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php-sqs is a simple PHP class to interface with Amazon SQS.
Last Modified: Mar 13, 2009 17:20 PM GMT
VPN-Cubed™ is the first commercial solution that enables customer-controlled security in Amazon EC2, across multiple clouds, and between the physical data center and Amazon EC2. Using an encrypted cloud virtual private network (VPN), CohesiveFT helps establish a secure bridge between private infrastructure and the Amazon cloud, controlled by the customer. With VPN-Cubed, companies can confidently leverage the cloud for redundancy, failover and scalability during critical transitions; whether scaling up to grow the business or scaling down to cut costs. VPN-Cubed is a packaged service (software + services), and is available for use with most operating systems, virtual environments and third-party cloud offerings. Contact sales(at) for more information.
Last Modified: Mar 9, 2009 16:49 PM GMT
Automating Enterprise Application Server, Application, and Load-Balancing installation, configuration, and management.
Last Modified: Feb 14, 2009 1:11 AM GMT
Squirrelcart: Amazon Simple Pay Integration
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:24 PM GMT
Memeserver helps businesses upload, convert and stream video. Leveraging Amazon S3 and EC2, cost of delivery is much lower than conventional solutions.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:22 PM GMT
Cerado Ventana is a mobile and web service that engages customer attention and connects customers to the organizations and products they care about. Ventana connects customers, fans and employees with their passions wherever they are, on the web or on the go.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:22 PM GMT
S3 Downloader allows webmasters to extend their Amazon Web Services for use with paid subscriptions and digital products without revealing the actual AWS file's location.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:16 PM GMT
AxtaWeb provides a fully automated backup service for PHP-enabled websites, blogs and web applications. Backups are stored on Amazon's infrastructure via Amazon S3.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:13 PM GMT
A worry free, scalable, secure and fully supported eCommerce software as a service solution for small to medium sized companies featuring one-click product importing from leading point of sale systems.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:13 PM GMT
SecureFileExchange is an online file storage service for securely sharing and exchanging files. It utilizes military-grade encryption to give you peace of mind that your files will stay safe and secure, and fine-grained access lists to give you complete control over who can and cannot access your files.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:12 PM GMT
Drag-and-drop Hosting CLOUD service for quickly deploying and scaling JAVA, RAILS, and PHP applications in a load-balanced and high-availability CLOUD.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:09 PM GMT
CardLasso, part of the Lasso2GO suite by Model Metrics, enables users of mobile device cameras to capture images of business cards and have them transcribed into digital format for download to a CRM system or contact management system.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:07 PM GMT
Everystockphoto is a popular search engine for freely licensed photos, currently indexing over 4.1 million free photos.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:02 PM GMT
Pixily is an innovative new online service that provides consumers with their very own digital personal assistant to effortlessly and securely scan, file, organize and manage any and all of their paper and electronic documents — whether they are keepsakes such as old letters and emails, invitations or children's artwork; favorite recipes; important articles; medical records or bills. Once scanned, Pixily returns the documents to the consumer so they can be recycled.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:01 PM GMT - The simplest way to manage, access and send your files online.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:01 PM GMT
Vembu StoreGrid is an Online Backup Software primarily created for Service Providers. Over 1000 Service Providers currently offer their SMB customers an online backup service - powered by Vembu StoreGrid. With our Amazon Cloud support, you can now start an Online Backup Service with your backup server running on Amazon EC2 and using Amazon EBS/S3 for storage.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:59 PM GMT
Ozmo is commercial licensing for bloggers, photographers, and illustrators--professionals to every participant in the social media world. We don't host content--we help you license it, and we direct buyers to your content on any online platform. We facilitate license creation, account management, reporting, and we use Amazon Flexible Payment Services to handle all our transactions.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:58 PM GMT
Open and manage a free wiki site with the same site engine of Wikipedia plus WYSIWYG. Your wiki can share documentation, organization knowledge data base, event calendar ,how to, FAQ site etc You decide which pages will be open for sharing and which will be for read only.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:55 PM GMT
On-demand global financial market data Web services to power any application and scalable using EC2.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:54 PM GMT
A new photo sharing service with clear and simple design that respects your photos.
Last Modified: Jan 8, 2009 17:39 PM GMT
The Wish List Widget allows users to integrate their or any other person's Wish List into their web pages.
Last Modified: May 8, 2008 21:21 PM GMT
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