Work hard. Have fun. Make history.

In the AWS Platform team, we take pride in making the complex simple. The software components that we create are fundamental building blocks, used by all other teams within AWS to build their services upon and run their businesses. We have openings for the following positions:

  • Software Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Development Managers
  • Technical Program Managers
  • Product Managers

In a friendly, intellectual and team-oriented atmosphere, we run projects in small autonomous teams which lead to many learning opportunities, independent work and significant ownership. We have the “best-of-both-worlds” scenario of a startup atmosphere combined with the resources of a large company. We’re looking for talented problem solvers who’d jump at the chance to have their products used by developers all over the world. We want you to be a part of a team that is making history at Amazon.

Below is a list of development teams within the AWS Platform. Be the one who’s made the grade – talk to us!

Our mission is to enable AWS developers, AWS services, and AWS DevPay sellers, to easily integrate into the AWS ecosystem. We focus on building services and APIs for self-service customer on-boarding and internal tools to manage customer’s AWS service portfolio. Some examples of prior projects include extensible product catalog service, flexible pricing plan service, subscription management service, distributed event notification service and hierarchical accounts (consolidated billing). Come and join us, we are just getting started! Interested in this group? Click here

The mission of the Identity & Access team is to make AWS the most secure and easiest to manage cloud-computing environment. We develop identity and access technologies integrated by all AWS services. Examples of services that we have externalized include AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS Multi-Factor Authentication. We process billions of authentication and authorization calls a day managing fast and secure access to AWS objects and services. This requires development of large distributed systems that are reliable, highly secure and infinitely scalable. Join a team that is super smart, driven to serve customers, and fun to work with. Interested in this group? Click here

The Fraud team’s mission is to develop machine-learning software that detects and prevents fraudulent use and abuse of AWS resources. There are always a few people that try to take unfair advantage of AWS and its customers – we strive to outsmart them by leveraging the latest in data mining, predictive modeling, machine-learning and web anti-fraud techniques (such as “Random Forest” algorithms). Join our rapidly growing team if this seems like a game you’d want to play. Interested in this group? Click here

Our mission is to help customers to see and understand their use of the AWS Cloud. We collect and process billions of cloud usage transactions per hour in near real-time. We pre-process, convert and post-process massive raw data sets into business intelligence and support AWS’s pay-per-use pricing capabilities. We leverage open-source tools like Hadoop and Hive to crack exceptionally hard scaling problems, and build our own software when no existing systems can meet the needs we have. Our team offers challenging projects today as well as the opportunity to define evolving systems for tomorrow. Interested in this group? Click here

Our mission is to develop a powerful and accurate on-demand computation engine that scales with the business and is highly reliable. Using multi-dimensional input rules, pricing plans and pricing dimensions, the tireless bill computation engine processes hundreds of millions of records, generating real time customer bills. The Bill Processing team is working on new and innovative ways to enhance the computation engine by making it declarative, flexible and scalable. This flexible and highly modular computation engine will support a very large and ever-growing number of complex pricing models with minimal code changes. Come and be a part of our growing team! Interested in this group? Click here

Our mission is to build ways for customers to pay for AWS services without pain. The Payments & Collections team literally “brings in the money” for AWS. Our work spans everything from designing user interfaces to developing highly scalable, distributed services and workflows. For example, we own web-applications that enable AWS customers around the globe to manage account activity, view their bills, manage their budgets with AWS, view and print reports and pay for services; we also develop backend services that execute millions of payment transactions and workflows every month. Come and join us! Interested in this group? Click here

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