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Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop is a desktop IDE tool for graphically prototyping Hadoop jobs and deploying, monitoring and debugging them on Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Working with job, cluster and file system objects, you can manage Job Flows and steps, browse the cluster's HDFS, and profile cluster capacity and job usage. The product runs on all desktop platforms and includes support for Amazon S3


Company: Karmasphere
Inquiry e-mail address: info@karmasphere.com
Amazon Web Services Used: Elastic MapReduce
Solution URL: http://www.karmasphere.com/products/
Audience: Developers
Pricing: Free of charge
How does this application use Amazon Web Services?: Karmasphere Studio enables easy deployment to Amazon Elastic MapReduce clusters, support for the Amazon S3 file system and deep insight into your clusters and jobs running on Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
Created On: October 11, 2009 5:11 PM GMT
Last Updated: October 14, 2009 11:20 PM GMT

Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop

Free Beta Now Available

Karmasphere Studio


  • Prototype on the desktop

    Get going with MapReduce job development quickly. No need for a cluster since Hadoop emulation is included.

  • Deploy to a private or Amazon Web Services cluster

    Whether you're using a cluster in your own network or Amazon Web Services, deploy your job/s easily.

  • Debug on the cluster

    One of the most challenging areas in MapReduce programming is debugging your job on the cluster. Visual capabilities deliver real-time insight into your job.

  • Graphically visualize and manipulate

    Whether its clusters, file systems, job configuration or debugging information and log files, save time and get better insight by accessing to it all in one place.

  • Monitor and analyze your job and clusters in real-time

    Get real-time, workflow view of inputs, outputs and intermediate results including map, partition, sort and reduce phases.


  • Runs on Linux, Apple Mac OS and Linux.
  • Works with all major distributions and versions of Hadoop including Apache, Yahoo! and Cloudera.
  • Works with Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • Supports local, networked, HDFS and Amazon S3 file systems.
  • Operates with clusters and file systems behind firewalls.
  • Installs as a plug-in to NetBeans

System Requirements

  • Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • Amazon Web Services Account
  • NetBeans Version 6.7 (or higher)
  • Java 1.6 (or higher)

Where do you get it?

Install the Beta Version.
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