AWS Podcast Episode #20

5 Nov 2012

Simon and Simone talk about Amazon SES, and the new feature called Mailbox Simulator, which allows you to simulate what happens when sending emails; and they also cover new features for Amazon RDS: it's now possible to use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 in Express/Web/Standard edition, and the ability to promote a MySQL Read Replica to a standalone database.

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Show Notes

This episode includes:

  • Mailbox Simulator for the Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Amazon RDS Now Supports SQL Server 2012
  • GNU parallel copy code:
    s3cmd ls --recursive s3://datasets.elasticmapreduce/ngrams/books/ | awk '{print $4; sub(/s3:\/\/datasets.elasticmapreduce/, "/array", $4); print $4}' | parallel -j0 -N2 --progress /usr/bin/s3cmd --no-progress get {1} {2}

    Code Explanation:
    1. 's3cmd ls --recursive s3://datasets.elasticmapreduce/ngrams/books/' lists every object in the bucket.
    2. 'awk '{print $4; sub(/s3:\/\/datasets.elasticmapreduce/, "/array", $4); print $4}'' gets the path to the S3 object and the local destination path.
    3. 'parallel -j0 -N2 --progress' runs parallel with as many threads as possible, '-N2' tells parallel there were two arguments on stdin and assigns them to {1} and {2}.
    4. '/usr/bin/s3cmd --no-progress get {1} {2}' is the command parallel will run, '{1}' is substituted with the S3 object path, '{2}' is substituted with the local destination path.

About the Podcast

Simon Elisha & Simone Brunozzi discuss various aspects of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering. Each podcast will cover a new service, existing service and "black-belt" tips.

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Simon Elisha
Principal Solution Architect, AWS

Technology pragmatist, Enterprise Architect, and since 2011 Principal Solution Architect for Amazon Web Services.

Simone Brunozzi
Technology Evangelist, AWS

Italian, four-times entrepreneur, professor, CTO, and since 2008 Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services.

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