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  • AWS Podcast Episode #83 - 21 Apr 2014
    OpsWorks Updates; New EMR Instance Types; Amazon Workspaces; AWS Simple Icons.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #82 - 14 Apr 2014
    Price reductions; VPC Peering; New Amazon Linux AMI; Black belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #81 - 7 Apr 2014
    Simon has an extended look at the Elastic Load Balancer service, including some new functionality now available to customers.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #80 - 31 Mar 2014
    Simon talks about 8 Years of S3; ElastiCache Redis update; Appstream update; CloudFront Usage Charts CloudFront Usage Charts for Web Distributions; Important key change coming up.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #79 - 24 Mar 2014
    In this episode, Russell Nash, APAC Solutions Architect for Data Warehouse, joins Simon to talk about Amazon Redshift, including a blog post from Aggregate Knowledge, Accordant Media case study, Redshift Getting Started Guide and Redshift pricing and node types.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #78 - 17 Mar 2014
    Simon & Miles have an unstructured chat about architecture.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #77 - 10 Mar 2014
    Simon and Miles talk about DataPipeline in 4 more regions; RDS support for second Generation instances; New check for Trusted Advisor and EBS Black Belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #76 - 3 Mar 2014
    Simon talks about the AWS Summit 2014 in Sydney; ELB Security updates; CloudFront Smooth Streaming; Kinesis and MapReduce, and Black Belt Tip using the Javascript SDK.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #75 - 24 Feb 2014
    Miles & Simon discuss a variety of updates for AWS customers. CloudFront IP Range update; Lots of CloudFormation Updates; AWS TestDrive Program.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #74 - 17 Feb 2014
    A new co-host, a farewell from Simone and some great updates for customers. CloudFront support for HTTP 1.1 to the origin; Conditional writes for the Java DynamoDB Transaction Library; Obama for America on AWS.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #73 - 10 Feb 2014
    Updates on Route 53 & CloudFormation and a special discussion about some IAM best practices for security.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #72 - 3 Feb 2014
    New M3 instances & Price Cuts; SSD options for RedShift; Kinesis Storm Spout; EC2 Instance & Reserved Instance Usage Reports; SQS Dead Letter Queue; New SES Endpoints; New AWS Certifications.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #71 - 27 Jan 2014
    Price reduction for the Hi1 EC2 instance; new I2 instance type is now available; AWS Direct Connect access to multiple AWS Regions in the US; geographic restriction with Amazon CloudFront.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #70 - 13 Jan 2014
    New China region for AWS coming soon; Amazon Kinesis public beta now open; autoscaling API update; 5 new edge locations for Amazon CloudFront and Route53; a black belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #69 - 16 Dec 2013
    This episode covers: the new Policy Simulator for AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management); search and browse metrics for Amazon CloudWatch; additional Elastic Load Balancer metrics; new G2 instance for Amazon EC2.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #68 - 9 Dec 2013
    Simon and Simone are still catching up with a lot of new things, such as AWS Opsworks for Java; Amazon RDS for MS SQL has transparent data encryption; fine grained control for Amazon DynamoDB; developer preview of the AWS SDK for Javascript; and virtual tape libraries with AWS Storage Gateway.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #67 - 2 Dec 2013
    Simon & Simone talk about new features for Amazon RedShift, CloudHSM, AWS Data Pipeline, and new EC2 instances (M3).
  • AWS Podcast Episode #66 - 15 Nov 2013
    Last of the reinvent "live" updates!
  • AWS Podcast Episode #65 - 14 Nov 2013
    Special re:Invent edition with the first day's announcements and a show floor walkthrough…
  • AWS Podcast Episode #64 - 13 Nov 2013
    Special episode on the Tuesday of the re:Invent 2013 conference.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #63 - 4 Nov 2013
    In this episode, we dive deep into the AWS Mobile Console; we cover a Black Belt tip from Mike Culver (former Technology Evangelist at AWS, now in a different role); we pick one of the "five things you don't know about AWS", even if they're actually nine; and we discuss re:Invent 2013. The next episode will be in Las Vegas at re:Invent! See you there!
  • AWS Podcast Episode #62 - 28 Oct 2013
    This episode is focused on Reserved Instances (Amazon EC2), and some of the new features available, such as size modification, and AZ change.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #61 - 21 Oct 2013
    Simon & Simone cover a lot of CloudFront news, such as content uploads, custom error pages; federated credentials for CloudFormation; Ruby SDK Core; and a black belt tip to delete a huge amount of files from S3 with a lifecycle.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #60 - 14 Oct 2013
    This week Simon discusses AWS Glacier in light of the service being launched in the AWS Sydney Region. With an overview and some tips.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #59 - 7 Oct 2013
    In this episode: copy DynamoDB data between regions using the AWS Data Pipeline; new ability to modify EC2 reserved instance reservations; run SLES (Suse Linux) on AWS with free usage tier.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #58 - 30 Sep 2013
    In this episode: Redis added in Amazon ElastiCache; 21,000 IOPS for MySQL with the new CR1 instance; AWS Opsworks now available in VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).
  • AWS Podcast Episode #57 - 23 Sep 2013
    In this episode: AWS command line interface; new read replica capabilities for Amazon RDS; DynamoDB session store for Rack applications; DynamoDB local for desktop environment.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #56 - 16 Sep 2013
    This week Simon and Simone discuss the new EMR Best Practices whitepaper, Health Check and Zone File imports for Route 53, new EIP capabilities in VPC, 2013 PCI Compliance Package availability and finally, a black belt tip automating shutting down your bastion host.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #55 - 9 Sep 2013
    This week Simon and Simone discuss AWS Web Identity Federation Playground, new RedShift features, Parallel Stack updates and nested templates for CloudFormation and finally push notifications to mobile devices using SNS.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #54 - 2 Sep 2013
    This week Simon and Simone discuss the launch of CloudFront and Route 53 POPs in India, support in AWS Windows SDK for Windows Phone and Windows Store applications, AWS Flow framework for Ruby for the Simple Workflow Service, a new whitepaper on running Couchbase on AWS and finally a black belt trip on using Windows Server as a Bastion host without using RDP.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #53 - 26 Aug 2013
    This week Simon interviews Ash Willis who runs AWS Training and Certification across APAC to learn more about AWS certification and training options.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #52 - 19 Aug 2013
    In this episode, Simone interviews Jim Nisbet, CTO and VP of Engineering at They discuss about Jim's favorite AWS service (can you guess which one?), Loggly's use of AWS, EBS and Provisioned IOPS, and some of the open source software that they use, such as Apache Kafka, and Project Storm.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #51 - 12 Aug 2013
    This is a special Episode just on new EC2 & RDS tagging. We also review tagging in general.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #50 - 5 Aug 2013
    This week, Simon & Simone celebrate the 50th episode! A big thank you to listeners, review of key resources available for AWS – the major micro sites, Slideshare, YouTube Channels, Dev Centre, tech articles, etc - Dedicated instance price drop, Elastic transcoder updates, and Black Belt Tip on Trusted Advisor.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #49 - 29 Jul 2013
    This week, Simon & Simone discuss Cloud Architecture.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #48 - 22 Jul 2013
    Simon & Simone discuss Direct Connect and the new location in Ireland; and Route53 health checks and failover CloudWatch metrics.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #47 - 15 Jul 2013
    This week, Simon and Simone talk about Databases, touching on Amazon RDS, DynamoDB transaction library, running PostgreSQL on EC2, and much more.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #46 - 8 Jul 2013
    This week Simon & Simone discuss in great detail how to perform Rate-limited scans in Amazon DynamoDB.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #45 - 1 Jul 2013
    Autoscaling Deep Dive: this is an unscripted longer-form discussion about Auto Scaling.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #44 - 24 Jun 2013
    Simon and Simone talk about new capabilities in the Japan Region, CloudFormer, Route 53 DNS Failover and a Black Belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #43 - 17 Jun 2013
    Simone interviews Matt Wood, AWS General Manager for Data Science, and they talk about many interesting aspects of how to handle, manage, process data in the cloud, with emphasis on services such as Elastic MapReduce and DynamoDB.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #42 - 10 Jun 2013
    This week Simon & Simone cover updates to Amazon Elastic Transcoder,the Simple Email Service and AWS OpsWorks as well as a special Black Belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #41 - 3 Jun 2013
    Simon & Simone discuss the AWS Elastic Load Balancing in great technical details. This episode is longer than usual.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #40 - 27 May 2013
    This week Simon & Simone cover some service updates and a Black Belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #39 - 20 May 2013
    Simone interviews Jim Scharf, Director of IAM (Identity and Access Management), and talks about various security aspects: EC2 roles, MFA, S3 access control, and more.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #38 - 13 May 2013
    This week, Simon provides a quick update on a variety of new service features and capabilities.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #37 - 6 May 2013
    In this special episode, we get an "audio tour" of the 2013 AWS Summit in Sydney.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #36 - 29 Apr 2013
    In this episode, Simone meets Jon Handler, Solutions Architect for Amazon CloudSearch, a fully-managed search service in the cloud that allows customers to easily integrate fast and highly scalable search functionality into their applications. Jon explains what CloudSearch is, and provides some customer examples.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #35 - 22 Apr 2013
    In a special episode this week, Simon speaks with Dan Zoltak from MYOB about the Atlas application they have deployed on AWS. Dan shares insights into some of the architectural decisions they made, and the benefits they found.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #34 - 15 Apr 2013
    This week Simon & Simone talks about the recent Amazon RDS - SQL Server Major Version Upgrade, Provisioned IOPS for EBS and additional EBS-optimized EC2 instance types.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #33 - 8 Apr 2013
    This week Simon & Simone have a special discussion about how customers can get the most out of the AWS pricing model.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #32 - 1 Apr 2013
    Startup weekend and AWS; Amazon RDS Scales Up, and Easier Access to Database Log Files; Amazon Linux AMI 2013.03 Release Candidate; Reserved Instance Price Reduction for Amazon EC2, AWS Free Usage Tier Now Includes Amazon ElastiCache, Lower prices for SQS and SNS, DynamoDB Price Reductions and Reserved Capacity.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #31 - 18 Mar 2013
    This week Simon & Simone cover a raft of new product and feature releases including VPC, Cross-Region AMI Copy, Elastic Beanstalk support for Node.js, an iPhone Management app for AWS and a couple of new tools for Windows users.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #30 - 4 Mar 2013
    This week in a special episode we discuss Migration of AWS Resources to a New Region with the Solution Architects who wrote the AWS Whitepaper covering this subject.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #29 - 25 Feb 2013
    This week Simon & Simone discuss new locations and features for Amazon Simple WorkFlow (SWF), searching DynamoDB Data with Amazon CloudSearch and DynamoDB: Design for uniform data access.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #28 - 18 Feb 2013
    This week Simon & Simone discuss the new Amazon Elastic Transcoder service. The AWS Import/Export service and a black-belt tip.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #27 - 4 Feb 2013
    This week Simon & Simone discuss: Tablet and Android console support; AWS Detailed billing reports; Autoscale new EC2 status checks; Endpoint renaming for Amazon RDS; AWS RedShift; More support for Debian, FreeBSD & Centos.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #26 - 28 Jan 2013
    This week Simon & Simone discuss the AWS Data Pipeline; Roles for Elastic MapReduce (EMR); root domain website hosting for Amazon S3; CloudFormation block device mapping; and last but not least, the new hs1.8xl instances for EMR.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #25 - 21 Jan 2013
    This week Simon & Simone discuss a raft of new services for customers including EBS Snapshot Copy, updates to CloudSearch, updates to ElastiCache and new CloudFormation editing options.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #24 - 10 Dec 2012
    This week Simon & Simone discuss New ElastiCache node types, New AWS developers blogs, an AWS Marketplace update related to Big Data, and a quick mention the AWS Youtube channel.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #23 - 3 Dec 2012
    Simon and Simone cover the AWS re: Invent conference in Las Vegas, in a special podcast episode (almost 30 minutes long). You will hear about the conference setup (Developers lounge, the re: Invent central, re: Play party), new services that have been announced, such as Amazon RedShift and Amazon Data Pipeline, the Keynotes, and many guests interviewed on the spot.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #22 - 26 Nov 2012
    This week Simon & Simone discuss the new Sydney Region launch, Archiving data from S3 to Glacier and using CloudFormation to build a SharePoint server farm.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #21 - 12 Nov 2012
    In Episode #21 of the weekly AWS Podcast, Simon Elisha and Simone Brunozzi discuss various aspects of Amazon EC2 Spot instances (a way for customers to bid on capacity and save money), and the recent release of the TCO Calculator for Web Applications.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #20 - 5 Nov 2012
    Simon and Simone talk about Amazon SES, and the new feature called Mailbox Simulator, which allows you to simulate what happens when sending emails; and they also cover new features for Amazon RDS: it's now possible to use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in Express/Web/Standard edition, and the ability to promote a MySQL Read Replica to a standalone database.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #19 - 22 Oct 2012
    Simon and Simone talk about FinQloud, and in general about enterprise adoption of cloud computing; the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference, and the "Cloud Riders" hackathon in the days before it.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #18 - 15 Oct 2012
    Simon and Simone talk about PIOPS for the Relational Database Service (RDS), the Simple Notification Service and a black belt tip on how to Optimize Provisioned Throughput on DynamoDB.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #17 - 8 Oct 2012
    Simon and Simone talk about S3 CORS, Dynamo Binary Data and conditional writes/reads; Cost Tagging, the new Reserved Instance Marketplace.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #16 - 1 Oct 2012
    Simon and Simone talk about AWS Premium Support, and the "Trusted Advisor", an automated tool that provides technical, fault tolerance and business suggestions to users; some new CloudFront features; new Cluster Compute EC2 instances in US-West-2 and Ireland, and in VPC.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #15 - 24 Sep 2012
    New Direct Connect locations, and DirectConnect now supported on the AWS Console; Amazon RDS for Oracle Database has four new features: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) supported, Oracle APEX supported, Oracle XML DB supported, Oracle Data Pump supported. Elastic Beanstalk now also supports Python and is now available in the Singapore region.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #14 - 17 Sep 2012
    In this episode we have a "Glacier Special", as this new service warrants its very own podcast. Simon & Simone talk about how Glacier solves many challenges typical of the Cold Storage space; pricing and technical details.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #13 - 3 Sep 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone cover the MFA-Protected API access, a way to authenticate every API call made to AWS; then the monitoring service CloudWatch, with the possibility to push custom metrics to it, and ways to take advantage of monitoring your applications.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #12 - 27 Aug 2012
    A quick introduction to DynamoDB, followed by details on how Provisioned Output works. After that, Simon & Simone discuss the possibility to explore or alter tables using the AWS Management console. To close, an overview of the SQS service, how it works, how to architect to take advantage of it.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #11 - 20 Aug 2012
    Simon & Simone discuss the recently launched Provisioned IOPS for EBS volumes, plus the EBS-optimized EC2 instances. Both things allow to significantly improve the I/O performance of applications running on Amazon EC2.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #10 - 13 Aug 2012
    Simon & Simone are back again for this special episode where we will look at some of the key information resources available on the AWS website, on topics such as Architecture, Economics, and Security. Customers can take advantage of these resources when exploring the use of AWS in their business.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #9 - 9 Aug 2012
    Second episode for the week! Feedback suggested to cover Amazon SES in more details, and here it is! Easy DKIM, SNS Feedback, Domain Verification, and what to do when you encounter the “Address blacklisted” error. If you need to send emails, this episode is definitively worth checking.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #8 - 6 Aug 2012
    Our usual hosts, Simon & Simone, discuss the new I/O instance type available on Amazon EC2, the Elastic MapReduce service, and as a black belt tip, how to attach a volume at runtime to your EC2 instances.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #7 - 30 Jul 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discusses Simple Email Service, ElastiCache, and a "black belt" tip on creating EBS snapshots and subsequently creating volumes from EBS snapshots.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #6 - 23 Jul 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discusses Elastic Beanstalk, Direct Connect, and a "black belt" tip on using Amazon Elastic MapReduce with DynamoDB.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #5 - 16 Jul 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discuss the newly announced MFA-Protected API Access, using Multiple IP Addresses for EC2 Instances (in VPC), and a "black belt" tip on scalable session handling in PHP using Amazon DynamoDB.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #4 - 9 Jul 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discuss the new CloudFront Edge location in Sydney, Australia, the Elastic Load Balancer in VPC, Elastic Network Interfaces, and a "black belt" tip about accessing a Linux instance without network access.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #3 - 20 Jun 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discuss EC2 Status Checks, Simple Notification Service Delivery Policies & Message Formats, and a "black belt" tip about S3 Object Expiration & Multi-Object Delete.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #2 - 11 May 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discuss the AWS Simple Workflow Service, Route 53 for DNS management and a "black belt" tip on how to use Tagging in your AWS environment to help track resources.
  • AWS Podcast Episode #1 - 10 May 2012
    In this episode, Simon & Simone discuss the AWS price reductions for EC2, the Relational Database Service (RDS) and a "black belt" tip on how to use metadata from within your EC2 instances.

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