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Announcing point-and-click database replication across AWS Regions for Amazon RDS for MySQL

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Cross Region Read Replicas, a new replication feature for Amazon RDS for MySQL 5.6. With a few clicks on the AWS Management Console or a single API call, you can now create one or more Read Replicas in AWS Regions different from the master database operating in a specific AWS region.

Last month we introduced Amazon RDS DB Snapshot Copy that helps you copy your DB snapshots across AWS regions for disaster recovery purposes. Now with Cross region Read Replicas, you can have a nearly up-to-date copy of your master database in a different AWS Region and leverage the global footprint of AWS to realize multiple benefits including:

Improved disaster recovery operations using multi-region deployments – Cross Region Read Replicas enable you to further enhance your disaster recovery objectives. In case of regional disaster, you can promote the nearly up-to-date replica in a different AWS Region to be the new master and continue your business operations.

Readable copies for globally disperse applications – For applications that have globally dispersed user base, the Cross Region Read Replica feature makes it easy for you to design your applications such that read queries could be served out of a region closer to a user’s location.

Easy migration between regions - Cross Region Read Replicas make it easy to migrate from one AWS Region to another. Simply create a Read Replica in the destination region, ensure it is up-to-date, promote it to be a master database instance, and point your application at it.

According to Isaac Wong VP of Platform Architecture with Medidata, “Medidata provides a cloud platform for life science companies to design and run clinical trials faster, cheaper, safer, and smarter. We use Amazon RDS to store mission critical clinical development data and tested many data migration scenarios between Asia and USA with the cross region snapshot feature and found it very simple and cost effective to use and an important step in our business continuity efforts. Our clinical platform is global in scope. The ability provided by the new Cross Region Read Replica feature to move data closer to the doctors and nurses participating in a trial anywhere in the world to shorten read latencies is awesome. It allows health professionals to focus on patients and not technology. Most importantly, using these cross region replication features, for life critical services in our platform we can insure that we are not affected by regional failure. Using AWS's simple API's we can very easily bake configuration and management into our deployment and monitoring systems at Medidata.

Amazon RDS cross region functionality gives us the ability to copy our data between regions and keep it up to date for disaster recovery purposes with a few automated steps on the AWS Management Console.” says Joel Callaway, IT Operations Manager from Zoopla Property Group Ltd. “Our property and housing prices website attracts over 20 million visitors per month and we use Amazon RDS to store business critical data of these visitors. Using the cross region snapshot feature, we already transfer hundreds of GB of data from our primary US-East region to the EU-West every week. Before this feature, it used to take us several days and manual steps to do this on our own. We now look forward to the Cross Region Read Replica feature, which would makes it even easier to replicate our data along with our application stack across multiple regions in AWS.

Amazon RDS Cross Region Read Replicas are easy to create. To get started navigate to Amazon RDS page on the AWS management console, select the DB instance you want to replicate, choose the destination region and proceed through the steps in the launch wizard. Once a Cross Region Read Replica is created, database updates made to the master will be propagated to the Read Replica using MySQL’s built-in replication technology. You can also set up Amazon RDS Event Notifications to receive notifications when the read replica creation is complete.

Amazon RDS Cross Region Read Replicas is available globally in all AWS regions except GovCloud. In addition to the standard charges for the Read Replicas in the destination region, you will be charged for the data transferred to destination region.

Please refer to the Cross Region Read Replica section of the Amazon RDS User Guide to learn more.

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