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VPN-Cubed™ is the first commercial solution that enables customer-controlled security in Amazon EC2, across multiple clouds, and between the physical data center and Amazon EC2. Using an encrypted cloud virtual private network (VPN), CohesiveFT helps establish a secure bridge between private infrastructure and the Amazon cloud, controlled by the customer. With VPN-Cubed, companies can confidently leverage the cloud for redundancy, failover and scalability during critical transitions; whether scaling up to grow the business or scaling down to cut costs. VPN-Cubed is a packaged service (software + services), and is available for use with most operating systems, virtual environments and third-party cloud offerings. Contact sales(at) for more information.
Last Modified: Mar 9, 2009 16:49 PM GMT
OpenNebula is an open-source Engine for Data Center Virtualization & Cloud Solutions, providing support to supplement local resources with Amazon EC2 resources to satisfy peak or fluctuating demands.
Last Modified: Feb 14, 2009 1:15 AM GMT
Automating Enterprise Application Server, Application, and Load-Balancing installation, configuration, and management.
Last Modified: Feb 14, 2009 1:11 AM GMT
Full Rsync layer to Amazon S3 storage including: * Real partial file transfer * Preserve file permission * Preserve symbolic links Restore using any Amazon S3 utility, no proprietary format! Access your files via rsync or any other S3 interface.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:24 PM GMT
DataSISAR is an innovative cloud computing software services company providing solution consulting, implementation, support and training services.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:23 PM GMT
MessageSling provides carrier-independent voice messaging service that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to access and respond to messages using voice, email and SMS. With no download required, MessageSling provides voicemail to text, custom greetings and contact list management on the phone and online.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:22 PM GMT
Memeserver helps businesses upload, convert and stream video. Leveraging Amazon S3 and EC2, cost of delivery is much lower than conventional solutions.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:22 PM GMT
Sauce Labs enables developer and testers to make their Selenium test suites run insanely fast and provide more deep test results, all without any of the configuration overhead of on-premise Selenium installations.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:21 PM GMT
Drag-and-drop Hosting CLOUD service for quickly deploying and scaling JAVA, RAILS, and PHP applications in a load-balanced and high-availability CLOUD.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:09 PM GMT
Mio Partnerz provides architectural and deployment services to companies looking to adopt or integrate Amazon Web Services.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:03 PM GMT
A drop is a chunk of space you can use to store and share anything privately, like pictures, videos, audio, documents, etc... In doing so, there is no need to hassle with accounts, registration, or providing an email address. All free drops start at 100MB and you can create as many as you want. Backed by Amazon S3.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:02 PM GMT
Pixily is an innovative new online service that provides consumers with their very own digital personal assistant to effortlessly and securely scan, file, organize and manage any and all of their paper and electronic documents — whether they are keepsakes such as old letters and emails, invitations or children's artwork; favorite recipes; important articles; medical records or bills. Once scanned, Pixily returns the documents to the consumer so they can be recycled.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 23:01 PM GMT
On-demand global financial market data Web services to power any application and scalable using EC2.
Last Modified: Feb 11, 2009 22:54 PM GMT
We're a team from different backgrounds - web design and development, media and marketing. Some of us are musicians, all of us are music lovers. In 2006 we created amazingtunes, to help people discover and share new music, and provide a platform for unsigned artists to showcase their talents.
Last Modified: Sep 19, 2008 15:22 PM GMT
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