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Open and manage a free wiki site with the same site engine of Wikipedia plus WYSIWYG. Your wiki can share documentation, organization knowledge data base, event calendar ,how to, FAQ site etc You decide which pages will be open for sharing and which will be for read only.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:55 PM GMT
Cumulo Authorize is used for setting up fine grained access controls for web sites, S3 buckets/objects, and any other application.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:41 PM GMT
Datacastle Corporation has a singular mission — to help organizations simply and cost-effectively protect data against damage, loss and theft. Datacastle offers five best of breed components in one integrated, policy-driven PC data protection solution — incorporating online backup, robust AES encryption, automated key management, unrivaled data reduction, proactive data deletion and device tracing. Listed in Gartner's Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, 2008, Datacastle offers enterprises the most secure and comprehensive PC data protection solution available - preventing data security risks, gaps in compliance and erosion of brand value. Datacastle's software is available through leading service providers and software resellers worldwide.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:17 PM GMT
OutlookCloud AttachmentManager transparently detaches email attachments and store them in the Cloud. By outsourcing attachment storage to the Cloud, AttachmentManager significantly reduces Enterprise email storage cost.
Last Modified: Jan 16, 2009 19:29 PM GMT
KodeKey Professional Zip is a Web 3.0 powered zip format with built-in secure online storage, 1:1 data cloning, and super strong access security. Use 1,344,000-bit key certificates for maximum access security and archive single files up to 1TB (no 5GB file size limits!). Designed for professionals that need to archive and share large amounts of data in the following industries: Digital Cinema distribution (DCP), legal document archiving, forensic data archiving, DAW/NLE assets, and DVD/Blu-Ray (DDP, CMF) optical mastering.
Last Modified: Jan 16, 2009 17:53 PM GMT
The Thomas Howe Company integrates real time communications with the business process. The firm provides management consulting and professional services related to communications enabled business processes.
Last Modified: Jan 8, 2009 17:39 PM GMT
SubCloud is a shared enterprise file system built on top of AmazonS3. SubCloud is the fastest easiest way to integrate your enterprisewith Amazon S3.
Last Modified: Jan 8, 2009 17:39 PM GMT delivers reliable, scalable and customizable on demand File Sharing and Collaboration platform and services for Individuals and Businesses to store and retrieve any type of data anytime anywhere on the web.
Last Modified: Dec 17, 2008 13:37 PM GMT
A user interface for Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. Helps you to transfer files to and from S3, then distribute them through Amazon CloudFront. Allows managing ACL, creating signed URLs, managing bucket logging and allows access to shared buckets and files. It even allows you to override content-type setting to HTML. Using this feature you can upload any file "as" HTML even if it's extension is not .HTML or .HTM.
Last Modified: Nov 18, 2008 16:08 PM GMT
ELASTRA provides software for designing, deploying, and managing complete application systems in public and private cloud computing environments.
Last Modified: Oct 24, 2008 17:58 PM GMT
RightScale, the leader in cloud computing management, provides a Web-based cloud management platform and support services. The RightScale platform enables companies to quickly create Web solutions running on the Amazon cloud that are scalable, reliable, easy to manage, and affordable. Check out both our FREE Developer Edition and our advanced solutions at
Last Modified: Jul 11, 2008 18:52 PM GMT
Use Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In to send large files from Outlook
Last Modified: May 14, 2008 9:55 AM GMT
WordHustler is a service for writers that takes the pain out of the process of publishing. We offer a database of over 3,000 writing opportunities including publishers, agents, contests and more. But we don't stop there. After you've found the perfect market you can submit your manuscript in a single click. WordHustler will print, ship, and track your manuscript so you can get back to what you are supposed to be doing: writing.
Last Modified: May 1, 2008 17:49 PM GMT
Integrify is the leading provider of BPM/Workflow OnDemand. Our plugin for Amazon S3 allows you to build workflow processes that store files on Amazon S3.
Last Modified: May 1, 2008 17:33 PM GMT
LiveLeader is an AJAX-based embedded live chat solution.
Last Modified: Apr 14, 2008 9:24 AM GMT
Low cost, simple, affordable CRM for your business - an easy way to track your sales, deals and customer contact.
Last Modified: Mar 29, 2008 17:52 PM GMT
Send large files up to 2GB in size to any email address. Leverages Amazon's infrastructure for reliable storage and fast up/downloads
Last Modified: Mar 3, 2008 17:08 PM GMT
E-commerce For Everyone has joined as an E-commerce Service Developer in order to develop a unique online platform that will enable you to have your very own Amazon e-commerce storefront in a matter of minutes. Highly customizable and very professional looking the E4E Amazon Storefront is ready to help you start your own e-commerce business.
Last Modified: Feb 20, 2008 23:17 PM GMT
An application service that allows every one to mirror themselves to the world through any channel - Through Mobile, PC or other CE devices.
Last Modified: Feb 20, 2008 0:02 AM GMT is a leading provider of business applications based on a open source software-as-a-service business model. Applications include Groupware, ECM, SFA, ERP&CRM, provided on-demand and sold on a per-use basis.
Last Modified: Feb 7, 2008 23:17 PM GMT
SpaceBlock is a open-source windows front-end to one or more remote storage accounts. For S3 remote storage accounts, buckets & keys are displayed & managed using a familiar explorer-like interface.
Last Modified: Feb 7, 2008 2:04 AM GMT
Sonian is a hosted archive service that provides the most reliable and affordable way to handle email archiving.
Last Modified: Feb 5, 2008 4:46 AM GMT
WeGoAll creates rich interactive websites and database management tools for fraternities, sororities, and social organizations that will professionally present the organization online, help to facilitate communication with potential new members and current members/alumni, and improve alumni donations.
Last Modified: Feb 4, 2008 23:29 PM GMT
FormSpring provides tools for people to easily create powerful online forms without needing to know HTML or programming. We're able to provide generous file upload space because of Amazon S3.
Last Modified: Feb 4, 2008 22:57 PM GMT
Provides free and licensed chat services. Instantly install a chat box on your website, or contact us for licensed, branded chat for your business.
Last Modified: Feb 4, 2008 18:49 PM GMT
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