June 2012 - Enhanced CSV reports for billing, VM Export capabilities for Amazon EC2, Mechanical Turk introduces the Categorization Application, and more

It’s been another eventful month here at AWS. Amazon RDS recently announced support for Oracle Enterprise Manager and Amazon ELB is can now be used with VPC. Amazon EC2 announced VM Export capabilities and Amazon Mechanical Turk released the new Categorization Application, which allows you to easily get clean data for any categorization project. We also have new and expanded certifications and offerings for SAP on AWS. Finally, to better help you get started with Amazon ElastiCache, we now offer a free trial of this service.

  • News & Announcements
    • AWS billing enables enhanced CSV reports and programmatic access
    • Announcing Spot integration with Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation
    • Announcing IAM roles for EC2 instances
    • Amazon RDS MySQL now starting at just $19 a month
    • Amazon ElastiCache announces sixty-day free trial program
    • Amazon RDS announces support for Oracle Enterprise Manager
    • RDS Read Replicas in Amazon VPC
    • VM Export for Amazon EC2
    • Additions to the AWS Marketplace catalog
    • Internal load balancing in Amazon VPC
    • Amazon Mechanical Turk introduces the Categorization Application
    • Amazon CloudFront launches additional PoPs in Dallas, TX and Paris, FR
    • TCO Insights: Seven reasons customers save with AWS
    • Featured customer success story: Pinterest
  • Developer Resources
  • AWS Partner Network News
  • AWS on the Road
  • Online Events

News & Announcements

Check out the latest news items and announcements from AWS.

AWS billing enables enhanced CSV reports and programmatic access
All customers can now access an enhanced Billing CSV Report with similar granularity of detail as is available on the Account Activity page. For Consolidated Billing customers this report includes both Payer and Linked Account line item detail. Additionally, you can configure your account preferences to publish your CSV Report to your Amazon S3 bucket for programmatic access.

To learn more about these features, please visit about AWS Account Billing.

Announcing Spot integration with Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation
We are excited to announce that you can now use Amazon EC2 Spot Instances with Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation, making it even easier to use Spot Instances to provide significant savings on your batch computing workloads. We are also releasing a new code tutorial that showcases how you can use Amazon SNS notifications to alert on key changes in Spot pricing. For more information, read our blog post, visit the Amazon EC2 Spot Instances page or view the Amazon EC2 Release Notes.

Announcing IAM roles for EC2 instances
We are excited to introduce AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles for EC2 instances, a new feature that makes it easier for you to securely access AWS service APIs from EC2 instances. Now you can create an IAM role, assign it a set of permissions, and launch EC2 instances with the role. AWS access keys with the specified permissions are then automatically made available on those EC2 instances. Auto Scaling and AWS CloudFormation have also been integrated with IAM roles.

To learn more about IAM Roles for EC2 instances, please visit Working with Roles in the Using IAM guide and Using IAM Roles with Amazon EC2 Instances in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

Amazon RDS MySQL now starting at just $19 a month
We are excited to announce the availability of Micro Instances on Amazon RDS for the MySQL database engine. Customers have asked us for a lower priced instance type that could satisfy the needs of their less demanding applications. The t1.micro RDS instance is designed for lower traffic web applications, test applications and small projects. The micro RDS instance allows you to run a fully-featured relational database, starting at just $19 a month ($0.025 an hour). Micro RDS instances also support Multi-AZ deployments and Read Replicas. The Micro DB instance type is available now in all AWS Regions. See the RDS pricing page for more information about On-Demand and Reserved Instance pricing.

Amazon ElastiCache announces sixty-day free trial program
Amazon ElastiCache is introducing a limited time free trial program to help new Amazon ElastiCache customers add a fully-managed, Memcached-compatible, in-memory cache to their applications. Customers eligible for the free trial will be able to run one free Small Cache Node for sixty days. Please visit the Amazon ElastiCache free trial page and the Amazon ElastiCache page to learn more.

Amazon RDS announces support for Oracle Enterprise Manager
Amazon RDS for Oracle Customers can now use Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Database Control with their DB Instances. OEM Database Control is available at no additional charge for new and existing Amazon RDS for Oracle DB instances and all supported Oracle Editions: Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, and Standard Edition One. To learn more, please see the RDS Documentation and Jeff Barr's blog post, which contains step-by-step instructions.

RDS Read Replicas in Amazon VPC
We are pleased to announce support for running Amazon RDS MySQL Read Replicas in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Read Replicas provide the capability to scale beyond the capacity constraints of a single DB Instance for read-heavy database workloads. Read replicas in Amazon VPC provide you read scalability inside Amazon VPC environments. To learn more about running Amazon RDS DB Instances in Amazon VPC, visit the Amazon RDS User Guide and Amazon RDS FAQs.

VM Export for Amazon EC2
The AWS VM Import service gives you the ability to import virtual machines into Amazon EC2, allowing you to easily migrate from your on-premise virtualization infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. We recently added the next element to this service; you now have the ability to export previously imported EC2 instances back to your on-premise environment using the EC2 command line (API) tools.

You can export Windows Server 2003 (R2) and Windows Server 2008 EC2 instances to VMware ESX-compatible VMDK, Microsoft Hyper-V VHD or Citrix Xen VHD images. Support for additional operating systems, image formats and virtualization platforms are planned.

Additions to the AWS Marketplace catalog
AWS Marketplace is an online store where customers can find and buy software that runs in the AWS Cloud. Customers can pay by the hour and launch software with one click. In the previous month, AWS Marketplace added many new products. Among the highlights are new listings for business software and SaaS products including JD Edwards’ E1 ERP Suite and Sage Software’s SageOne business management tool. For developers, AWS Marketplace added a free, community version of Couchbase Server, Xeround’s Cloud Database, as well as many monitoring services including Librato Metrics and Boundary.

Internal load balancing in Amazon VPC
You can now use Elastic Load Balancing to create a load balancer for internal load balancing in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. With this new feature you can balance requests between your application tiers using the private IP addresses of the load balancer, enabling you to use a load balancer without being required to expose it to the internet. For example, if you have a web server front-end that makes requests to application server instances, you can now place a load balancer in front of the application server instances and send requests from the web server to the internal load balancer. You can still use the Elastic Load Balancing features such as session stickiness, SSL encryption, health checks, and instance registration and de-registration.

To learn more, visit the Elastic Load Balancing page or view the Elastic Load Balancing Developer Guide.

Amazon Mechanical Turk introduces the Categorization Application
The Categorization Application takes the guess work out of getting fast, accurate results on categorization projects by leveraging best practices and insights we’ve learned from over 5 years of experience. The Categorization Application includes predesigned HITs that don’t require editing in HTML, pre-qualified Master Workers who have demonstrated expertise in categorization HITs, price recommendations based on comparable HITs in the Mechanical Turk marketplace, and analysis tools that make it easy to verify results and identify gaps in instructions that may be causing Worker confusion. The Categorization App can help you with your data cleansing projects.

Find out more at the Amazon Mechanical Turk Requester page.

Amazon CloudFront launches additional PoPs in Dallas, TX and Paris, FR
Amazon CloudFront now has 32 global PoPs (Points of Presence) with the addition of second PoPs in Dallas and Paris (5/29). The team has been quietly adding second PoPs in several cities as they are seeing strong customer demand and are proactively adding capacity. Other locations where Amazon CloudFront has recently added second PoPs include London (4/24), Frankfurt (4/17), Singapore (3/27), and Virginia (3/23). Read more on Jeff Barr’s blog post.

TCO Insights: Seven reasons customers save with AWS
The updated AWS Economics Center provides access to information, tools, and resources to compare the costs of Amazon Web Services with IT infrastructure alternatives. Our goal is to help developers and business leaders quantify the economic benefits (and costs) of cloud computing. The updated information, including examples from Samsung, Lafarge, Global Blue, foursquare, CycleComputing, NASA JPL, RATB, ftopia, Nextpoint, PBS, SEGA, and others, will help you in your efforts to understand the economics for adopting AWS services as part of your IT strategy.

Featured customer success story: Pinterest
Pinterest is an online pinboard that lets people share the things they love with their friends. Their entire business runs on AWS because they know having the scalability to deliver great performance to 17 million customers is critical to their success. Watch how Pinterest is using the AWS cloud.

Developer Resources

Check out these developer resources to help you build and grow on AWS.

The AWS Mobile SDKs now include high-level interfaces for Amazon DynamoDB
The AWS Mobile SDKs’ high-level interfaces for Amazon DynamoDB provide easy ways to store and retrieve data in Amazon DynamoDB for both iOS and Android. Both SDKs also include sample apps to get you started.

AWS Partner Network News

Check out the latest announcements from the AWS Partner Network.

New and expanded certifications and offerings for SAP on AWS and a TCO white paper which finds that running SAP on AWS provides costs savings of up to 69%
Announced around the SAP Sapphire Conference held in May were SAP Business All-in-One certified for both Windows and Linux on AWS, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions now certified for Windows on AWS, SAP HANA DevCloud running on AWS, and SAP Afaria on the AWS Marketplace. These announcements expand the breadth of offerings to our customers running SAP systems on the AWS Cloud. AWS and SAP are helping a variety of customers like Lionsgate, Shire Pharmaceutical, EMBI, Merrifield, and more, save up to 69% on their SAP environments by running on the AWS Cloud, according to a recent study. Learn more about these announcements and download a copy of the new Total Cost of Ownership Analysis white paper on the SAP and AWS page.

SafeNet enterprise class encryption solution now available on AWS
With SafeNet ProtectV™ server and storage-based encryption, AWS customers can now protect compliance-impacted data stored on virtual machines and storage volumes. ProtectV offers data isolation, separation of duties, cloud compliance, pre-launch authentication, and multi-tenant protection, allowing customers complete security control and greater visibility into system and policy changes. With SafeNet ProtectV, customers can ensure and demonstrate compliance with security policies and regulatory mandates, such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA and GRC requirements. Learn more about a 30-day trial here.

AWS On The Road

We hope you will join AWS, our customers, and partners at the following events.


Build Big Data Apps with Amazon Elastic MapReduce & Amazon DynamoDB
June 25-27, Seattle, WA

AWS User Group - Seattle
July 12, Seattle, WA

Architecting on AWS - Arlington VA
July 16-20
August 21-23
September 18-20

Architecting on AWS - Austin TX
July 31-Aug 2

Architecting on AWS - Boston MA
August 1-3
September 11-13

Asia Pacific

June 19-22, Singapore

GameTech Conference
June 19-20, Sydney, Australia

AWS 101 Cloud Computing Seminar
June 19, Beijing, China

AWS 101 Cloud Computing Seminar
June 26, Singapore

HostingCon Australian Symposium
June 28, Melbourne, Australia

June 29, Chennai, India

AWS 101 Cloud Computing Seminar
July 3, Taipei, Taiwan

AWS 101 Cloud Computing Seminar
July 5, Hong Kong

July 14, Ahmedabad, India

July 28, Hyderabad, India


The Hack Competition - Berlin
June 22, Berlin, Germany

What’s New with AWS | London
June 28, London

Cloud meets Media & Entertainment
June 28th, Munich-Unterföhring, Germany

AWS for the Oil & Gas Industries | Aberdeen
July 4, Aberdeen, UK

Online Events

Learn more about AWS by attending an upcoming webinar or online event.

The AWS Report
We have released several new episodes of The AWS Report. In each episode, AWS evangelist Jeff Barr talks with an AWS user or a member of the AWS team:

If you use AWS and are interested in appearing on a future episode, please contact us.

Content Marketing in the AWS Cloud: Best Practices and Real Results
Jun 26, 11:00am PDT / 2:00pm EDT
Join Matt Crenshaw of Discovery Channel other content marketing experts to learn more about Scribit, a content marketing platform that runs on the AWS Cloud and gives marketers the ability to curate rights-cleared content from the web's top publishers for use in their social media and content marketing efforts.

Best Practices for Building & Maintaining HIPAA-Compliant Applications in the Cloud
Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
The time and cost benefits of migrating to Amazon Web Services may seem unattainable because of perceived data security and HIPAA-compliance issues. However, there are processes and methods in practice that can ensure compliance. During this webinar, experts from Control Group and AWS will discuss best practices for building cloud-based healthcare applications and IT environments in AWS that satisfy the security and privacy constraints of HIPAA.

Running SharePoint on the AWS Cloud
July 12, 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT
AWS and Smartronix would like to invite you to attend this live webinar where you will learn more about how Fortune 1000 companies and Federal agencies are migrating SharePoint to the AWS cloud to take advantage of benefits like pay-as-you-go pricing, scalability, and license mobility.

Building Better Search For Wikipedia: How We Did It Using Amazon CloudSearch
Thursday, July 26, 10:00am - 11:00am PDT
Join this webinar to learn how Paul Nelson, CTO and search guru at Search Technologies, implemented improved search capabilities for Wikipedia using Amazon CloudSearch, a fully-managed search service in the AWS cloud. See how Wikipedia search can now deliver a richer experience that includes faceted navigation, better and more relevant results, and an improved user interface. Topics that will be discussed include data acquisition and clean-up, indexing, handling queries, relevancy ranking, and building the search user interface.

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