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Technical Workshop: AWS DynamoDB and Elastic MapReduce

Taipei - 8 Oct

The scale and throughput requirements of online gaming presents a unique set of challenges for database systems. For example, an online game might start out with only a few thousand users and a light database workload consisting of 10 writes per second and 50 reads per second. However, if the game becomes successful, it may rapidly grow to millions of users and generate tens of thousands of writes and reads per second. DynamoDB can provide a viable solution to this scaling challenge. This session will explore the basics of a NoSQL database and introduce how DynamoDB can handle high throughput use cases. We will also present an example of how to import existing data into DynamoDB to take advantage of its performance and scalability.

In addition gaming is a fiercely competitive space and better customer analytics could be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful game. A data analytics driven approach towards understanding customer behavior could provide invaluable insights and help drive adoption and revenue. This session will also explore how gaming companies can collect, store and analyze big data. The session will introduce Amazon Elastic MapReduce as a viable tool for big data analysis.

Please register today. Seats are limited.

Why Attend?

Gain a working level understanding of:

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Who should attend:

Game programmers, database administrators, developers familiar with NoSQL technologies and Hadoop frameworks & system administrators.

Workshop Pre-Requisites:

Please sign up for an AWS account or get the login information for your companies AWS account prior to attending. You may sign up for a free account at if you don't already have one.

Please bring your laptop if you want to follow along with any of the sessions examples.

A basic understanding of AWS services will help you get the most out of this workshop. However, we will be happy to answer any question you have about all of the services AWS provides.

Schedule and Location


2:00pm to 5:00pm


B1 ., No.2, Sec. 3, Bade Rd., Songshan District, Taipei, 10558, Taiwan

地點:台北市松山區八德路三段二號 B1

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