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Fundspire is a new type fund research platform for Hedge Fund investors, allowing to easily perform complex analytic research, and to collaborate efficiently with your collaborators.
Last Modified: Dec 11, 2009 22:17 PM GMT
Atomic Drive provides an easy-to-use interface for securely storing digital resources such as documents, videos, music and images. Atomic Drive also provides tools for accessing those resources from many different computers as well as sharing them with others.
Last Modified: Dec 9, 2009 0:45 AM GMT
S-Drive is an easy, secure and simple file management and distribution platform. No more attachments or FTP, just send a link. Collect your company knowledge in an online secure location. Access anywhere, anytime.
Last Modified: Dec 5, 2009 21:49 PM GMT
This demo bookstore is build with standard features. It can be considered as StoreFront for the Amazon Associates. The bookstore can be customized as per the needs, by staying within the boundaries setup by Amazon.
Last Modified: Nov 23, 2009 12:57 PM GMT
Marcellus is a video platform for small and mid-sized businesses to deliver high quality video experiences from their own web sites.
Last Modified: Nov 20, 2009 18:43 PM GMT
On-Line Safety Program Service
Last Modified: Nov 12, 2009 21:20 PM GMT
Cloud MapReduce implements the MapReduce programming model on top of the Amazon cloud operating systems, using Amazon cloud services, such as SQS/S3/SimpleDB. It is faster, more scalable, yet simpler than Hadoop -- another open source implementation. If you are performing data analysis in Amazon, Cloud MapReduce is an ideal platform.
Last Modified: Nov 12, 2009 20:59 PM GMT
GridBank, the award winning active archival solution from Tarmin Technologies delivers a robust set of enterprise class features that radically simplify the long term management of unstructured content.
Last Modified: Oct 29, 2009 19:33 PM GMT
StoragePoint provides a means for SharePoint content to be externalized from SQL Server to a SAN, NAS, or the Cloud. An adapter for Amazon S3 is available.
Last Modified: Oct 23, 2009 18:56 PM GMT
Ghost Cloud Computing ("Ghost" for Global Hosted Operating SysTem) was founded in 2006 with the vision of utilizing the Web "cloud" as a computing environment. The Virtual Computer (Web OS) service is delivered direct to the consumer and has some 300K registered users worldwide at has won multiple international awards.

In 2009 Ghost opened up its cloud computing stack to other companies and developers at starting with the CLOUD FILE SYSTEM and Web VDI both running on AWS.
Last Modified: Oct 15, 2009 6:25 AM GMT
Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop is a desktop IDE tool for graphically prototyping Hadoop jobs and deploying, monitoring and debugging them on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Working with job, cluster and file system objects, you can manage Job Flows and steps, browse the cluster's HDFS, and profile cluster capacity and job usage. The product runs on all desktop platforms and includes support for Amazon S3
Last Modified: Oct 14, 2009 23:20 PM GMT
Your desktop is now a click away. Log in and explore from anywhere. Let your virtual desktop reside on Amazon's Cloud Infrastructure, while you access, share, upload and download your files and folders.
Last Modified: Oct 14, 2009 14:10 PM GMT
CloudBuddy Analytics is a tool to view the S3 Bucket access statistics. It uses the AWStats engine to generate the relevant Statistics.
Last Modified: Oct 14, 2009 10:28 AM GMT
Net-Results is a powerful yet easy-to-use prospect and lead management automation platform that allows companies to 'listen to their website'. Similar to real conversations you have with your leads and customers, our product monitors behaviors and actions of your prospects and allows you to identify, nurture and manage these leads until they are sales-ready. While providing the horsepower to increase your leads and shorten your sales cycle, Net-Results is affordably priced for all organizations.
Last Modified: Oct 12, 2009 21:19 PM GMT
Last Modified: Oct 9, 2009 20:06 PM GMT
InspektOnline is the cloud-based Log Management and Analysis solution delivered as-a-service that helps you store, search, and analyze security and operational logs from a few devices or all the systems on your network.
Last Modified: Oct 9, 2009 20:03 PM GMT
Deep Ogon™ Professional (Ogon Pro) is Online Data Analysis Software. Business Intelligence and OLAP services can now be easily and securely shared across the internet to valued partners, clients, affiliates, or your top VIP.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2009 15:01 PM GMT
ftopia is a collaborative file sharing solution for business use. With ftopia, professionals and businesses can offer virtual workspaces to their customers, partners and colleagues in minutes. ftopia is secure, fast and easy to use.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2009 9:38 AM GMT
Ankoder is video transcoding API that allows anyone to integrate video transcoding to your websites within minutes.
Last Modified: Sep 23, 2009 8:52 AM GMT
IMAP Backup & Archiver is an independent, provider neutral off site backup platform which uses the standard secure IMAP Protocol to backup and archive email accounts on any server that supports the IMAP protocol.
Last Modified: Sep 16, 2009 0:57 AM GMT
S3fm enriches you Amazon S3 experience by providing a free online interface to your Amazon S3 storage. Built as a stand-alone Ajax application, it doesn't require sharing your credentials with a 3rd party web site.
Last Modified: Sep 5, 2009 5:14 AM GMT
Boomi Widgets are pre-packaged integrations between 2 or more applications. Utilize 'Boomi Widgets for AWS' to create and embed easy to use web-based wizards into the applications you are hosting with Amazon.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2009 16:37 PM GMT
Boomi AtomSphere, the industry's only integration platform-as-a-service, connects any combination of cloud and on-premise applications without software or appliances. Extend the applications you are hosting with Amazon today by offering integration to your ecosystem of customers and partners.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2009 16:36 PM GMT
By enabling the same high-performance data transport technology to, from and between remote cloud infrastructures, Aspera allows AWS users to fully realize the scalability, efficiency gains and cost savings offered by the EC2 and S3 platforms.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2009 16:35 PM GMT
ExEasy NetCDP is an extremely easy to use continuous data/document backup application for Windows users. NetCDP automatically and continuously backup your selected folders to Amazon's S3.
Last Modified: Aug 31, 2009 16:28 PM GMT
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