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We believe project management should be accessible to everyone, so we created an app quick to implement, easy-to-use, and instantly connects everyone on your team - using shared work spaces (provided by Amazon S3), instant messaging, and an intuitive and elegant interface.
Last Modified: Apr 11, 2007 23:59 PM GMT
The OpenWFEru open source Ruby workflow and bpm engine may be used with Amazon SQS to deliver / fetch back work items.
Last Modified: Apr 6, 2007 23:29 PM GMT
Amazon ASIN locator and look-up tool. Simply enter a keyword description and receive images and listings of potential products.
Last Modified: Mar 6, 2007 23:18 PM GMT
Web based Open Source Virtual Machine Manager for Xen and Amazon EC2.
Last Modified: Mar 6, 2007 21:10 PM GMT
This technically mature software is used to back up data and to synchronize PCs, servers, and notebooks. Amazon S3 can be used as one side of the synchronization in order to store an unlimited number of files, and also multiple versions of each file.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 19:28 PM GMT
S3 Backup is a cross-platform desktop application that makes it trivial for everyone to use Amazon's infrastructure for remote backups and secure online file storage.
Last Modified: Jan 15, 2007 23:09 PM GMT
Free access to web site traffic, ranking and statistical information.
Last Modified: Oct 27, 2006 23:53 PM GMT
Quite simply, the easiest and most robust amazon store builder ever created. Build your customized online website storefront in under 15 minutes with millions of Amazon Affiliate products. Select your categories, upload to your domain and manage your site through our proprietary administration Amazon Easy Store builder interface. You select the categories and products by checking a box!
Last Modified: Oct 20, 2006 17:52 PM GMT
SOAPSonar is a Web Services testing tool that enables Amazon developers to quickly test and provision Amazon EC2 web services.
Last Modified: Oct 18, 2006 22:17 PM GMT
Easy to set up online ECS store. built with and for Microsoft IIS.
Last Modified: Aug 3, 2006 18:11 PM GMT
We provide special advertising for books that can be integrated into your own web pages, similar to Amazon self-optimizing-links. You can choose the keywords for yourself or let the system extract them out of your web page.
Last Modified: Jul 19, 2006 0:16 AM GMT
Our DNK Amazon webstore is unmatched and is absolutely free of charge. DNK also offers integration with any Amazon Web Service.
Last Modified: Jul 18, 2006 23:41 PM GMT
Amazon S3 Manager from Maluke Co. is visual tool to manage your S3 buckets and objects. It implements every S3 feature and adds some on top.
Last Modified: Jun 24, 2006 18:23 PM GMT
#Sh3ll is a C# based command shell for managing your Amazon S3 objects.
Last Modified: Jun 22, 2006 16:20 PM GMT
jSh3ll is a Java based command shell for managing your Amazon S3 objects.
Last Modified: Jun 22, 2006 0:36 AM GMT
rSh3ll is a Ruby based command shell for managing your Amazon S3 objects.
Last Modified: Jun 22, 2006 0:34 AM GMT
NS3 Manager is a lightweight windows-based (.NET) front-end to an S3 storage account. Buckets & keys are displayed & managed using a familiar explorer-like interface.
Last Modified: Jun 20, 2006 22:03 PM GMT
iConclude Repair System(TM) is an innovative solution designed to automate incident resolution and problem management in Data Centers. Repair System helps reduce escalations and false alerts and streamline the alert/incident resolution process.
Last Modified: Jun 20, 2006 15:07 PM GMT
MyOwnDB is a web database that lets you define the data you want to store, and immediately gives a web interface to manage that data.
Last Modified: Jun 20, 2006 15:03 PM GMT
The IBiz S3 Integrator provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon's S3 service. Available for .NET / ASP.NET / .NET CF, ActiveX, Delphi, C++ Builder, C++, PHP, Java and J2EE.
Last Modified: Jun 20, 2006 2:58 AM GMT
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