounts to more customers. The new lower prices can be found on the Amazon S3 product page. We’re happy to be able to once again pass along savings to our customers as we’ve continued to lower our costs.

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Introduces Resizing Running Job Flows
Amazon Elastic MapReduce has launched the ability for customers to dynamically modify the size of their running job flows. Using the API, command line client, or Java SDK, customers have the flexibility to add or remove nodes based on the changing capacity needs of their job flow. This allows users to better customize their capacity usage to meet the unique requirements of their job flows, improving performance while enabling them to save money. Further, Elastic MapReduce now automatically provisions new slave nodes if a slave node fails, providing an even greater level of fault tolerance. Visit the Resizing Running Job Flows in the Elastic MapReduce Developer Guide for more details.

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Adds Support for HTTPS
Elastic Load Balancing now supports HTTPS, allowing you to decrypt SSL/TLS traffic at the load balancer offloading this task from your application instances. All of the load balancing features available to HTTP sessions, including session stickiness, are available for use with the decrypted HTTPS sessions. HTTPS support for ELB also includes centralized storage and management for your SSL server certificates rather than managing certificates on individual application instances.

AWS Management Console Adds Support for Amazon SNS
Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is now available in the AWS Management Console. Amazon SNS makes it easy to manage and send notifications from the cloud and the AWS Management Console adds the simplicity of a point-and-click web interface. You can now create topics, add subscribers, and send notifications all from your browser. In addition, the AWS Management Console makes it easy to publish messages over your protocol of choice (HTTP, email, SQS protocol, etc.) and edit topic policies to control publisher and subscriber access. The AWS Management Console is available free of charge.

Mechanical Turk Releases New Worker Management Features
Amazon Mechanical Turk has released a new set of features designed to help Requesters get better accuracy by providing tools to manage Workers. These features were designed to make it easier for you to find and reward the Workers who are doing good work on your HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). The new tools help you to identify good Workers, allow you to manage Workers and Qualification Types, and save you time by sending more work to your best Workers. Visit the AWS blog post to learn more.

Featured Case Study: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) uses Amazon EC2’s Cluster Compute instances to process high resolution satellite images that provide guidance and situational awareness to its robots. JPL relies on AWS to deploy massive computations to streamline image processing with greater efficiency and cost-savings. Read the full case study.

AWS On The Road

We hope you can join AWS, our customers, and partners at the following events.

AWS Meet-up – New York
November 10, New York City

IEEE/ACM ICCAD 2010 ParCAD Workshop
November 11, San Jose
Jinesh Varia of AWS will present “Architecting for Parallel Computing in the Cloud.”

Nasscom Product Conclave
November 11, Bangalore, India

BizTech Summit
November 11, Bangalore, India

Nasscom Animation and Gaming Conclave
November 12, Hyderabad, India

AngelBeat Seminar on Cloud Computing
November 15, Anaheim, CA

November 16-19, Online and New Orleans, LA
Visit AWS partners at SC10, watch live webcasts, and chat with AWS staff on twitter during the show.

Web 3.0 Asia
November 16, Hong Kong

AngleBeat Seminar on Cloud Computing
November 16, Los Angeles, CA

FreedomOSS Integrated Cloud Services Management Event
November 16, Chicago, IL
Featuring Amazon CTO Werner Vogels via webcast followed by Max Yankelevich, Chief Architect, FreedomOSS, and enterprise customer presentations.

Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit
November 17, Los Angeles, CA

Cloud Computing Forum
November 17, Hong Kong

Silicon Valley Cloud Computing User Group
November 18, Palo Alto, CA

Data Analytics Summit – New York
November 18, New York City
Peter Sirota from AWS will present case studies of internet retailers who are leveraging AWS and Aster Data to improve their business.

Acquia Drupal Business Summit
November 18, Washington, DC

AWS User Group – Buenos Aires
November 19 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

November 20, New Zealand

November 23, New Zealand

CSI 2010
November 25, Mumbai, India

AWS User Group – Hamburg
November 29, Hamburg, Germany

AWS Training Course by ThoughtWorks
November 29, London, UK

CloudStock – The Woodstock for Cloud Developers
December 6, San Francisco, CA
This free, meet-up style event will feature sessions, demo stations, socializing, and a hackathon. Amazon Senior Evangelist Jeff Barr will be presenting a pair of sessions on AWS.

Virtual Events

Amazon Web Services Office Hours: Ask the Experts
November 10, 9:00am PT
Expand your cloud and EC2 knowledge through an interactive Q&A session with AWS Evangelists Steve Riley and Jinesh Varia. Join us on Wednesday, November 10 from 9am – 10am PST to hear us field a variety of EC2 questions from an audience of your peers.

Disruptive HPC
November 16, 9:00am PT/ 11:00am CT
Deepak Singh of AWS will talk about how customers are using Amazon EC2 to meet their high performance computing needs. Watch Deepak’s webcast online (no passcode required), there is no need to register, just log in to join the broadcast. Learn about more upcoming online HPC events.

Launch Your Game on the Cloud in Record Time
November 16, 11:00am PT
Attend this webinar to learn how RightScale’s cloud management solution and Amazon Web Services provide you with expert management, automation, and control to power your social game applications. Well demonstrate how we simplify and reduce the IT burden of launching and managing your game. Seth Gerson, CEO of game company AltEgo will discuss how AltEgo used RightScale and AWS to launch and run the first MMO for the iPhone for the Watchmen comic brand as well as their latest facebook game, Golden Nugget Casino. Seth will show how they were able to launch and manage these games in record time with RightScale and AWS.

Access HPC in the Cloud
November 17, 12:00pm PT /2:00pm CT
Deepak Singh of AWS will present a live webcast discussing how Univa UD’s software has lowered the barriers to running HPC workloads on Amazon EC2 instances. There is no need to register, just log in.

Primary Storage That Doesn’t Need Backups?
November 18, 10:00am PT and 11:00am PT
Join Jeff Barr, Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, and Josh Goldstein, VP of Marketing and Product Management for Cirtas, as they discuss how traditional backups can be eliminated by harnessing the power of cloud storage. Amazon S3’s data replication, combined with the Cirtas Bluejet Cloud Storage Controllers CloudSnap snapshot technology create a near-CDP solution that provides the same data protection of primary storage with off-site backups, without the hassle of having to perform the backups!

Pedal to the Metal. How Car Town grew to one million users in days on EC2
December 1, 11:00am PT
Ever wondered how an application can scale from zero to millions of users in a matter of weeks? Cie Games, the makers of Car Town, will tell you how they did it. Car Town is the #1 leading Facebook game for car lovers and fans. Car Town runs on Amazon EC2 and uses Java and Enterprise Ehcache to scale on-demand. In this webinar, Cie Games lead-level engineers will share their experience for growing Java apps running on EC2. They will explain how they manage and scale those apps efficiently.

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