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A Python library to Amazon Web Services.


Submitted By: M. Garnaat
AWS Products Used: Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EC2, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon SimpleDB
Language(s): Python
License: MIT License
Source Control Access: svn checkout boto
Created On: June 12, 2007 11:40 PM GMT
Last Updated: July 26, 2010 5:02 PM GMT
The boto library provides an integrated interface to current and future infrastructural services offered by Amazon Web Services.

See for more details.


Great job! Thanks!
Boto has worked near perfectly for me so far, it's easy to use, and the code is well organized. Makes it a breeze to work with AWS from python. It has just been released, so of course there is room for refinement, but it's a good starting point for python coders using AWS.
Ken R on January 20, 2008 6:48 AM GMT
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