November 2011 - New US West (Oregon) Region, SES Management Console, SMS for SNS, Virtual MFA and more

Dear AWS Community,

We are excited to introduce our new lower priced US West (Oregon) Region. In addition to this we have also introduced several new features and releases this month including: Management Console support for SES, SMS support for SNS, MFA support for virtual devices and more. We also have new architecture guidance documents to help take full advantage of AWS and a new whitepaper that deep dives into using AWS for disaster recovery.

  • News & Announcements
  • New lower priced US West (Oregon) Region
  • AWS Multi-Factor Authentication adds support for virtual MFA devices
  • AWS Management Console Adds Support for Amazon SES
  • Amazon SQS New Features: Delay Queues, Message Timers and Batch APIs
  • Amazon SNS Introduces SMS Text Message Notifications
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce Announces Hourly Pricing for Karmasphere Analytics
  • BizSpark Licenses on AWS
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CTP3 on AWS
  • CloudFront Award
  • Featured Case Study: UniCredit
  • Developer Resources
  • AWS Solutions Provider News
  • Online Events

  • News & Announcements

    To keep you up-to-date, here are the latest news items and announcements from AWS.

    New lower priced US West (Oregon) Region
    We are excited to announce the availability of the US West (Oregon) Region, AWS’s newest infrastructure location in the United States. Oregon joins Northern California as AWS’s second US West location and provides you with a new, lower cost, low latency option for serving customers and applications benefiting from infrastructure located in the Western United States. The new US West (Oregon) Region is priced approximately 10 percent lower than the existing US West (N. California) Region and equal to the US East (N. Virginia) Region. AWS now operates seven Regions worldwide serving customers in over 190 countries. To learn more about AWS’s growing global infrastructure footprint visit our global infrastructure page.

    AWS Multi-Factor Authentication adds support for virtual MFA devices
    We are excited to announce that AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (AWS MFA) now supports virtual MFA devices. You can now use your smartphone, or computer running any application that supports OATH TOTP to generate an AWS MFA authentication code. AWS MFA provides an extra level of security, by prompting users for an authentication code in addition to their username and password, when they sign in to AWS websites. You can enable AWS MFA for your AWS account and for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users, and you have the choice of virtual or hardware MFA devices. For more information, visit the MFA page.

    AWS Management Console Adds Support for Amazon SES
    The AWS Management Console now supports Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), AWS’s highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service for businesses and developers. The Amazon SES Management Console is a simple and intuitive web-based user interface for Amazon SES that allows you to do many functions with a few clicks of your mouse. These include checking your sending quota and usage; seeing your Amazon SES bounce, complaint, and rejection metrics over time; verifying sender email addresses; and sending test email in both formatted and raw formats. Of course, all of this is still available via the API as well, so you can choose whichever data retrieval method works best for you. The AWS Management Console is available free of charge. Learn more on the Management Console page.

    Amazon SQS New Features: Delay Queues, Message Timers and Batch APIs
    Amazon SQS introduced three new features: delay queues, message timers, and the ability to send or delete multiple messages in a single API call (batch operations). Delay queues can be used to apply a uniform delay to all messages. Alternatively message timers can be used to apply delay to specific messages individually. New support for batch send and delete operations complements the existing batch receive functionality. Using batch operations many workloads will benefit from greater throughput, reduced connection overhead and greater cost effectiveness. With support for both queue delays and message timers, a wider array of real world distributed application scenarios can be addressed. Learn more on our What's New page.

    Amazon SNS Introduces SMS Text Message Notifications
    Amazon Simple Notification Service now supports SMS text messages as a new method for notifications. With support for SMS text messaging, Amazon SNS messages can now be delivered as text messages to cell phones, smart phones or any other device that supports SMS. Amazon CloudWatch users who monitor their applications running on AWS services can now receive timely updates for any event of interest or alarm they set via SMS. Existing Amazon SNS users who receive content via email can now also have that content delivered to their mobile device. Developers can easily integrate mobile applications with Amazon SNS today, to send messages and receive text notifications over SMS. Learn more on our What's New Page.

    Amazon Elastic MapReduce Announces Hourly Pricing for Karmasphere Analytics
    We now have hourly pricing for Karmasphere Analytics, a graphical, high productivity solution for working with large structured and unstructured data sets on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. By combining the scalability and flexibility of Amazon Elastic MapReduce with the ease-of-use and graphical interface of Karmasphere desktop tools, you can quickly and cost-effectively build powerful Apache Hadoop-based applications to generate insights from your data. Launch new or access existing Amazon Elastic MapReduce job flows directly from the Karmasphere Analyst or Karmasphere Studio desktop tools, all with hourly pricing and no upfront fees or long-term commitments. For more information, please visit the EMR and Karmasphere page.

    BizSpark Licenses on AWS
    AWS has collaborated with Microsoft to allow you to run your BizSpark-related Windows Server and SQL Server products on Amazon Web Services with no additional Microsoft software licensing costs. For start-up companies that want to build on Microsoft technologies, this benefit provides you with the ability to use the AWS Cloud to eliminate capital costs, while providing elasticity and faster time-to-market. To learn more, visit the AWS BizSpark page.

    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CTP3 on AWS
    If you use Microsoft SQL Server, you can now try out the preview of the latest software for just the base Windows Server instance cost on AWS. You don't have to find a physical server, download 3GB of software bits, and manage the installation process. Instead, you can just launch a Microsoft Windows Server, with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CTP3, pre-installed. To learn more visit the AWS Denali page.

    CloudFront Award
    Amazon CloudFront recently won the Reader's Choice award in the Delivery Network category at the Streaming Media Europe Conference. With over four thousand votes cast, this is the second year in a row that CloudFront has won this award. Read the article here.

    Featured Case Study: UniCredit
    UniCredit, an international financial institute, recently commissioned ICT company Scube NewMedia to create a geospatial application. The application’s underlying framework incorporates a variety of solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS), including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Solution (Amazon S3). UniCredit’s application is available throughout Italy and will soon be extended to most of Central and Eastern Europe. Read the full case study .

    New Whitepaper: Using AWS for Disaster Recovery
    In the event of a disaster, you can quickly launch resources in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure business continuity. The paper highlights relevant AWS features and services that you can leverage for your DR processes and shows example scenarios on how to recover from a disaster. It further provides recommendations on how you can improve your DR plan and leverage the full potential of AWS for your Disaster Recovery processes. Download Whitepaper.

    Developer Resources

    Check out these developer resources to help you build and grow on AWS.

    AWS SDK for Java 1.2.10
    AWS SDK for Java 1.2.10: This release adds support for making requests to Amazon CloudFront and updates the Amazon SQS client with the latest API changes for message delays and batch operations.The AWS SDK for Java now includes a client for interacting with Amazon CloudFront. You can use this client to easily access all the features of the Amazon CloudFront API. Using the new Amazon CloudFront client is easy. Learn more on our Release Notes page.

    AWS Reference Architectures
    The flexibility of AWS allows you to design your application architectures the way you like. AWS Reference Architecture Datasheets provide you with the architectural guidance you need in order to build an application that takes full advantage of the AWS cloud. Each datasheet includes a visual representation of the architecture and basic description of how each service is used.

    Web Application Hosting

    Build highly-scalable and reliable web or mobile-web applications. PDF

    Content and Media Serving

    Build highly reliable systems that serve massive amount of content and media. PDF

    Batch Processing

    Build auto-scalable batch processing systems like video processing pipelines. PDF

    Fault tolerance and High Availability

    Build systems that quickly failover to new instances in an event of failure. PDF

    Large Scale Processing and Huge Data sets

    Build high-performance computing systems that involve Big Data. PDF

    AWS Solutions Provider News

    Check out the latest announcements from the AWS Solutions Provider community.

    Interested in becoming an AWS Solution Provider? Learn more about the AWS Solutions Provider Program

    Software Licensing & Entitlement Management Delivered in the Cloud for SaaS/PaaS on the Cloud
    SafeNet has expanded its portfolio of software monetization solutions to include software licensing and entitlement management delivered in the cloud for the cloud. Sentinel Cloud makes it quick and easy for SaaS providers to build and easily maintain a sophisticated service catalog for maximum business model flexibility, quickly provision and then authorize user access right down to the feature level to ensure service agreement compliance, and automatically measure and report on all service usage to improve insight and simplify many operational processes such as billing. Sentinel Cloud Services is built on AWS and provides APIs to allow SaaS and PaaS ISVs to manage licensing and monetization of any cloud-based application delivered to a PC, laptop, or mobile device. For more information or to request a FREE trial please visit the Sentinel page.

    Developing or Managing Apps on EC2? RevealCloud Launches Cloud Monitoring: Instant Insight as a Service
    Building a new service in the cloud? CopperEgg RevealCloud will shorten your time to market. Managing deployed cloud-based applications? RevealCloud will help you keep your service snappy, minimize downtime AND run your service for less. RevealCloud is a Cloud Monitoring Service that collects, stores and displays detailed, relevant performance metrics and analytics from all of your servers, with updates EVERY FEW SECONDS (not minutes). It installs in < 10 seconds, and costs less per month per server than a quad venti latte. Get Instant Insight. Learn more on the Get Instant Insight page.

    Zend Studio 9 PHP IDE Built with Cloud Development in Mind
    Version 9 of Zend’s award-winning PHP IDE features a built-in Amazon Web Services toolkit, enabling developers to leverage Amazon EC2, S3 and other services. Developers can code in Zend Studio 9 using the Zend Developer Cloud on as their development runtime – and have an instantly available, consistent and productive PHP environment with advanced debugging and collaboration in the cloud. Using Zend Studio 9, developers can create consistent, reliable application packages that bundle PHP code, deployment scripts, and application metadata ready for smooth hand-off to operations for successful deployment. Applications can be deployed on Amazon CloudFormation via Zend Application Fabric. Learn more on the management page or on the development page.

    AWS On The Road

    We hope you will join AWS, our customers, and partners at the following events.


    Cloud Expo West
    November 7-10, Santa Clara, California

    Streaming Media West
    November 8-9, Los Angeles, California

    ad:tech New York
    November 8-10, New York, New York

    November 12-18, Seattle, Washington

    Cloud-powered Continuous Integration and Deployment
    November 16, San Francisco, CA

    UP 2011
    Decenber 5-9, Mountain View, CA

    Asia Pacific

    NASSCOM Product Conclave
    November 9, Bangalore, India

    JAWS-UG - Kyoto
    November 10, Kyoto, Japan

    World Telecom Summit
    November 11, Singapore, Singapore

    AWS Cloud Tour India 2011
    November 15, Chennai, India

    AWS Cloud Tour India 2011
    November 17, Bangalore, India

    Java Festa in Sapporo 2011
    November 18, Sapporo, Japan

    Cloud Conclave 2011
    November 19, Bangalore, India

    AWS Cloud Tour India 2011
    November 22, Mumbai, India

    Fuji Soft Solution Seminar 2011
    November 22, Tokyo, Japan

    AWS Cloud Tour India 2011
    November 24, Delhi, India

    Fuji Soft Solution Seminar 2011
    November 25, Nagoya, Japan

    JAWS-UG - Hamamatsu
    November 26, Hamamatsu, Japan

    JAWS-UG - Shizuoka
    November 27, Shizuoka, Japan

    IS Summit 2011
    November 30, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


    Cloud by Example - Keynote
    October 12, Rheingoldhalle, Mainz, Germany

    Cloud by Example
    November 9, Naples, Italy

    Cloud by Example
    November 22, Stockholm, Sweden

    AWS for Financial Services | London
    November 30, London, England

    Latin America

    AWS Summit-Brazil
    Decenber 15, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Virtual Events

    Learn more about AWS by attending an upcoming webinar or virtual event.

    Virtual Private Cloud in Detail
    November 9, 5:00 PM
    [In Japanese]We will focus on the detailed information about Amazon VPC.

    Relational Database Services in Detail
    November 16, 5:00 PM
    [In Japanese]We will focus on the detailed information of RDS.

    Amazon Simple Email Service Management Console
    November 17, 10:00 AM PST
    Learn more about the Management Console for Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), AWS's highly scalable and cost-effective bulk and transactional email-sending service for businesses and developers.

    Turbo-charge your web apps using Amazon ElastiCache
    December 6, 10:00 AM
    Please join us for an introduction of Amazon ElastiCache and how you can use it to improve the performance of your web applications.

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