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Amazon DynamoDB Announces BatchWriteItem Feature

We are happy to announce the availability of a new feature for DynamoDB: BatchWriteItem.

BatchWriteItem allows you to add, delete, or replace up to 25 items in a single operation. With BatchWriteItem, you can:

  • Achieve higher throughput by writing, deleting, or replacing multiple items in a single request
  • Take advantage of parallelism without having to manage multiple threads on your own
  • Achieve lower average latencies, compared to using single PutItem or DeleteItem operations, when writing, deleting, or replacing multiple items

To learn more about BatchWriteItem, you can view our documentation here: http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/amazondynamodb/latest/developerguide/API_BatchWriteItems.html

To use the BatchWriteItem feature, make sure you have the latest SDK libraries, which you can download at http://aws.amazon.com/code.

Getting started with Amazon DynamoDB is easy with our free tier of service. To learn more, visit the Amazon DynamoDB Page.

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