• News UK to save millions with AWS

    Posted On: Oct 23, 2014

    Publishing company won't have to buy hardware that will sit around for six days, 22 hours doing nothing, it claims


  • Amazon Web Services to Open German Center

    Posted On: Oct 23, 2014

    For a video-on-demand service as popular as the BBC's iPlayer – it served three billion programme requests in 2013 alone – resilience, continuous availability and scalable storage are a must.


  • BBC takes iPlayer video production to AWS cloud to beat bottleneck and storage woes

    Posted On: Oct 23, 2014

    For a video-on-demand service as popular as the BBC's iPlayer – it served three billion programme requests in 2013 alone – resilience, continuous availability and scalable storage are a must.


  • Amazon Gets More Enterprise-Friendly With Launch Of AWS Directory Service

    Posted On: Oct 22, 2014

    Amazon has been moving into the enterprise world with the launch of corporate I.T.-friendly Fire HD and HDX tablets, its own secure storage service Zocalo, its virtual desktop computing platform WorkSpaces, and not to mention the cloud computing behemoth that is Amazon Web Services.


  • Shell fuels major IT overhaul with shift to the cloud

    Posted On: Oct 21, 2014

    Shell has migrated 75 percent of its IT infrastructure to the cloud after a great deal of time and effort, and persuasion, of its corporate stakeholders.


  • CTO perspectives II: Handling 13 billion hits a day

    Posted On: Oct 13, 2014

    During the peak days of the Indian elections earlier in May, NDTV experienced unprecedented traffic, with over 600,000 simultaneous users accessing its web, mobile and apps.  At peak, it experienced over 400,000 hits per second, and received over 13 billion hits per day — not including Live TV video.


  • CIO interview: Andy Wolfe, CIO, Shop Direct

    Posted On: Oct 13, 2014

    Technology occupies centre stage at Shop Direct as the retail giant pursues its goal of becoming a “world-class digital retailer.” The company behind brands such as Littlewoods.com and Very.co.uk is driving a three-year IT transformation process that began in January 2013, with the appointment of CIO Andy Wolfe.


  • Amazon’s DynamoDB Gets Hugely Expanded Free Tier And Native JSON Support

    Posted On: Oct 9, 2014

    Amazon today announced a large update to its DynamoDB NoSQL database service that introduces a massively expanded free tier and the ability to store entire JSON-formatted documents as single database items.


  • Amazon Unveils Storage, Life Sciences APN Competencies

    Posted On: Oct 9, 2014

    Amazon today announced a large update to its DynamoDB NoSQL database service that introduces a massively expanded free tier and the ability to store entire JSON-formatted documents as single database items.


  • Amazon Simplifies Importing VMware VMs

    Posted On: Oct 7, 2014

    Amazon has taken another step to appeal directly to a key VMware customer: the virtual machine administrator. Earlier this year, the company told VM administrators they could manage their VMware virtual machines in the AWS cloud using the familiar VMware vCenter management console -- all they needed to do was set up an AWS Management Center for vCenter.


  • Amazon reopens AWS pop-up loft in San Francisco to create a community amongst its customers

    Posted On: Oct 1, 2014

    Some of the biggest names in tech use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to power their cloud apps like Netflix, Expedia and Intel. When a bandwidth hungry service like Netflix uses a cloud service, startups tend to take notice. To help those startups better wrap their heads around the AWS service, Amazon has reopened its pop-up loft in San Francisco.


  • Amazon Web Services to go for automated data collection: Werner Vogels

    Posted On: Oct 1, 2014

    Amazon's chief technology officer Werner Vogels goes around the world a few times every year. He spends most of the time evangelising Amazon's Web Services. But on rare occasions, he will talk about what he sees through his crystal ball.


  • CTO perspectives I: Building a media empire from scratch

    Posted On: Oct 1, 2014

    NDTV is one of India’s largest media companies, founded roughly 25 years ago. It started as a production house for television and in the year 2000 launched its own digital news website, ndtv.com. The NDTV group reported revenues of approximate US$80 million in the previous financial year.


  • Bootstrapped app delivers live feeds, GIS, reviews of NYC transit options

    Posted On: Sep 30, 2014

    With an annual subway ridership of 1.7 billion in 2013 and the 11th largest bus fleet in North America, New York City’s transportation system is one of the world’s largest.

  • We’ve Reduced Prices 45 Times in 8 years: Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon

    Posted On: Sep 30, 2014

    At the first-ever Amazon Summit in India, Vogels said that the company has relentlessly focused on cost reduction, and that’s just one of the areas of Amazon’s persistent customer focus.

  • Data Warehouse on the Cloud

    Posted On: Sep 29, 2014

    As data warehouse stores massive amounts of core enterprise operation and business critical data, it is normally situated at the most protected area in an on-premises environment with multiple layers of security in order to prevent leakage of sensitive data. So, can you imagine when Data Warehouse goes on the Cloud?

  • Amazon: We’re the secret sauce behind Israeli start-ups

    Posted On: Sep 17, 2014

    Amazon, the American web retailer, is a favorite of Israeli on-line shoppers — but’s it’s an even bigger favorite of Israeli start-ups.


  • Enterprises, scientists and academics turn to public cloud for HPC

    Posted On: Sep 4, 2014

    Corporates, scientists, engineers and researchers all need access to high-performance compute power, low latency and high bandwidth for their data-intensive workloads. They are increasingly using supercomputers on demand via public cloud infrastructure to access the HPC capabilities they need at affordable costs.


  • Streaming in the cloud

    Posted On: Sep 3, 2014

    Wanting to improve music search times for its 1 million customers, Australian-based music streaming service Guvera moved from physical servers to the cloud in August 2013.

  • How New York City Is Becoming Even More Map-Centric With Its Data

    Posted On: Aug 27, 2014

    The availability of real-time transportation information can take some of the guess work out of getting from Point A to Point B.


  • End in sight for servers at St Luke’s

    Posted On: Aug 25, 2014

    Chances are that the server room at St Luke's Anglican School in Bundaberg, Queensland, is approaching the end of its life according to Mitch Miller.


  • Amazon Expanding Cloud Business Through Pop-Up Stores

    Posted On: Aug 22, 2014

    Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) is increasingly trying to spread its cloud-computing business by using brick-and-mortar stores.

    The Seattle-based online retailer said today that it will re-open a “pop-up loft” in downtown San Francisco sometime this fall to give developers a place to learn about its Web Services business, where Amazon rents data storage and computing power to other companies. Amazon employees will staff the location so developers can ask questions and attend free technical classes -- as well as chow on pizza and drink beer if they get hungry or thirsty.

  • Amazon links 8,000 Indian firms to Cloud services

    Posted On: Aug 21, 2014

    Six years ago when most enterprises were still trying to figure out what cloud computing means, Apeejay Stya and Svran Group decided to take the entire $1-billion-plus conglomerate to cloud. Today, the family held group's entire IT infrastructure is on Amazon cloud.

  • Big Win For Amazon: First Provider Authorized To Handle Sensitive DoD Workloads In Cloud

    Posted On: Aug 21, 2014

    Link Digital sets up AWS-powered portal.  The Australian Red Cross celebrated its 100th birthday last week with the launch of a centenary website created by Link Digital, powered by AWS infrastructure.

  • HubCare ‘brings government to citizens’

    Posted On: Aug 19, 2014

    A Melbourne based company is promoting easier interaction between people, government departments and service providers.

  • Red Cross launches centenary site thanks to public cloud partner

    Posted On: Aug 18, 2014

    Link Digital sets up AWS-powered portal.  The Australian Red Cross celebrated its 100th birthday last week with the launch of a centenary website created by Link Digital, powered by AWS infrastructure.

  • Lonely Planet turns a new page with cloud

    Posted On: Aug 13, 2014

    Lonely Planet is driving old technology with new, as the company leverages its global cloud infrastructure to embark on its biggest publishing year ever.

  • How the Cloud is Changing Everything for Government IT

    Posted On: Aug 6, 2014

    If you want to understand the evolution of cloud computing adoption in state and local government, one place to start might be in the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s Office in Gainesville, Fla.

  • Amazon Web Services launches Test Drives for Indian AWS partners

    Posted On: Aug 5, 2014

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of AWS Test Drive in India to enable businesses to evaluate and experience local AWS Partner Network (APN) software solutions on the AWS Cloud.

  • How AWS Helped Scale App for World Cup Social Media Hub

    Posted On: Aug 5, 2014

    If you're going to operate the official social media hub for the FIFA World Cup, you've got to be able to overcome the problem of scale. Spredfast did it with flying colors with the help of Amazon Web Services.

  • Cloud Gives DNA Compiler Wings

    Posted On: Aug 5, 2014

    Imagine being able to turn bacteria into molecular factories, capable of producing everything from earth-friendly biofuels to personalized medicines? This is the promise of synthetic biology, which has made remarkable advances over the last decade, taking tools and concepts from physics, engineering and computer science to design new biological systems.

  • Tech resources pledged to support Climate Data Initiative

    Posted On: Aug 1, 2014

    Several tech giants are among the public and private organizations committing resources to climate change researchers working to strengthen and secure the global food system.

  • Amazon jumps into domain registration business

    Posted On: Aug 1, 2014

    Companies looking to register a new domain name have another provider to choose from: Amazon Web Services.

  • Amazon’s four tips to make sure your cloud is secure

    Posted On: Aug 1, 2014

    Amazon Web Services has a program named Trusted Advisor that provides customers with advice on the best way to use the company’s IaaS cloud services.

  • Lamborghini at full throttle with Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Jul 30, 2014


    Scalability, flexibility and a considerable cost savings: bring into the cloud the website Lamborghini.com is a winning decision for the famous Made in Italy brand of luxury sports cars.

  • CIO interview: Rorie Devine, CTO, Hailo

    Posted On: Jul 24, 2014

    A technology overhaul is taking place behind the scenes at cab-hailing smartphone app Hailo as the company continues to exponentially grow its international reach.

  • Cloud takes backup role as cities remake data centers

    Posted On: Jul 21, 2014

    With pressure on government to streamline IT operations to control costs and spur performance, a growing number of city IT managers are pursuing the latest hardware architectures and tools to renovate their legacy data centers.

  • Talking the Cloud Business With Amazon CTO Werner Vogels

    Posted On: Jul 19, 2014

    In its relatively short eight-year life-span, there’s a lot we’ve come to know — and yet a lot more that we don’t — about Amazon Web Services.

  • Business benefits of cloud computing with AWS

    Posted On: Jul 18, 2014

    Mark Jackson, sales manager of Perfect Image - a North East-based IT services company delivering tailored solutions and services to organisations across the UK, helping them to improve their businesses through the effective use of IT – discusses the business benefits of cloud computing powered by internet giant, Amazon.

  • Why a Media Giant Sold Its Data Center and Headed to the Cloud

    Posted On: Jul 15, 2014

    Condé Nast's CTO says the media company is no longer in the business of maintaining a data center. It has gone 'all-in' on the cloud with Amazon Web Services.

  • Amazon Web Services SVP: More price cuts are coming

    Posted On: Jul 15, 2014

    When it rolled out Amazon Web Services in 2006, Amazon was questioned far and wide. What was the mammoth online retailer doing getting into Web infrastructure? Had it overreached?

  • AWS offers Marketplace software on annual subscriptions

    Posted On: Jul 14, 2014

    Amazon Web Services is offering on its Marketplace annual subscriptions to over 90 software products, which could help customers cut software costs by over 40 percent, the Amazon.com unit said.

  • Amazon’s New Mobile Services Underscore Computing Shift

    Posted On: Jul 11, 2014

    Amazon.com Inc. introduction of new software Thursday that helps businesses build applications for mobile devices marks the cloud giant’s desire to extend its cloud services beyond the desktop and the latest sign that mobile software has moved to the enterprise mainstream.

  • Amazon Joins the Cloud Collaboration Crowd

    Posted On: Jul 10, 2014

    Amazon.com Inc. entered the crowded field of corporate file management Thursday, launching a service that enables enterprises to store and share files in its cloud.

  • AWS adds second Sydney direct connect site and puts Melbourne on CloudFront

    Posted On: Jul 10, 2014

    Amazon Web Services has revealed it has flicked the switch on a new Sydney site for its direct connect service that allows users to build a direct network connection between their kit and The House of Bezos' cloud.

  • Amazon announces slew of new services for developers

    Posted On: Jul 10, 2014

    At its summit in New York, tech giant rolls out new products that allow developers to more easily build mobile applications.

  • SportPursuit takes flexible approach to drive sales

    Posted On: Jul 8, 2014

    Retail organisation turns to the cloud to ensure companies can handle fluctuating amount of traffic.

  • How tech IP is going to put Australia on the world innovation map

    Posted On: Jul 2, 2014

    Aussie technologists and entrepreneurs discuss the importance of technology IP in creating local jobs and putting the country on the world innovation map.

  • Amazon’s new T2 low-cost server slivers scale up to meet demand

    Posted On: Jul 1, 2014

    Amazon Web Services has you covered if you’re seeking powerful chips to handle your app’s needs. Now it’s becoming more full-featured on the other range of the spectrum, with new slices of servers that can run super-light workloads and handle slightly heftier when necessary.

  • Amazon Web Services Sharpens Focus on Public Sector

    Posted On: Jun 26, 2014

    Amazon may have risen to prominence in the cloud computing market on the strength of its business-to-business channel, but the Web giant is increasingly setting its sights on the public sector, targeting government agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations with its Amazon Web Services platform.

  • Some Banks Are Heading To The Cloud -- More Are Planning To

    Posted On: Jun 26, 2014

    A recent survey of 29 senior technology executives at financial institutions found that cloud computing holds the potential to redefine the relationship between corporate tech departments and financial institution business units.

  • Amazon Unveils City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge Winners

    Posted On: Jun 26, 2014

    On Wednesday, June 25, Amazon Web Services (AWS) revealed its four winning jurisdictions to receive $50,000 in company credit as part of its inaugural City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge.

  • How Close is the Government Really to Broad Cloud Adoption?

    Posted On: Jun 26, 2014

    The advent of utility-based computing has changed the information technology game in the federal market, but the government still has ways to go before cloud services are broadly adopted and incorporated across its many agencies.

  • CIA CIO Opens Up About Amazon Cloud

    Posted On: Jun 24, 2014

    Before Central Intelligence Agency Chief Information Officer Douglas Wolfe on Tuesday delivered his keynote address at the Amazon Web Services government symposium in Washington, D.C., he prefaced his remarks.

  • NASA launches open data challenge with Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Jun 24, 2014

    NASA, by virtue of Amazon Web Services’ cloud, is challenging the public to create ways to study the planet’s actual clouds.

  • AWS big data shops turn cloud infrastructure into insights

    Posted On: Jun 23, 2014

    Whether it's human genome data or restaurant recommendations, the world is inundated with data, and huge swaths of that information have entered the public cloud through AWS big data customers.

  • How Airbnb used Amazon Web Services to conquer the rental market

    Posted On: Jun 20, 2014

    The six-year-old startup Airbnb has essentially changed the way people rent their homes with its peer-to-peer lodging network, allowing hosts to rent their homes to creeps and non-creeps alike the world over. It seems like such a simple concept -- rent your home to a stranger! -- but it carries with it a tremendous set of technical challenges around payments, data collection, and around global availability.

  • Rice institute puts vital data at farmers' fingertips

    Posted On: Jun 19, 2014

    The International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines is the leading authority on the staple food of half the people on the planet.

  • Amazon speeds up its cloud with SSD block storage

    Posted On: Jun 17, 2014

    Amazon Web Services has launched a new general purpose Elastic Block Store that runs fully on solid state drives (SSD), which the leading IaaS cloud vendor says will provide dramatically better performance for users compared to previous-generation spinning disk persistent storage.

  • Managing super funds in the cloud

    Posted On: Jun 13, 2014

    Self managed super fund BGL turned to Amazon Web Services to handle billions of transactions

  • 15 sites you know, that you may not know are based on Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Jun 12, 2014

    Summary: Have you ever wanted to know the inside stories of some of the world's largest sites -- and the infrastructure they use to host them? If so, this is for you!

  • The Era of Cloud Computing

    Posted On: Jun 11, 2014

    SynapDx searches hundreds of thousands of genetic markers, looking for clues about autism in 880 children across 20 states. A few years ago, this would be the task of a major company or research institution. Thanks to cloud computing, the start-up in Lexington, Mass., does it with 22 people, a few laptops and an Internet connection.

  • HealthCare.gov Floats to Amazon’s Cloud in Revamp

    Posted On: Jun 6, 2014

    The Obama administration has turned to Amazon.com Inc. to host certain HealthCare.gov components in the latest sign that cloud is gaining traction in the government sector. The move will give the government more flexibility in the amount of computing power it uses to run its health exchange, experts say, allowing it lower costs outside of peak usage periods.

  • Measuring the world’s emotions using Twitter and Amazon’s cloud

    Posted On: Jun 5, 2014

    Amazon Web Services, Gnip and two Australian research institutions have teamed up to track the emotions of tweets in near real-time and offer the data to the public via visualizations, downloadable tables and an API.

  • Amazon Introduces Windows Server 2012 R2 To AWS

    Posted On: Jun 5, 2014

    Locked in an unrelenting price and performance war with Microsoft Azure, AWS has made another move to beef up the functionality of its cloud, this time by introducing its rival’s latest operating system.

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Again Documents AWS Dominance In IaaS

    Posted On: May 30, 2014

    The latest Gartner cloud infrastructure Magic Quadrant was released Friday, again reminding anyone who might have forgotten that Amazon Web Services still dominates the Infrastructure-as-a-Service market.

  • Amazon Unveils CRM for AWS Marketplace Sellers

    Posted On: May 29, 2014

    In the face of growing competition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new customer relationship management (CRM) tool for AWS Marketplace partners to help them manage and hold on to their customer base.

  • Analyze This: Seattle as the Epicenter of Big Data

    Posted On: May 22, 2014

    It affects the foods we eat, the politicians we vote for and the roads we drive on. It has changed the amount of legroom we’re allowed on airplanes and the speed at which life-saving medicines are invented. It’s a safeguard against terrorist attacks but finds time to recommend a new shirt we might like, given all it knows about us. It’s the Big Data industry, and the Puget Sound region, with the nation’s largest concentration of software engineers, has a shot at becoming its epicenter.

  • Shop Direct achieves 99.99 percent site availability with ecommerce platform in AWS cloud

    Posted On: May 20, 2014

    Retailer migrates Oracle ATG platform to the cloud to improve 'abysmal' availability

    Shop Direct, the owner of Littlewoods and Very, has improved site availability from an "abysmal" 57 percent to 99.99 percent after re-architecting its front-end ecommerce platform on Amazon Web Service’s public cloud.

  • Mapping the world’s emotions with Twitter

    Posted On: May 19, 2014

    Real-time Twitter analysis is being used to map the world's emotions, according to Sydney researchers who have already seen noticeable changes in the national mood since the federal budget was announced.

  • AWS launches virtual desktop offering in Asia Pacific

    Posted On: May 16, 2014

    Amazon Web Services launches its WorkSpaces desktop-as-a-service offering in the Asia Pacific region.

  • New York Times goes back to the future with AWS storage

    Posted On: May 15, 2014

    The New York Times overhauled its substantial digital archive this year, using Amazon Web Services to create, store and serve billions of small images to subscribers interested in back issues of the newspaper dating from 1851 to 1980.

  • Astro Radio powers ahead over the cloud

    Posted On: May 9, 2014

    The ability to innovate, scale up and save cost all at the same time has often been cited as some of the most convincing reasons for any enterprise to move to cloud computing and one company that has reaped all three benefits is Malaysia’s Astro Radio.

  • Amazon Introduces Professional-Level AWS Certification

    Posted On: May 8, 2014

    AWS pros can now take their mastery of the industry-leading public cloud platform to the next level, Amazon said Wednesday in introducing a higher tier of certification for its partners.

  • Amazon brings desktop as a service to Europe

    Posted On: May 6, 2014

    Amazon Web Services has launched its WorkSpaces desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering in Europe.

  • FT takes data warehousing to the cloud and cuts costs by 80%

    Posted On: May 2, 2014

    The Financial Times Group picked AWS RedShift for its data warehousing tasks and reduced its data processing time by 98%. That’s not all. The public cloud service also helped it cut costs by 80%.

  • CTO Says Cloud Services Earn Vote of International Election Monitoring Group

    Posted On: May 1, 2014

    The National Democratic Institute (NDI), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works with transitioning democracies around the world, is in the midst of a migration that will see many of its key applications — from back-office systems to in-country support tools — move to the cloud.

  • British Gas brings central heating control to smartphones with AWS

    Posted On: May 1, 2014

    When British Gas wanted to enable people to remotely control their homes’ central heating with smartphone apps and save on utility bills, it selected public cloud infrastructure to give traditional central heating a facelift quickly and at scale.

  • ComputerWorldUK: News Corp: Moving SAP ERP to Amazon cloud will save ‘tens of millions of dollars’

    Posted On: Apr 29, 2014

    News Corp expects to save ‘tens of millions of dollars’ in on-premise infrastructure costs by moving its SAP ERP system to Amazon Web Service’s cloud.

  • GigaOm: More evidence that scale is the name of the game in cloud computing

    Posted On: Apr 25, 2014

    Publishing analytics startup Parse.ly just switched its entire IT footprint to Amazon Web Services, saving money and improving performance in the process. As clouds keep getting cheaper and better, resistance to them is becoming futile.

  • InfoWorld: Now AWS users get to deploy with Docker, too

    Posted On: Apr 24, 2014

    Amazon now offers a new version of its Elastic Beanstalk technology with support for launching Docker-packaged apps in AWS.

  • Federal Times: Navigating FedRAMP

    Posted On: Apr 21, 2014

    Cloud service providers are charting new ground in terms of how they package and sell secure Web-based services to federal agencies.

  • Australian: Amazon grows local to build client base support

    Posted On: Apr 21, 2014

    AMAZON.COM may have started life flogging books online but at the big end of town and in the tech start-up zone the cloud giant is better known for its Amazon Web Services outfit than for its online retail activities.

  • Associated Press: Michigan moves digital archive records to cloud

    Posted On: Apr 20, 2014

    The Archives of Michigan is using a state-of-the-art and inexpensive option — the Internet — to store and preserve a growing collection of digital records that includes everything from 40 years’ worth of election results to an index of thousands of proposed designs for the state’s quarter released 10 years ago.

  • Philippine Star: PinoyTravel treks toward success with Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Apr 14, 2014

    Award-winning Filipino start-up PinoyTravel does, in its domestic bus travel reservation services on both the traditional web and mobile platforms. Their Cloud-based infrastructure is being sustained and powered by the industry-leading, start-up-friendly cloud computing services provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • GigaOm: Amazon ups its game in cloud cost tracking

    Posted On: Apr 9, 2014

    One of the issues Amazon Web Services customers cite is how difficult it can be to track and project their cloud costs over time — there’s just so much stuff up there!

  • Variety: Cloud Computing Brightens Indies’ Outlook

    Posted On: Apr 3, 2014

    Virtual resources help modestly budgeted shows realize grand ambitions. Cloud computing was once an esoteric tech tool, something for visual-effects companies and tech-forward filmmakers.

  • ITPro (Australia): Cloud, agile software changing the nature of projects

    Posted On: Apr 1, 2014

    Remember when getting a new project off the ground in a large business took months of argument, analysis and testing? And that was only to create the business case, before anyone could persuade the finance department to fund it.

  • The New York Times Bits Blog: Cloud Computing’s Watershed Week

    Posted On: Mar 29, 2014

    In the technology world, March 2014 went out like a plan.

    It may be no accident that in the last week of the year’s first quarter there were so many significant moves by big companies, particularly in giant systems of connected computers. Cloud computing and the Internet of Things, these moves suggest, are moving from their rough pioneering days to something bigger and more stable.

  • ZDNet: AWS plans April price cuts, maintains rapid pace

    Posted On: Mar 26, 2014

    Amazon Web Services is just past its eighth birthday, but the cloud-computing giant has maintained an accelerated pace of services and features that have a bevy of rivals gunning for it. AWS' response is to keep on the gas on the product and pricing fronts.

  • The Washington Post: Amazon Web Services authorized to contract with more Defense Department agencies

    Posted On: Mar 26, 2014

    Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud services company, has received a security authorization that would allow it to work with all agencies within the Department of Defense, the company announced Wednesday.

  • Seattle Times: Facing new rivals, Amazon expands its cloud-computing offerings

    Posted On: Mar 26, 2014

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) received a raft of new competition this week as tech giants Cisco and Google amped up their efforts to sell infrastructure technology as a service over the Internet, a business known as cloud computing.

  • PCWorld: Infor goes all-in with Amazon Web Services for cloud ERP

    Posted On: Mar 26, 2014

    Infor is betting big on Amazon Web Services for its cloud ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) software strategy, with plans to begin offering a series of product suites on the company’s IaaS (infrastructure as a service).

  • London Evening Standard: How Amazon’s cloud is powering London’s digital economy

    Posted On: Mar 19, 2014

    What do taxi-booking app Hailo, takeaway food website Just Eat, the Financial Times, Rupert Murdoch’s News UK and insurance firm Aviva have in common? They are some of the leading London firms that have outsourced computing and storage needs to a surprising external supplier: Amazon.

  • InfoWorld: Amazon Web Services celebrates 8 years in the cloud

    Posted On: Mar 18, 2014

    Believe it or not, it was eight years ago that Amazon Web Services' S3 (Simple Storage Service) went into production. At the time, the promise was revolutionary

  • PCWorld: Red Hat Enterprise Linux now on Amazon's GovCloud

    Posted On: Mar 5, 2014

    RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is now available on Amazon Web Services’ GovCloud, an isolated part of Amazon’s cloud designed for U.S. government agencies.

  • ZDNet: Amazon Web Services expands Activate package for startups

    Posted On: Mar 4, 2014

    While VMware and Microsoft have their eyes on some government cloud contracts at the moment, Amazon Web Services is beefing up its portfolio for smaller clients.

  • Cloud Pro UK: UCAS and Telefonica clinch project wins at UK Cloud Awards

    Posted On: Feb 27, 2014

    A project to help A Level students find university places more quickly and a major HR reorganisation at a telecoms company were the main victors at last night's inaugural UK Cloud Awards. There was also recognition for Amazon Web Services when it was crowned Cloud Services Provider of the Year.

  • Nikkei Computer (Japan): Marubeni to completely shift to Amazon

    Posted On: Feb 25, 2014

    Marubeni Corp. will start completely shifting to Amazon Web Services, IaaS (Infrastructures as a Service) supplied by U.S. Amazon Web Services in April 2014 (Figure). Marubeni plans to shift the entire IT infrastructure of its business systems, not only those at the main office but also at group companies all over the world, to AWS.

  • Video Nuze: BrightRoll is Using Amazon Web Services to Process 30 Billion Ad-Related Data Points Per Day

    Posted On: Feb 21, 2014

    For a glimpse into cloud computing's significant contribution to the successful scaling of online video advertising, yesterday BrightRoll shared some details of its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) which it has been working with since 2008.

  • Business Next: AWS to Launch Taipei Office and Speed Up Local Services

    Posted On: Feb 18, 2014

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) will launch its first Taipei office and increase more manpower in Taiwan to facilitate business development efforts while strengthening its customer service.

  • DataQuest (India): Start-ups need great talent

    Posted On: Feb 17, 2014

    Hike surpassed five million registered users as of April 2013 and is handling over a billion messages every month. To know more about this, Dataquest spoke to Kavin Bharti Mittal, Creator, Hike Messenger.

  • Newsbytes Philippines: AWS beefs up local cloud presence with new ‘edge location’

    Posted On: Feb 17, 2014

    Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing sibling of US e-commerce giant Amazon.com, has started to flex its muscles in the country with the recent launch of its new “edge location” in the Philippines.

  • ITWorld: Why ScribbleLive turned to Amazon Web Services and can't imagine turning back

    Posted On: Feb 14, 2014

    We've all heard the stories of businesses using Amazon Web Services until they realize that at a certain size, it becomes more cost effective to run their operations in house. ScribbleLive, which offers services including a live blogging platform for major media companies including CNN and ESPN, doesn't see that point coming.

  • Wired: Netflix Is Building an Artificial Brain Using Amazon’s Cloud

    Posted On: Feb 13, 2014

    Nothing beats a movie recommendation from a friend who knows your tastes. At least not yet. Netflix wants to change that, aiming to build an online recommendation engine that outperforms even your closest friends.

  • InformationWeek India: Indian startup shows how the cloud can be used to transform education in rural India

    Posted On: Feb 6, 2014

    Classle, a Chennai-based startup uses a potent combination of cloud, mobile and social technologies to enable students to access learning material free of cost through their basic low-cost mobile devices.

  • CRN: The 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure, IaaS Vendors Of The 2014 Cloud 100

    Posted On: Jan 31, 2014

    Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) -- or the delivery of compute, storage and network resources via the cloud -- continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the overall public cloud services market.

  • FCW: What federal agencies can learn from the Super Bowl

    Posted On: Jan 30, 2014

    On the ground in New Jersey and New York City, an ecosystem of law enforcement, federal agencies, industry partners, smart phones, tablets and more is built around one of the biggest events of the year: the Super Bowl. Behind the show of force on the ground is a public safety cloud linking all the people, data and action in order to maintain the highest level of security.

  • TechCrunch: Amazon Launches New Reporting Tools For EC2

    Posted On: Jan 29, 2014

    Amazon Web Services users today got a new reporting tool for the EC2 cloud computing platform. This will make it quite a bit easier to track how they are using their regular and reserved instances and what it costs them.

  • ZDNet: AWS marketplace adds financial services apps

    Posted On: Jan 28, 2014

    Amazon has added the 10th category to the business software section of its Amazon Web Services Marketplace: financial services.

  • VentureBeat: Amazon supercharges performance for its data warehouse in the cloud

    Posted On: Jan 24, 2014

    Massive public cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new way for companies to quickly pull up and analyze large amounts of data.

  • InformationWeek: Amazon Cuts Cloud Storage Prices, Adds Server Instances

    Posted On: Jan 23, 2014

    Amazon will cut prices on its Elastic Block Store (EBS) by up to 50% and on its Simple Storage Service (S3) by an average of 14% beginning Feb. 1. It's also introducing two new M3 server instance types. Amazon Web Services's cloud evangelist Jeff Barr announced the price changes in a blog Tuesday.

  • InformationWeek Government: How FedRAMP Lifts All Cloud Ships

    Posted On: Jan 22, 2014

    FedRAMP's role in making cloud services more secure also helps agencies offset some of the complexity of their IT operations, says NIST's Ron Ross.

  • PCWorld: Amazon moves to next-generation compute instances

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2014

    Sensing the customer need for more computational muscle in smaller packages, Amazon Web Services has added a number of new packages in its Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service.

  • Techview Asia: AWS Activate: Could it be the best option for your Startup?

    Posted On: Jan 20, 2014

    This is Amazon Web Services’ promise to Startup companies who’d like to use their top-quality, highly-reliable services in the form of “AWS Activate” – a special program, launched in October 2013 that specifically serves startups around the world.

  • ZDNet: Amazon retools launching Marketplace software from private clouds

    Posted On: Jan 13, 2014

    Taking a page from its online retail checkout process, Amazon Web Services is making some changes to how customers can deploy pre-configured software sold within the AWS Marketplace.

  • ZDNet: Minecraft Realms to be built on AWS' cloud

    Posted On: Jan 7, 2014

    Mojang, the parent of Minecraft, on Tuesday said its new multiplayer game---Minecraft Realms---will be built on the AWS cloud.

  • GCN: Amazon Kinesis does heavy-lifting on streaming, big data

    Posted On: Jan 7, 2014

    Amazon Web Services is making it easier for a broader range of organizations to process high volumes of data in real-time through Amazon Kinesis, a fully managed service for streaming and analyzing data.

  • VentureBeat: Amazon keeps up cloud momentum with higher speed storage and retrieval

    Posted On: Dec 20, 2013

    In the past week, ‪Amazon Web Services has been pushing its competitors hard on multiple fronts, and the onslaught continues today with the release of instances relying on fast solid state drives, which executives announced just a month ago.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

  • ZDNet: Amazon rolls out new I/O EC2 instance, cuts prices elsewhere

    Posted On: Dec 20, 2013

    Amazon continues to roll out its new cloud goodies and upgrades unveiled back in November at re:Invent in Las Vegas.

  • Wall Street Journal: Amazon Teams With Companies in China for Cloud Service

    Posted On: Dec 18, 2013

    Amazon.com Inc. said it is collaborating with several Chinese companies for its first cloud service based in the world's largest country, a bid to draw new customers to its fast-expanding Amazon Web Services business.

  • InformationWeek: Amazon Kinesis: Fast Analytics On Streaming Data

    Posted On: Dec 18, 2013

    Kinesis, Amazon Web Services' new service for processing a high volume of real-time data, such as that pouring off a stock ticker, is open for business.

  • PCMag: Amazon Launches Kinesis Analytics Service, Expanding AWS to China

    Posted On: Dec 18, 2013

    While most of us associate Amazon with Kindles and online shopping (and now drones?), the company is also a major player in the cloud services industry, an effort that got a boost this week with new services and expansion plans.

  • GigaOm: This is big: Amazon’s cloud goes to China

    Posted On: Dec 18, 2013

    Wow. Amazon Web Services is opening up a new region in Beijing, China, with a limited preview of services to select companies to start early in 2014, according to the Amazon Web Services blog.

  • VentureBeat: Amazon taps Hadoop-based Impala to speed up customers’ big data queries

    Posted On: Dec 17, 2013

    Since 2009, Amazon Web Services has offered customers the ability to run queries on large data sets with an open-source tool called Hive, although since then many of the largest, hippest companies on the web have adopted their own tools to do this sort of thing more quickly.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

  • RH Central (Brazil): SAP Co-Innovation Lab and Amazon Web Services start an initiative to reward companies

    Posted On: Dec 17, 2013

    SAP through the SAP Co - Innovation Lab Brazil, with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the result of COILympics, a competition between companies to create a prototype of an innovative solution using multiple SAP technologies.

  • PCWorld: Amazon wants to analyze real-time data with Kinesis

    Posted On: Dec 17, 2013

    Amazon Web Services hopes enterprises are willing to rely on the company when getting large amounts of data ready for analysis with its latest service, Kinesis.

  • CRN: New Amazon Portal Lets ISVs Dive Deep Into Marketing Campaigns

    Posted On: Dec 11, 2013

    Amazon Web Services on Monday launched a new portal aimed at ISVs and VARs that want to keep close tabs on the marketing campaigns they run to sell apps on the AWS Marketplace.

  • Tech Target: Winner: Best cloud computing service provider

    Posted On: Dec 9, 2013

    Just say the words "public cloud" and those in IT likely think of Amazon Web Services. And that was certainly the case in the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards, with Amazon Web Services public cloud winning the Best Cloud Service Provider category.

  • Harvard Business Review: Amazon Turned a Flaw into Gold with Advanced Problem-Solving

    Posted On: Dec 5, 2013

    Several years ago, Amazon was struggling with scaling its e-commerce infrastructure and realizing that many of its internal software projects took too long to implement, a major pain point from a competitive standpoint.

  • Business Insider: Amazon Is Crushing IBM, Microsoft, And Google In Cloud Computing, Says Report

    Posted On: Nov 26, 2013

    When it comes to raking in the money on cloud computing Amazon still "dwarfs all competition," writes John Dinsdale, an analyst at market researcher Synergy in a new report.

  • CITEworld: Why Amazon's Kinesis tool is a big deal for working with big data

    Posted On: Nov 22, 2013

    Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing subsidiary of the Internet retail giant, recently announced Amazon Kinesis, a fully managed service for real time processing of high volume data streaming in to Amazon's Web-based repositories.

  • TechTarget: Solution providers flocking to Amazon partner network with AWS products, services

    Posted On: Nov 22, 2013

    Channel partners are teaming with Amazon Web Services with increasing frequency at a time when customers seem more willing to commit critical apps and data to the public cloud.

  • Forbes: AWS Re:Invent - Is There Any Stopping The Seattle Juggernaut?

    Posted On: Nov 22, 2013

    Amazon Web Services‘ (AWS) Re:Invent conference last week was yet another example of just how far ahead the cloud powerhouse is of its competitors.

  • GCN: AWS WorkSpaces may spark federal demand for desktop as a service

    Posted On: Nov 21, 2013

    The recent announcement by Amazon Web Services of a new managed desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) offering called Amazon WorkSpaces may give a much-needed boost to governmentwide adoption of virtual desktops.

  • Ars Technica: Amazon puts 26,496 CPU cores together, builds a Top 100 supercomputer

    Posted On: Nov 18, 2013

    Amazon has once again cracked the upper echelons of the Top 500 supercomputer list with a cluster that hit nearly half a petaflop per second to claim the title of the 64th fastest supercomputer in the world.

  • GigaOm: The secret to Amazon’s cloud success might be Jeff Bezos’ corporate culture

    Posted On: Nov 18, 2013

    Much has been made about how many features Amazon Web Services adds each year and how fast it’s outpacing its cloud computing competitors in terms of product innovation.

  • The Guardian: Werner Vogels: four cloud computing trends for 2014

    Posted On: Nov 18, 2013

    From enabling everyone to become a media company to data processing in real-time, the CTO of Amazon.com shares his predictions for the cloud.

  • Network Computing: Amazon WorkSpaces Speeds The PC's Demise

    Posted On: Nov 18, 2013

    Apparently, Amazon isn't content with taking on the enterprise server market and the likes of HP, Dell and IBM in the data center.

  • Seattle Times: In Person: Andy Jassy steers fast-growing Web unit for Amazon

    Posted On: Nov 17, 2013

    Most consumers think of Amazon.com as an online bookseller or, increasingly, as a digital marketplace where they can buy everything from diapers to giant flat-panel TVs.

  • L'Usine Digitale.fr: Amazon forced to innovate to dominate the competition in the cloud

    Posted On: Nov 15, 2013

    Amazon Web Services is as innovative as ever in order to maintain its leadership in the public cloud sector.

  • ComputerWoche: CloudTrail, WorkSpace, Kinesis - Amazon presses forward into enterprise IT

    Posted On: Nov 15, 2013

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has previously been known as a cloud service for startups and small-scale development companies. Now new products in fields including desktop virtualization are building solid foundations for Amazon's plans to move into the IT business with SMEs and large-scale companies.

  • GigaOm: How Amazon is building substations, laying fiber and generally doing everything to keep cloud costs down

    Posted On: Nov 15, 2013

    Amazon Web Services VP and Distinguished Engineer James Hamilton explained during a session at the AWS re:Invent conference how the cloud provider keeps costs as low as possible and innovation as high as possible.

  • The New York Times Bits Blog: Amazon Web Services Gets Personal and Pretty

    Posted On: Nov 14, 2013

    Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing part of Amazon’s sprawling online empire, is known for its globe-spanning system of millions of computer servers, data storage systems and complex software, estimated to be five times larger than 14 other cloud computing providers combined.

  • Bloomberg West: How Amazon Web Services Helps Companies Build Ideas

    Posted On: Nov 14, 2013

    Amazon Senior Vice President Web Services Andy Jassy discusses Amazon Web Services’ technology infrastructure platform.

  • Asia Cloud Forum: AWS re:Invent 2013: Andy Jassy takes up media challenges

    Posted On: Nov 14, 2013

    At the AWS Re:Invent 2013 global press conference held today at the Venetian in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services' Senior Vice President Andy Jassy appeared before some 60 reporters and editors, and answered questions including how the company shapes its product roadmap, his views on open source cloud solutions, and whether AWS played a role in US NSA's surveillance program.

  • Wall Street Journal: Meet the Man Who Really Runs the Internet

    Posted On: Nov 12, 2013

    From Netflix Inc.'s streaming video service to Pinterest Inc.'s social network, much of the Internet runs under Andy Jassy's watch.

  • Wall Street Journal: Amazon Preps Web Services Confab

    Posted On: Nov 11, 2013

    Amazon.com Inc. is best known as a retailer, but this week it will be host to thousands of computer geeks.

  • AllThingsD: Nine Questions for Andy Jassy, Head of Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Nov 8, 2013

    It’s pretty clear that this cloud computing thing that has so rocked the world of enterprise IT is here to stay, and no one has had more to do with that than Amazon.

  • ComputerWorld UK: Channel 4 handles '10-fold' customer data increase with public cloud strategy

    Posted On: Nov 6, 2013

    Channel 4 is using the scalability of cloud computing to handle a 10-fold growth in data, enabling the broadcaster to gain better insight into customer habits.

  • Wall Street Journal: Amazon Aids Games and Graphics in the Cloud

    Posted On: Nov 5, 2013

    Amazon keeps adding capabilities to its rentable cloud offerings.

  • Nation: Amazon targets speedier cloud adoption among Asian start-ups

    Posted On: Nov 5, 2013

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding its cloud services in Asia, with a special focus on accelerating cloud adoption among start-ups via the launch of the AWS Activate structured package of resources offering credits, training, developer support, and start-up forums for free for one year.

  • Digital News Asia: Amazon power startups with its cloud services

    Posted On: Oct 31, 2013

    AMAZON Web Services (AWS) has launched AWS Activate, a structured package the company claims would help startups gain access to technology resources and enable them to get started easily and scale as their business grows.

  • RTI Magazine: Amazon grows with cloud service

    Posted On: Oct 30, 2013

    Latin America is among the key markets of the Amazon Web Services (AWS), a provider of IT infrastructure services (IaaS) through cloud.

  • CRN: Amazon Gives CloudFront A Boost, Touts Faster And Better Website Performance

    Posted On: Oct 17, 2013

    Amazon Web Services updated its CloudFront content delivery network service Wednesday with features it claims will speed performance of the websites customers are running on its public cloud.

  • Reuters: Amazon to open Tel Aviv office to support cloud services

    Posted On: Oct 15, 2013

    Amazon.com will open an office in Tel Aviv to support its cloud computing offering called Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company's chief technology officer said on Tuesday.

  • The Washington Post: Amazon Web Services wins court case over CIA cloud contract

    Posted On: Oct 13, 2013

    Amazon Web Services has prevailed in its lawsuit against the government over a cloud computing contract with the CIA, but competitor IBM has vowed to appeal the decision.

  • Game Chosun: A Next-Generation Leader in Global Game Market – Amazon Web Services Provides Low Cost and High Efficiency

    Posted On: Oct 10, 2013

    An interview with Patrick Prendergast, AWS, Senior Business Development Manager.

  • CIO: AWS Launches New Package to Help Start-ups Use its Cloud

    Posted On: Oct 10, 2013

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) today launched a new package of resources aimed at start-ups.

  • Singapore Straits Times: Jollibee jumps on the cloud and takes flight

    Posted On: Oct 9, 2013

    The fast-food chain's bold embrace of cloud computing has helped it to expand globally.

  • ITWire: Amazon brings new services to Sydney

    Posted On: Oct 9, 2013

    Amazon Web Services has added Glacier and Redshift to the range of services available from its Sydney region.

  • USA Today: Amazon wins major victory in CIA cloud dispute with IBM

    Posted On: Oct 8, 2013

    Amazon won a major victory in an unusually public dispute with IBM over a $600 million contract to supply the CIA with cloud computing services.

  • GigaOm: Bidding strategies? Arbitrage? AWS spot market is where computing and finance meet

    Posted On: Oct 8, 2013

    Amazon last week launched a contest for companies to show their Spot Instance pricing strategies, with $5,000 in AWS credits going towards the best use cases and $3,000 in credits going to the runner up.

  • The Wall Street Journal: Federal Court Rules for Amazon in CIA ‘Cloud’ Contract Dispute With IBM

    Posted On: Oct 7, 2013

    A federal court ruled for Amazon.com Inc. in a closely watched dispute over a cloud computing contract with the Central Intelligence Agency.

  • InformationWeek: Amazon CloudFront CDN: Goodbye 404 Messages

    Posted On: Oct 1, 2013

    The Amazon Web Services content delivery network CloudFront wants to give its subscribers a way to present a more meaningful message than "server not found" when their users encounter a bad link.

  • NIH Launches Microbiome Cloud Project

    Posted On: Sep 27, 2013

    The National Institutes of Health has launched the first phase of the Microbiome Cloud Project, or MCP, a collaborative project with Amazon Web Services that aims to improve access to and analysis of data from the Human Microbiome Project.

  • The Register: Amazon adds free Oracle analytics tool to cloud

    Posted On: Sep 27, 2013

    Just two days after Microsoft made Oracle's technology available on its Windows Azure cloud, Amazon has added a sophisticated diagnostic tech to its own Oracle database service.

  • Computerworld UK: Research group Kantar embarks on major public cloud migration project

    Posted On: Sep 21, 2013

    Market research and data analysis company Kantar Group has begun a major two-year project to consolidate its UK and US data centres and move the majority of its applications into the public cloud.

  • GigaOm: AlchemyAPI says it’s delivering Google-level deep learning as a service

    Posted On: Sep 19, 2013

    Denver-based deep learning startup AlchemyAPI is expanding outside its text-analysis roots and into the world of image recognition. The company has developed a system it says is as accurate as classifying images as Google’s vaunted image-recognition system and, what’s more, AlchemyAPI is going to offer it up for public consumption via an API.

  • Asahi Television Also Utilizes Most Powerful Cloud “Amazon”

    Posted On: Sep 19, 2013

    Amazon keeps its dominant position in the cloud market. Since cloud computing does not require demand forecasting involved in server investment, cloud has rapidly gained its popularity.

  • CRN: NSW Police turns to cloud to catch traffic violators

    Posted On: Sep 19, 2013

    New police technology to catch and punish traffic violators is being processed at Amazon Web Services.

  • TechRepublic: Five ways to use the cloud and stumbling blocks along the way

    Posted On: Sep 19, 2013

    The practice of renting virtualised pools of servers and storage over the net is known as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and is the most popular class of cloud service available today.

  • USA Today: Amazon 'killer cloud' may eclipse book business

    Posted On: Sep 19, 2013

    We all possess spare capacity or by-products from our lives that we would love to squeeze a profit out of. If you're lucky, you'll find a tenant for your spare bedroom through Airbnb, or you'll loan out your brute strength to help someone with chores via TaskRabbit or you'll find someone on eBay who wants to buy your pet rocks.

  • The Register: Oh snap – AWS daddy disses IT's 'old guard': You're so 2000-and-late

    Posted On: Sep 17, 2013

    Amazon Web Services boss Andy Jassy has fired back at the technology "old guard" for coming late to cloud bearing "ill-advised" offerings while committing his team to a two-year features rollout to win big customers.

  • AWS consumers clamor for reserved instance flexibility

    Posted On: Sep 13, 2013

    Amazon Web Services has changed the way reserved instances can be managed to allow more flexibility, and cloud users hope it's only the beginning of new options for the instance type.

  • GigaOm: Amazon goes local with DynamoDB (kinda)

    Posted On: Sep 13, 2013

    Now this is interesting. If you want to build and test out a DynamoDB application without paying Amazon Web Services for the pleasure, AWS now has a local version of the NoSQL database for that purpose.

  • ZDNet: AWS adds Redis in-memory cache support

    Posted On: Sep 5, 2013

    Amazon is making it easier for AWS customers to run Redis, an in-memory key-value store that helps manage caching and improve cloud application performance. Amazon is adding support for Redis as a managed service within ElastiCache, which is used to provision clusters of distributed, in-memory caches beneath the application stack.

  • CIO: Utility computing can ease big data pain

    Posted On: Sep 5, 2013

    Adopting cloud or utility computing models can ease the pain for organisations analysing large amounts unstructured and structured data to gain insights that improve their competitiveness.

  • TechCrunch: Amazon’s Relational Database Service Adds High-Memory Instance With 244GB Memory

    Posted On: Sep 4, 2013

    Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS), which gives developers access to MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database engines, added a new instance type for applications that need a lot of memory.

  • Information Week: Amazon Opens Command Line Interface To 23 Services

    Posted On: Sep 4, 2013

    Amazon is providing a command line interface (CLI) for the first time. In one sense, it's a throwback to an outdated means of interacting with systems; it's also the only way to interact with 23 Amazon services through one interface.

  • Washington Post: Amazon Web Services formally opens Herndon office

    Posted On: Sep 1, 2013

    Amazon Web Services last week formally opened its Herndon office last week, in a move that Teresa Carlson, who heads the company’s worldwide public sector, said “demonstrate[s] commitment to the community.”

  • Talkin' Cloud: Amazon AWS Cloud Management: GovCloud Gets Easier for Admins

    Posted On: Aug 30, 2013

    Is Amazon Web Services (AWS) getting easier for government organizations to manage? Perhaps. The latest evidence: AWS CloudFormation, which offers templates for cloud provisioning, is now available for the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

  • Business Insider: Amazon Has Reached A Staggering Level Of Dominance When It Comes To Cloud Computing

    Posted On: Aug 27, 2013

    Amazon's cloud computing service, AWS, has more than five times the combined capacity of its next 14 rivals, according to a research report by Gartner, as cited in The Seattle Times' recent look at Amazon's efforts to win the contract for the CIA's cloud services.

  • T3n: Cloud services for startups: "Automation is a must" [Interview]

    Posted On: Aug 27, 2013

    Steffen Krause is a technology evangelist for Amazon Web Services. In this interview with t3n he talks about the opportunities offered by cloud services, AWS outages, and data protection fears concerning the use of cloud services like AWS.

  • NetworkWorld: Can anybody catch Amazon?

    Posted On: Aug 26, 2013

    It is quite a stretch for most cloud service providers to match the geographical reach of Amazon Web Services. It’s equally tough to roll out a portfolio of public cloud offerings at the same pace as Amazon.

  • The Guardian [UK]: How the cloud is driving business innovation: Q&A with Steve Midgley

    Posted On: Aug 23, 2013

    Steve Midgley, Amazon Web Services explains how businesses of all sizes are using the cloud to drive innovation.

  • ReadWrite: Gartner: AWS Now Five Times The Size Of Other Cloud Vendors Combined

    Posted On: Aug 21, 2013

    Amazon's AWS dominates cloud computing. That should surprise no one. What is perhaps surprising, however, is how dramatically it dominates. According to a new Gartner analysis, AWS offers five times the utilized compute capacity of the other 14 cloud providers in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Combined.

  • Computerworld [UK]: UCAS overcomes website woes with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

    Posted On: Aug 16, 2013

    UCAS made use of Amazon Web Service's (AWS) infrastructure-as-a-service offering and Microsoft's Azure platform this year to deliver the university admissions process, after it struggled to cope with the rush on previous A-level results days.

  • GigaOm: Amazon updates CloudFormation update processes

    Posted On: Aug 13, 2013

    Developers and systems administrators can already use Amazon Web Services’ template-driven CloudFormation service to create and manage groups of associated cloud services that make up their applications. Now two updates will further automate that process, according to a post on the AWS web site.

  • Data Center Knowledge: Amazon’s Customer Win Trinity: Startup, Enterprise, Big Data

    Posted On: Aug 13, 2013

    There’s been a flurry of cloud news in the past few months, including industry continued price cuts, heated debates around APIs, IBM buying SoftLayer, or upcoming cloud exchanges. Through it all, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to lead the pack, with staggering growth.

  • Amazon revamps push notification service as cloud providers target mobile developers

    Posted On: Aug 13, 2013

    In the fiercely competitive world of IaaS cloud computing driven by a race to the bottom on prices, service providers are constantly looking for new services that can be outsourced from the enterprise to their cloud data centers. Hoping to ride the wave of mobile computing, cloud service providers’ latest target is mobile application development.

  • ComputerWeekly: The Battle for the Cloud

    Posted On: Aug 12, 2013

    Traditional mega-suppliers such as IBM, HP, Oracle and Dell have ruled the world of enterprise IT for several decades. But with pure cloud providers such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), Salesforce, Google and Windows Azure stealing ground from them, can these mega-suppliers convince enterprises with their private, public and hybrid cloud offerings?

  • Talkin' Cloud: AWS, Azure Top Forrester List of Commonly Used Platforms

    Posted On: Aug 8, 2013

    When it comes to the popularity and usage of cloud platforms in enterprise software development, Amazon Web Services is out ahead of the rest, but the lead isn't as far as AWS would probably like. In fact, hot on its heels is Microsoft Windows Azure, according to data recently released from Forrester Research.

  • CIO Korea: Interview with Werner Vogels AWS CTO: ‘The Distinction of Amazon Technology Innovation’

    Posted On: Aug 5, 2013

    Amazon successfully launched the internet bookstore business and then transformed itself into a comprehensive online shopping service that delivers all kinds of goods and services. In 2006, Amazon started cloud business that provides IT infrastructure service for developers and companies. Now, it has settled into our daily lives and is almost everywhere in businesses, people even coined the word “Amazonification”.

  • Times of India: Amazon enables faster content delivery for Indian customers

    Posted On: Jul 29, 2013

    BANGALORE: Indian users of Amazon Web Services (AWS), of which there are 8,000 today, can now deliver content to their customers significantly faster than before.

  • Amazon Web Services Launches New Edge Locations in India for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53

    Posted On: Jul 28, 2013

    The chief technology officer of Amazon.com has made a flying visit to New Zealand, but he was not here to talk about online shopping.

  • Investors Business Daily: Amazon.com Data Warehouse Fastest-Growing AWS Service

    Posted On: Jul 23, 2013

    Amazon.com is more than just the Web's largest online retailer.The company's cloud infrastructure services business, Amazon Web Services, leads its growing sector. And AWS is expanding to meet growing customer needs.

  • Reuters: Amazon vs IBM: Big Blue meets match in battle for the cloud

    Posted On: Jul 22, 2013

    The tech industry maxim that "no one ever got fired for buying IBM" is a testament to how Big Blue has been the gold standard in computing services for decades. But IBM faces an unlikely challenger in Amazon.com Inc , the e-commerce retail giant that is becoming a force in the booming business of cloud computing, even winning backing from America's top spy agency.

  • 451 Group - Amazon Web Services outlines operational strategy in EMEA

    Posted On: Jul 22, 2013

    Officially launched worldwide in 2006, Seattle-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) started operating in EMEA in 2007. While AWS does not publish geographic revenue figures, 451Research estimates that the company generates about $1.6bn globally, and this is growing as demand for cloud services in Europe increases.

  • Business Times: Cloud adoption in Asia set to rise: Amazon

    Posted On: Jul 22, 2013

    THE ability to move quickly to capture market opportunities, particularly in the face of increasing consumer choices and decreasing customer loyalty, is the top reason businesses in Asia are embracing the cloud, said Werner Vogels, vice-president and chief technology officer of Amazon.

  • Manila Times: Amazing Amazon

    Posted On: Jul 21, 2013

    SINGAPORE: In an effort to further expand its growing Internet business in this part of Asia, Amazon Web Services held its first AWS Summit in the island city-state on July 17 to 18 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

  • The Economist: Silver linings - Banks big and small are embracing cloud computing

    Posted On: Jul 20, 2013

    “I’VE only got one IT guy,” says Segun Akintemi, the chief executive of Renaissance Credit, a Nigerian moneylender that opened for business in October 2012 and signed up about 3,000 customers in its first six months. “Whenever I walk past his desk he is surfing the web.”

  • CIO Asia: A jolly good cloud strategy

    Posted On: Jul 19, 2013

    Love it or hate it, cloud is here to stay. And it might not be long till most organisations have to migrate (some of) their enterprise apps to the cloud. At the inaugural AWS (Amazon Web Services) Summit in Singapore yesterday, Amazon's CTO Dr Werner Vogels announced that the company now has hundreds of thousands of customers across 190 countries and from various industries. These customers were using more than 30 services — spanning compute, storage, database and application management — offered by AWS.

  • Bloomberg TV: How Businesses Are Benefiting From Cloud Computing

    Posted On: Jul 17, 2013

    Amazon CTO Werner Vogels discusses the benefits of cloud computing with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move Asia."

  • The Australian: Amazon stars in galaxy search

    Posted On: Jul 16, 2013

    SCIENTISTS and the astronomy community heralded a new chapter last week in their bid to detect the formation of the first stars and galaxies thanks to the Square Kilometre Array. In the background, Amazon Web Services has been quietly doing some heavy lifting as the building blocks for the world's most sensitive radio telescope come together.

  • Information Week: Cloud is Influencing a Tremendous Rise in Entrepreneurial Activities Across the World

    Posted On: Jun 17, 2013

    One of the most well-known and respected thought leaders in the cloud computing space, Dr Werner Vogels leads Amazon’s charge for driving the company’s technology vision in the capacity of a CTO.

  • TechCrunch: Amazon’s Relational Database Service Hits General Availability, Gets SLA With 99.95% Monthly Uptime Promise

    Posted On: Jun 6, 2013

    Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS) today officially hit general availability and now offers a Service Level Agreement with a 99.95% uptime promise for multi-availability zone deployments.

  • 3 News TV: Amazon tech boss promotes online storage

    Posted On: May 30, 2013

    The chief technology officer of Amazon.com has made a flying visit to New Zealand, but he was not here to talk about online shopping.

  • 451 Research: AWS says cost-optimization tool could provide $22m in annual savings for customers

    Posted On: May 24, 2013

    Amazon Web Services is offering cloud cost optimization as part of its Trusted Advisor service, currently available in beta to Business and Enterprise support customers.

  • CloudPro: AWS opens up on cloud price wars and innovation

    Posted On: May 24, 2013

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has welcomed the news that arch-rival Microsoft is to match the price of its cloud offerings, claiming the move could help speed up adoption of cloud technology.

  • The Washington Post: Amazon Web Services gets government approval for federal cloud

    Posted On: May 21, 2013

    Amazon announced Monday that its Amazon Web Services cloud can now be used for government business, having received a nod from the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program.

  • GigaOmPro: DynamoDB getting faster

    Posted On: May 20, 2013

    DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that stores data on solid-state disk drives and creates replicas in three different locations to improve availability.

  • InfoWorld: Amazon gives DynamoDB a performance boost

    Posted On: May 16, 2013

    Amazon Web Services is improving the performance of its DynamoDB database service with Parallel Scan, which gives users faster access to their tables.

  • ITProPortal: Amazon’s Glen Robinson on AWS, Cloud computing, the role of solution architects and data security

    Posted On: May 14, 2013

    ITProPortal interviewed Glen Robinson, Manager, Solutions Architecture at Amazon Web Services.

  • Les Echos: Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon.com: Create new opportunities with the Cloud!

    Posted On: May 13, 2013

    The last 12 months have marked a turning point for the cloud – it has gathered force as an incubator for innovation and a safe solution for businesses large and small.

  • Information Week: Amazon Expands Private Cloud-Like Options

    Posted On: May 10, 2013

    Amazon Web Services has expanded Direct Connect, its high-speed, private-line access to AWS data centers, to make it available from Seattle to its US-West and GovCloud regions, both located in Oregon.

  • Manager Magazin: Amazon has always been a technology company

    Posted On: May 10, 2013

    Although Amazon is best-known as a retail giant, the US corporation is also the quintessential IT company.

  • Forbes: Amazon Web Services Leading Cloud Infrastructure as a Service App Development

    Posted On: May 9, 2013

    Evangelizing development on any cloud computing or enterprise platform is challenging, costly and takes a unique skill set that can educate, persuade, sell and serve developers at the same time.

  • GigaOm: Amazon taps Germany for cloud and machine learning engineers

    Posted On: May 3, 2013

    Amazon has announced the launch of a new development center for cloud technologies in Germany, with locations in both Berlin and Dresden.

  • SiliconAngle: Flywheel Effect: AWS Continues Scorching Pace of Releases

    Posted On: Apr 30, 2013

    SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE is pretty thrilled to be covering the AWS Summit 2013 this year, considering the growing focus on the IaaS space.

  • The New York Times: Amazon’s Boom in Cloud Partners

    Posted On: Apr 29, 2013

    You can tell when a technology is really taking hold. In addition to picking up customers, it generates other businesses that require their own care and feeding.

  • ZDNET: Qantas Group checks into cloud for hotel bookings success

    Posted On: Apr 26, 2013

    Hooroo, an online accommodation booking company under the Qantas brand, and DiUS Computing talk about what they have achieved so far. The Qantas Group has seen tremendous success with its hotel bookings business after launching it in 2011, and cloud computing can take a lot of the credit for that.

  • The Straits Times: The sky's the limit for Amazon cloud venture

    Posted On: Apr 25, 2013

    Mr Shane Owenby, AWS managing director for Asia-Pacific, said the AWS division was first set up as an internal resource to speed up development by sharing resources on the Internet.

  • Sydney Morning Herald: 'Great IT talent' in Sydney: Amazon boss

    Posted On: Apr 25, 2013

    It appears to go against the outsourcing, offshoring trend, or maybe it's a result of it. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a division of Amazon.com and the darling of the cloud computing world, has chosen Sydney to locate a growing tech support team and expand services for clients in Australia and New Zealand.

  • IDG: Amazon looks to move security appliances to the cloud

    Posted On: Apr 24, 2013

    Moving intrusion detection and prevention systems to the cloud will help mitigate denial-of- service attacks, says Amazon CISO.

  • CRN: AWS sides with channel to fuel enterprise growth

    Posted On: Apr 24, 2013

    IaaS market's 800-pound gorilla will increasingly look to resellers as it scales outside its core SMB market. Amazon Web Services (AWS) will use the channel – rather than direct sales – as the engine of its growth in the enterprise market.

  • V3: Amazon: cloud computing driving business innovation

    Posted On: Apr 23, 2013

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making the case for its cloud platform as a driver of business innovation, saying that as the cost of using its infrastructure falls, so does any risk associated with a new venture.

  • ComputerWorldUK: News International uses Amazon's DynamoDB to improve paywall content control

    Posted On: Apr 23, 2013

    News International has used Amazon Web Service’s DynamoDB to gain greater control over access to content across its paywalled publications, as the publisher group uses cloud systems to modernise its multimedia business.

  • Tech Target: Startups omit in-house IT with Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Apr 23, 2013

    The Amazon Web Services cloud suite is still most popular in small businesses and startups, but a number of major corporations have begun to use AWS for parts of their infrastructure.

  • Channel Insider: Amazon Seeks to Elevate the Channel

    Posted On: Apr 22, 2013

    Amazon isn't just out to transform the way IT applications and services are delivered; the company plans to fundamentally change the way the channel operates.

  • TechCrunch: Amazon’s S3 Now Stores 2 Trillion Objects, Up From 1 Trillion Last June, Regularly Peaks at Over 1.1M Requests Per Second

    Posted On: Apr 18, 2013

    At the AWS Summit in New York today, Amazon announced that its S3 storage service now holds more than 2 trillion objects.

  • Les Echos: Werner Vogels (Amazon): “The cloud puts entrepreneurs and big companies at the same level”

    Posted On: Apr 10, 2013

    According to a few observers, cloud computing really started when Amazon, the famous e-commerce player, launched its on-demand IT infrastructure service via the Internet.

  • Die Welt: The cloud that is changing our lives

    Posted On: Apr 8, 2013

    Bookseller Amazon has risen virtually unnoticed to become the world's largest provider of computing capacity.

  • SearchStorage: Advantage in competition with big data

    Posted On: Mar 26, 2013

    In an interview with SearchStorage.de Steffen Krause of Amazon Web Services spoke about Big Data in SMEs.

  • CloudPro: What is AWS?

    Posted On: Mar 18, 2013

    Anyone researching the cloud arena will quickly find Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the top.

  • Valor Economico: Amazon Web Services grows in Brazil

    Posted On: Mar 13, 2013

    North-American Terry Wise was in a good mood, even after more than 24 hours of flight time between Seattle, on the West Coast of the United States, to São Paulo.

  • Economic Times: Indian companies are more tech savvy than their peers: Amazon CTO

    Posted On: Mar 8, 2013

    As chief technology officer of the $61-billion Amazon.com, 54-year-old Werner Vogels is responsible for driving technology services at the online retail company.

  • Business Insider: And The Fastest-Growing Company In Enterprise Sales Is … Amazon!?!

    Posted On: Mar 6, 2013

    We recently noticed that Amazon was hiring an unusually large number of salespeople for Amazon Web Services, its enterprise arm that rents computing power over the Internet to other businesses.

  • Computer World UK: VFX studio opts for Amazon cloud to create scenes for Oscar-nominated film

    Posted On: Feb 13, 2013

    Atomic Fiction is leading the way for Hollywood visual effects (VFX) studios that are looking to cut costs on production, whilst maintaining a high level of artistic quality, by rendering images in Amazon’s EC2 cloud.

    Computerworld UK spoke to Kevin Bailie, CEO and co-founder of Atomic Fiction, and Alex Schworer, the company’s lead developer, who recently worked with director Robert Zemeckis on the VFX for his Oscar nominated film, Flight.

  • Network World: Cycle Computing spins up 10,600 instances in Amazon's cloud

    Posted On: Feb 7, 2013

    That's an estimated $44 million worth of compute power for the low, low price of $4,360

    Network World - High performance cloud computing company Cycle Computing is no stranger to spinning up massive clusters of servers in Amazon's public cloud, but this week the company says it recently ran one of its largest jobs ever, one that used 10,598 multi-core instances.

  • La Jolla Light: Amazon Cloud helps advance molecular research

    Posted On: Feb 6, 2013

    Understanding the interaction of proteins and enzymes is key to discovering and advancing treatments for diseases. Unfortunately, conventional light microscopes cannot clearly show objects as small as single molecules and electron microscopy cannot be effectively used with living cells.

    A mathematically based technique called Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) helps solve this problem, but it takes hours and often days to crunch all the numbers required to produce one usable image.

  • ZDNet: Amazon lowers AWS pricing again; M3 instances roll out globally

    Posted On: Feb 1, 2013

    In making Amazon Web Service (AWS) more powerful and less expensive, the retailed turned cloud giant said in a blog post this morning that it has lowered the on-demand pricing for EC2 instances by on average 10-20 percent.

  • CRN: Amazon Web Services Picks The Top Tech Startups

    Posted On: Jan 31, 2013

    AWS Global Start-Up Challenge

    Amazon Web Services' Global Start-Up Challenge, with more than 2,500 submissions from 85 countries, is one of the hottest contests on the planet for young tech companies seeking recognition.

    This week, AWS announced winners of the sixth annual event in the categories of Big Data and High Performance Computing, Business Applications, Consumer Applications and Gaming.

  • ZDNet: Amazon points EC2 at video transcoding

    Posted On: Jan 29, 2013

    Amazon Web Services on Tuesday announced a video transcoding service Elastic Transcoder, which adds an interesting service layer to its cloud infrastructure and pits it against a few of its own customers.

    AWS might have customers that sell transcoding services on EC2, but that did not stop it from launching a service that not only rivals its customers, but significantly undercuts their pricing.

  • InformationWeek: Amazon Startup Contest Winners Strut Stuff

    Posted On: Jan 28, 2013

    The setting was Dogpatch WineWorks in San Francisco, a site where customers produce their own barrels of wine. But a different kind of ferment gripped the venue Jan. 24 as 120 developers, bloggers and analysts gathered there to see which mobile application producers Amazon Web Services selected as winners of this year's Global Startup Challenge.

  • ZDNet: AWS adds EC2 instance for in-memory analytics

    Posted On: Jan 22, 2013

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a new service for its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) suited to memory intensive analytics.

  • CloudPro: How Kempinski Hotels used cloud to improve staff efficiency

    Posted On: Jan 22, 2013

    By opting for cloud, Kempinski Hotels freed up its IT staff to drive efficiency from applications rather than running the infrastructure

    Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel management group, has a portfolio of more than 70 five-star properties in more than 30 countries. Like many hotel groups with such an extensive network and reach, its IT department is always looking to standardise across its properties and implement and develop effective systems that save costs, maximise staff productivity, and deliver high-quality service.

  • GigaOm: AWS beefs up cloud for super-fast data processing

    Posted On: Jan 22, 2013

    Latching onto the trend toward in-memory storage for real-time computing, Amazon Web Services has added a new type of virtual server. The new option — the 10th such available on the EC2 offering — is called the High-Memory Cluster Instance and includes 88 EC2 Compute Units of compute capacity (running on two Intel Xeon E5-2670 processors, two 120 GB solid-state drives of instance storage and 244 GB of RAM.

  • Computer World UK: National Rail to put website on AWS's cloud

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2013

    National Rail has revealed that it has selected Amazon Web Services' public cloud as a hosting environment for its primary website – nationalrail.co.uk. The website is a popular service for rail travellers in the UK, which provides a rail journey planning service, live train information and detailed information about the rail industry, including service disruption and station facilities information.

  • Dr. Dobbs: Software Development in the Obama Campaign

    Posted On: Jan 15, 2013

    The presidential reelection campaign for Obama broke new ground in 2012 by developing almost all of its software in-house. Previously, presidential campaigns had relied primarily on outside vendors for their software and operations. However, the president's team felt it needed to have faster access to the data it was generating and better control over how the campaign was run. It also wanted to write completely custom software for its volunteers in the field. So, about 18 months before the election, it started assembling a group of programmers to develop software for nearly every part of its operations: website, mailing list management, donations processing, canvassing, and field worker support. I recently had the opportunity to attend a panel of some of the campaign's lead developers and speak with them one on one.

  • InformationWeek: Obama's Developer Brain Trust: Inside The Big Battle

    Posted On: Jan 15, 2013

    Five tech leaders of the Obama for America team recently spoke about their efforts to re-elect the President. They described a culture clash, not unlike that often found inside businesses, between a free-wheeling group of nerds and their goal-oriented and buttoned-down masters determined to win an election.

    Both sides appeared satisfied with the results, but it took some jockeying and jostling with each other before they got to the win.

  • Computer Weekly: News International presses ahead on the cloud with AWS

    Posted On: Jan 11, 2013

    Adopting public cloud services almost two years ago has helped News International to save money on hardware expenditure and improve scalability, as well as enter into a lot of new digital channels such as iOS and Android markets quickly, thereby gaining a commercial advantage.

  • Dow Jones: Nasdaq Looks to Grow Cloud Business, in Diversification Effort

    Posted On: Jan 11, 2013

    An explosion in the amount of data generated and stored by financial firms has Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. (NDAQ) looking to the clouds.

    The exchange operator teamed up with Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) last year to start offering computer storage and processing power that customers can rent over a network, rather than buying their own servers. The push is one of many ways Nasdaq has sought to diversify from processing U.S. stock trades, a business that continues to shrink. But industry executives and analysts have cautioned the financial-services industry is a long way from fully embracing the cloud.

  • Talking Points Memo: How Amazon Teamed Up With Twitter On Its Human Search Army

    Posted On: Jan 10, 2013

    Twitter earlier this week revealed a surprising fact: It uses Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, an online labor marketplace where companies can farm out low-paying, low-skilled jobs to willing workers, to find the answers to Twitter search queries.

  • Silicon India: The Cloud Advocate

    Posted On: Jan 8, 2013

    Founded in 2006, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an Amazon.com company (NASDAQ:AMZN), provides IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services, now commonly known as cloud computing. Having enabled traditional organizations like Shell, New York Times and several others to move towards cloud AWS is one of the biggest and most widely used cloud computing platforms.

  • Mail on Sunday: 'We can access all the capacity we need affordably': How the sky is the limit for small firms turning to cloud computing

    Posted On: Jan 6, 2013

    Cloud computing has been the new buzzword for some time, with promises that it can help business owners revolutionise what they do and compete with their far larger rivals in ways not previously possible.

    The cloud enables individuals and businesses to access services over the internet without the need for them to invest in expensive equipment.

  • GCN: The tech behind NASA's Martian chronicles

    Posted On: Jan 4, 2013

    Mars. The red planet. Similar to Earth in many ways, it may be the only planet within the solar system capable of sustaining life. Sitting 154 million miles away from Earth (on the day Curiosity landed), countless books, movies and TV shows have starred the planet, and little green Martians have become a wacky staple of American culture. Suffice it to say, humans have often dreamt of their celestial neighbor and longed to explore its surface. But it doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

  • GCN: Appian Cloud app gets FISMA moderate security alert

    Posted On: Jan 2, 2013

    The General Services Administration has granted moderate-level security certification to a business process management application built on Appian Cloud that the agency is using for acquisition planning, making it easier for other federal agencies to use Appian cloud-based software. Appian Cloud, which runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud platform, has received Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Moderate Authorization and Accreditation.

  • The Banker: Banks Continue to Reach for the Clouds

    Posted On: Jan 2, 2013

    Every e-mail that is sent, every tweet that is posted and every Facebook update that is published creates data that gets logged and backed up – somewhere. This ‘somewhere’ is 'the cloud'. With the continuous growth of digital social networks, this data cloud is expanding – creating both a buzz and opportunities for banks but also fears about data storage and maintenance.

  • Technology Banker: Amazon Web Services: Cloud Computing Pioneer

    Posted On: Jan 1, 2013

    Cloud computing is currently the technology craze. 'In the cloud' is now a common phrase among techies and even those who probably don't know what it means. The big question is, should the financial industry wholeheartedly embrace cloud computing? Or should it continue to accept it with great reservation? Technology Banker speaks to Glen Robinson, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services, the very first ever company that launched cloud computing service in 2006.

  • Times of India: Cloud's a super-cheap supercomputer

    Posted On: Dec 17, 2012

    Werner Vogels is the CTO at Amazon, which has a major R&D centre in Bangalore that works on both its online shopping platform and its pioneering cloud computing platform. On a recent visit to Bangalore, Vogels told TOI that the company had lowered its cloud computing rates 20 times since its inception, thanks to greater efficiencies and higher customer volumes . "When we switched on the light in this room today, we did not think how much it would cost. Imagine IT becoming like that. You will see so much innovation if cost is not a barrier," said the man who is seen as one of those who helped make cloud computing a reality.

  • TechCrunch: ThisLife Launches Beautiful Online Photo Storage And Sharing Service, Uses Amazon Glacier To Keep Prices Very Low

    Posted On: Dec 3, 2012

    ThisLife announced the launch of its online photo storage, management, and sharing service at Amazon re: Invent last week. The service, which raised $2.75 million from an impressive group of investors in June, is obviously not the first company to try to solve online photo storage, organization, and sharing, but it’s definitely one of the slickest ones I’ve seen in a long time. It’s also one of the first startups to use Amazon’s new Glacier data-archiving service in production, something that helps the company keep its prices down.

  • TechCrunch: The Philosophy Behind Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Strategy

    Posted On: Dec 2, 2012

    On stage at AWS re:Invent last week, CTO Werner Vogels discussed Amazon Web Services’ cloud philosophy, increasingly driven by a belief in building architecture that is cost-aware and designed to optimize economies of scale so it can do volume transactions at thin margins.

  • The Times of Israel: Amazon CTO: Israel has some excellent start-ups

    Posted On: Dec 2, 2012

    Chief Technology Officer of Amazon likes what local companies are doing with the popular AWS services.

    With the biggest cloud services on the planet, Amazon’s reach extends to nearly every part of the globe. Among the services Amazon offers its customers are free seminars that show users the best way to take advantage of AWS, Amazon Web Services. Although Israel is a relatively small market for AWS, it’s a very important one — important enough that a recent AWS seminar was attended by Dr. Werner Vogels, chief technology officer and vice president of Amazon.com.

  • GigaOm: Why Amazon Thinks Big Data Was Made for the Cloud

    Posted On: Nov 30, 2012

    For Amazon Web Services Chief Data Scientist Matt Wood, the day isn’t filled performing data alchemy on behalf of his employer; he’s entertaining its customers. Wood helps AWS users build big data architectures that use the company’s cloud computing resources, and then take what he learns about those users’ needs and turn them into products — such as the Data Pipeline Service and Redshift data warehouse AWS announced this week

  • WIRED: Amazon Woos Geeks With Amazing Cloud Tech - And $5 Gift Cards

    Posted On: Nov 30, 2012

    Pearl Jam did not perform at Amazon’s cloud developer conference. They played at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco last month, but here in Las Vegas, at Amazon’s first-ever worldwide developer shindig, there was no band. There was laser tag.

  • Bloomberg TV: Amazon's $1.6B Cloud Business: Put the Web to Work

    Posted On: Nov 29, 2012

    Cory Johnson reports on Amazon's cloud business. He speaks with Nicole Lapin on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

  • Business Review Weekly: RedBalloon Pops into the Cloud

    Posted On: Nov 29, 2012

    The Sydney-based rewards company is saving 40 per cent in its data costs since it moved to remote computer servers offering flexible capacity.

  • GigaOm: Amazon’s Vogels on 21st-century apps and “IT life events”

    Posted On: Nov 29, 2012

    Maybe big businesses really do understand cloud computing after all. When I sat down with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference on Wednesday, we began the discussion by talking about applications designed to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer in terms of control, resiliency and programmability — what Vogels calls 21st-century architectures. It’s great in theory but, I asked, “Who’s actually building these apps?”

  • Network World: Amazon launches cloud database with analytics tools, lowers S3 pricing

    Posted On: Nov 28, 2012

    At its first user conference, called AWS re: Invent, Amazon Web Services today launched its newest cloud-based service, called Redshift. Meant to be a petabyte-scale data warehouse, AWS officials say Redshift allows businesses to drop their data warehousing costs by 10 times compared to on-premise systems.

  • Wall Street Journal: Amazon Woos CIOs at First-Ever Customer Conference

    Posted On: Nov 28, 2012

    Amazon tried to woo business customers at its first-ever customer conference, Tuesday, in Las Vegas.

  • Le Monde Informatique: Windows Server 2012 arrives on the Amazon cloud

    Posted On: Nov 21, 2012

    [Direct Translation] Enterprises can now run Windows Server 2012 in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services. They can take advantage of the enhanced management features using PowerShell, the new versions of IIS and. NET framework.

  • ZDNet: Amazon Web Services puts roots down under

    Posted On: Nov 12, 2012

    Amazon has launched cloud services out of infrastructure in Australia as part of its global datacentre expansion, giving local customers an opportunity to make their applications more responsive by putting them closer to local users.

  • The New York Times: The Obama Campaign’s Technology Is a Force Multiplier

    Posted On: Nov 8, 2012

    Technology doesn’t win political campaigns, but it certainly is a weapon — a force multiplier, in military terms.

    Both sides in the presidential contest mined click-stream data as never before to target messages to potential voters. But a real edge for the Obama campaign was in its use of online and mobile technology to support its much-praised ground game, finding potential supporters and urging them to vote, either in person or by phone, according to two senior members of the Obama technology team, Michael Slaby, chief integration and innovation officer for the Obama campaign, and Harper Reed, chief technology officer for the Obama campaign.

  • Network World: Amazon drops cloud prices, again

    Posted On: Nov 1, 2012

    Amazon Web Services, fresh off an outage that brought down big-name sites such as Reddit and Imgur, today announced an 18% price reduction for its virtual machines, the 21st time the leading infrastructure as a service (IaaS) vendor has dropped prices since launching its cloud in 2006.

  • ZDNet: SAP's Sikka on HANA: it's about a platform for developers

    Posted On: Oct 17, 2012

    Vishal Sikka, executive board member SAP delivered a SAP TechEd keynote unlike any other I have seen from a geek who sits near the top of the C-suite pile. Unlike previous years when he would dive quickly into the bits and bytes, Sikka was on a HANA selling mission to the assembled crowd of coders.

  • International Business Times: Amazon Says 300 Government Agencies Using Its Web Services

    Posted On: Oct 10, 2012

    Amazon.com Inc. the No. 1 e-retailer, said more than 300 government agencies and 1,500 educational institutions are using its Amazon Web Services for cloud computing.

  • ComputerWeekly: Lamborghini slashes web costs with Amazon Web Services

    Posted On: Oct 8, 2012

    Supercar maker Automobili Lamborghini has migrated its legacy servers onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), halving the running cost.

  • InformationWeek: 5 Ways Amazon Web Services Protects Cloud Data

    Posted On: Oct 3, 2012

    As one of the industry's largest providers of cloud infrastructures, Amazon Web Services hosts data and Web sites for thousands of companies, from small businesses to leading brands like Netflix--not to mention the e-commerce operations for Amazon.com. With such a client base, security and availability are top priorities for AWS.

  • Financial Times: Amazon cloud seeks to revamp corporate IT

    Posted On: Sep 25, 2012

    One hundred and fifty years ago, most businesses in the US and Europe that used electricity generated it themselves. “And that was very natural,” says Andrew Jassy, one of Amazon’s senior executives. But once electricity grids emerged, the lower costs from their economies of scale meant that generation on premise no longer made sense, he explains.

    Companies’ access to what is now a basic need was transformed – and Mr Jassy, as head of Amazon’s fast-growing cloud computing business, is helping to mastermind a comparable transition.

  • CNBC: NASDAQ and Amazon head to the cloud

    Posted On: Sep 25, 2012

  • Financial Times: Nasdaq markets space in Amazon's cloud

    Posted On: Sep 25, 2012

    Nasdaq OMX is offering Wall Street brokers a chance to store key regulatory data on Amazon’s “cloud” computers, marking the ecommerce conglomerate’s boldest incursion into the financial services sector. The move taps into the desire of banks and brokers to cut costs in the face of thinner trading volumes and new regulations. Some have settled on outsourcing expensive back-office technology infrastructure as one solution.

  • E-Commerce Times: Amazon's Bigger, Faster, Better Superhighway to the Cloud

    Posted On: Sep 20, 2012

    Last month I wrote an article for the E-Commerce Times called "Amazon Spreads its Wings." In it, I talked about the many ventures that Amazon has embarked on, including its rewriting of the rules of publishing and retail sales.

  • GigaOm: For the sixth year Amazon courts startups with $100,000 challenge

    Posted On: Sep 14, 2012

    Amazon Web Services and startups have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly, and Amazon wants it to stay that way. Toward that end the cloud services giant launched its sixth annual AWS Global Start-Up Challenge on Friday.

  • Fast Company: Amazon Launches Cloud Marketplace

    Posted On: Sep 12, 2012

    Amazon has quietly created a marketplace for customers to resell AWS cloud server time--earning Amazon a hefty commission in the process.

  • Forrester Blog: May Your Best Laid Plans Not Go To Waste Any Longer - Selling AWS Reserved Capacity is a Killer Innovation

    Posted On: Sep 12, 2012

    From the company that brought shelf space retail thinking and pork belly economics to the world of Internet hosting, comes yet another mechanism from another market putting them even further ahead of the competition. Amazon Web Services' new Reserved Instance Marketplace takes the pain of poor guesswork out of cloud capacity planning. The financial side of cloud computing is continuing to get further and further from corporate enterprise IT economics and this is a change you definitely should embrace.

  • TechCrunch: The Future of Amazon: Ambitious, Diverse, And Expansive

    Posted On: Sep 9, 2012

    In less than 20 years, the feats accomplished by Seattle’s Amazon are simply astounding and, curiously, often taken for granted.

  • Financial Times: Cloud Opens Up New Horizons

    Posted On: Sep 4, 2012

    Cloud computing, virtualisation and the associated trend towards software as a service (SaaS) has been called the next wave of corporate computing. Already the impact is being felt from the desktop to the data centre.

  • The New York Times: Active in Cloud, Amazon Reshapes Computing

    Posted On: Aug 27, 2012

    Within a few years, Amazon.com’s creative destruction of both traditional book publishing and retailing may be footnotes to the company’s larger and more secretive goal: giving anyone on the planet access to an almost unimaginable amount of computing power.

  • Fast Company: Innovation From Outer Space! Exploring NASA's Mars Effect

    Posted On: Aug 23, 2012

    When the Curiosity rover successfully landed on Mars, it was the culmination of years of fevered NASA planning. Curiosity was NASA's first large-scale public space exploration mission since the Space Shuttle program ended, and the SUV-sized rover's dramatic landing made headlines around the world. NASA, however, isn't a one-stop shop. Getting Curiosity to Mars and sending pictures back to earth required extensive collaboration with hundreds of private firms. The extensive R&D programs required to get the Curiosity rover going spurred technical development around the world, creating benefits that will return to the consumer goods market.

  • PC Magazine: Amazon Launches Glacier Cloud Storage Service

    Posted On: Aug 21, 2012

    Amazon Web Services this week launched a low-cost storage service that is optimized for data archiving and backup.

  • Government Technology: GIS and Cloud: A Match Made in Heaven?

    Posted On: Aug 14, 2012

    Arguably one of local government’s most important functions is maintaining and updating map layers and other GIS data and applications used for zoning, property assessment, emergency response and other vital functions. Increasingly that information is being stored in the cloud, especially as the technology has matured.

  • ZDNet: Cloud in action, in a cool way: NASA uses Amazon to stream Mars video

    Posted On: Aug 9, 2012

    NASA has been renting cloud power to stream video of Curiosity's adventures on Mars, as reported by Amazon Web Services.

  • Los Angeles Times: NASA uses Amazon's cloud computing in Mars landing mission

    Posted On: Aug 9, 2012

    Although it boasts having "Earth's biggest selection," Amazon.com's reach has stretched to Mars.

  • Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Supercomputers for Rent

    Posted On: Jul 26, 2012

    About 15 years ago, supercomputers were thought of as rare and exotic creatures. Government laboratories in the U.S. and Japan spent hundreds of millions of dollars on custom computing rigs and specialized facilities to house them in a bid to tackle the world’s toughest problems. When a new supercomputer came to life for the first time, the research center would hold a press conference, inviting onlookers to witness its calculating prowess.

  • Computer Weekly: Businesses make 70% savings on applications hosted on Amazon

    Posted On: Jul 25, 2012

    An IDC study has found that businesses using Amazon's cloud services over the past five years have made considerable savings.

  • GigaOm: Amazon launches high-performance SSD instances

    Posted On: Jul 19, 2012

    A new type of compute instance just added to Amazon’s EC2 menu targets high I/O jobs, including NoSQL database applications. The new “High I/O Quadruple Extra Large” instances store and retrieve lots of data very fast — a characteristic required by interactive web and mobile applications in which real-time response to user clicks and gestures is key.

  • eWeek: Amazon Web Services Does Developers Right

    Posted On: Jul 17, 2012

    With its first-ever AWS re:Invent conference coming up in November, Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants the world to know it is focused on the developer.

  • BBC Online: How the cloud helps firms cope with ups and downs of IT

    Posted On: Jul 3, 2012

    Imagine running a business where most of your customers arrive during two weeks of the year. Millions of them turn up demanding a high-quality service, with different features from the previous year.

  • Washington Post: Amazon spreads its Web in Washington

    Posted On: Jun 18, 2012

    When federal officials rolled out a new initiative to make cloud — or Web-based — computing a priority for all federal agencies, every information technology contractor felt the ground shift.

  • VentureBeat: Cloud competition is go: Amazon Web Services lowers support prices

    Posted On: Jun 14, 2012

    Amazon Web Services has lowered its premium tier prices for cloud infrastructure support and expanded its level of free support for all AWS users, the company announced today.

  • CRN: Amazon Simple Storage Service Hits One Trillion Stored Objects

    Posted On: Jun 12, 2012

    The rapid growth of Amazon (NSDQ:AMZN) Simple Storage Service continues, with the AS3 saying Tuesday that the number of stored objects in the service has reached one trillion.

  • ZDNet UK: Amazon Web Services: Rise of the utility cloud

    Posted On: Jun 6, 2012

    Amazon launched its cloud in 2006 and since then it has come to dominate the industry. Its APIs are a de facto standard, almost any popular start-up you care to name has used its services, and enterprises are piling into its low-cost infrastructure-as-a-service technology for anything from basic storage to advanced data analytics. With its scale, it is gaining a lead over its competitors that may be hard for them to surmount.

  • Fortune: What will happen to Amazon's massive cloud business?

    Posted On: May 22, 2012

    The Seattle tech giant's AWS has midwifed some of the world's most popular startups. That could put it on a collision course with Amazon's mainline business.

  • Wired: Amazon Again Targets Windows Developers

    Posted On: May 9, 2012

    Amazon is broadening the appeal of its cloud services, again targeting Windows developers - this time with the launch of Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for SQL Server, as well as .NET support for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

  • Scientific American: World Repository of Human Genetics Will Move to Amazon's Cloud

    Posted On: Apr 2, 2012

    The U.S. National Institutes of Health announced Friday This link will launch a new browser window or tab. (March 30) that it'll be hosting data from its 1,000 Genomes Project for free on Amazon's cloud service. The 1,000 Genomes Project is the world's largest database of human genetics This link will launch a new browser window or tab.. It was created to act as a "reference population," including people of different ethnicities around the world, and it captures all the major ways in which humankind varies genetically. Now that they are hosted on Amazon's servers, the data in 1000 Genomes will be easier and cheaper for scientists to obtain and analyze.

  • The Wall Street Journal: The United States of Big Data

    Posted On: Mar 29, 2012

    Even the U.S. government is getting in on so-called big data.

    Today, the Obama administration said it would make $200 million in new research and development investments to glean insights from large and complex collections of digital data. The government said it also would try to expand the number of workers who are able to sift through huge piles of digital data to find scientific or business insights.

  • New York Times: Amazon Web Services’ Big Free Genetic Database

    Posted On: Mar 29, 2012

    Amazon’s cloud computing unit, Amazon Web Services, will store for public use the entire contents of the National Institutes of Health’s 1000 Genomes Project, a survey of genetic information from 1,700 individuals that is some 200 terabytes in size. Anyone can access the information for free, and there is no requirement to share any research results.

  • IEEE Spectrum: World's Largest Dataset on Human Genetic Variation Goes Public

    Posted On: Mar 29, 2012

    The entire contents of the National Institutes of Health's 1000 Genomes Project—all 200-terabytes of it—will be made freely available to the public, the agency announced today. The project is touted as the world's largest set of data on human genetic variation. Amazon's cloud computing unit, Amazon Web Services, will store the database This link will launch a new browser window or tab..

  • The Australian: Think Education goes for smarter strategy with cloud computing

    Posted On: Mar 27, 2012

    WHILE many businesses take a gradual approach to the adoption of cloud computing, one Australian company has used it to re-design its entire IT infrastructure. Private education group Think Education has shifted about 70 per cent of its systems on to a cloud platform in a move the company says has reduced IT capital expenditure by more than two-thirds. The company has eight colleges across Australia providing education services for more than 8000 students. Courses range from business and communications to hospitality and design.

  • Financial Times: Amazon’s cloud goes to Mars

    Posted On: Mar 23, 2012

    Amazon’s cloud computing service is being used to operate Nasa robots on the surface of Mars, Netflix’s This link will launch a new browser window or tab. video streaming service and the Guardian’s dating website, as the retailer’s little-known IT business rapidly expands.

    The six-year old cloud business remains overshadowed by Amazon’s vast online store, but clients and analysts say the company’s various cloud-computing services are replacing a growing number of in-house IT functions and dominate the sector.

  • SIGNAL Connections: The Bottom Line: Cloud Computing Reigns

    Posted On: Mar 15, 2012

    Many people speak of cloud computing as if it’s been around for decades. In a way, it has. But today’s use of the phrase is more specific than simply a great big network in the sky. Understanding the cloud will determine whether it helps organizations realize the efficiencies and cost savings it promises or the opportunities that float on by.

    In its simplest form, cloud computing enables organizations to purchase computing power and data storage services from third-party providers who offer these products via the Internet. Rather than investing in their own data centers or servers, businesses and agencies can pay as they go, which allows them to expand—or contract—as needed.

    This business model offers several benefits; among the most attractive are lower upfront costs and increased agility. Organizations no longer have to predict how many servers they may need when their business grows. Yet, when an organization’s growth exceeds expectations, the server capacity it needs to succeed can be in place in minutes rather than weeks.

  • Australia Financial Review: Deputy Draws Workers Together via Smartphone

    Posted On: Mar 12, 2012

    With gadgets blurring the boundaries between personal and working lives, a Sydney-based start-up looks well placed to capitalise on the trend and is already gaining the attention of Silicon Valley.

    Deputy.com makes people management software that helps hotel chains, construction firms and other organisations with a decentralised workforce communicate more effectively with staff. It has only 80 customers and 4000 users, but hopes the popularity of smartphones and tablets will see its software in the pockets of workers across the country and eventually all over the world.

    Scaling up to meet future demand will not be a problem because the business is built entirely on the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

  • TechWorld: Amazon hails era of 'utility supercomputing'

    Posted On: Mar 8, 2012

    Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services is heralding the era of utility supercomputing, whereby massive computational resources and storage requirements can be accessed on demand.

    Speaking at the launch of Intel's Xeon E5 processor family in London this week, AWS technology evangelist in residence, Dr. Matt Wood, said that cloud computing was a utility service like electricity and gas, in that it allows consumers and businesses to pay for consumption of a service on demand.

    The cloud's capacity for storing and processing Big Data is only limited by the infrastructure it sits on, explained Wood. While the technology can act as “friction”, extending the time it takes to move from an idea to a result, more powerful processors are helping to reduce this lag time, opening up new opportunities for a whole range of industries.

  • Computerworld: Amazon Web Services enacts 'significant' price cut

    Posted On: Mar 6, 2012

    Amazon Web Services has cut its prices for the 19th time in six years in a bid to fend off competition from the likes of Microsoft Azure and Rackspace.

    "AWS works hard to lower our costs so that we can pass those savings back to our customers," the company said in a blog post late Monday. "We look to reduce hardware costs, improve operational efficiencies, lower power consumption and innovate in many other areas of our business so we can be more efficient."

  • ZDNet: Amazon reduces cloud prices across globe

    Posted On: Mar 6, 2012

    Amazon has reduced the prices of four of the core components of its Amazon Web Services cloud. The price cut, announced on Monday evening, marks the 19th price cut in Amazon Web Services's six years of existence and is designed to lower the costs of growing an AWS deployment. Prices have been reduced for elastic compute cloud (EC2) rentable instances; the relational database service (RDS); Hadoop-variant Elastic MapReduce; and ElastiCache.

  • The Economist: Taking the long view

    Posted On: Mar 3, 2012

    INSIDE a remote mountain in Texas, a gargantuan clock is being pieced together, capable of telling the time for the next 10,000 years. Once the clock is finished, people willing to make the difficult trek will be able to visit the vast chamber housing it, along with displays marking various anniversaries of its operation. On a website set up to track the progress of this “10,000-year clock”, Jeff Bezos, who has invested $42m of his own money in the project, describes this impressive feat of engineering as “an icon for long-term thinking”.

  • Silicon.fr: Amazon WS launches its service of Workflows

    Posted On: Feb 23, 2012

    Amazon Web Services keeps building its Cloud Computing offer and launches Amazon Simple Workflow Service for the management, coordination and automation of flows.

  • Government Computer News: Moving storage to the cloud? Don't forget about security

    Posted On: Feb 9, 2012

    Agencies should look for storage providers that support their security and privacy requirements as they move data into cloud infrastructures, an industry expert with Amazon Web Services advises. The duplication of data across multi-tenant environments will be a growing concern for agencies moving big storage to the cloud.

  • Wall Street Journal: Amazon.com Lures Businesses to the Cloud With Rate Cut

    Posted On: Feb 7, 2012

    Amazon.com Inc. lowered rates on computer storage it rents over the Internet, as the company applies its strategy of aggressive pricing to cloud computing.

    The Seattle-based company cut its price plans by more than 10% for the first 500 terabytes of data that customers store in Amazon’s Internet-based S3 service, which is used for hosting media, backing up files and storing data for businesses to analyze. A terabyte is double the amount of space on a typical laptop computer’s hard drive.

  • The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2012 (Forrester Research)

    Posted On: Feb 2, 2012

    “Forrester regards Hadoop as the nucleus of the next-generation EDW in the cloud. Hadoop implements the core features that are at the heart of most modern EDWs: cloud-facing architectures, MPP, in-database analytics, mixed workload management, and a hybrid storage layer. Essentially, application development and business process professionals should regard today’s Hadoop market as the reinvention of the EDW for the new age of cloud-centric business models that require rapid execution of advanced, embedded analytics against big data. In Forrester’s 15-criterial evaluation of enterprise Hadoop solution providers, Forrester found that in the Leaders category, Amazon Web Services lead the pack due to its proven, feature-rich Elastic MapReduce subscription service.”

  • New York Times: Amazon Aims Service at Cloud Novices

    Posted On: Jan 25, 2012

    Amazon just made life a little harder for old-line computer companies, by making a play for their data storage backup business.

    The bookseller’s Amazon Web Services company has announced a service that will enable businesses to move their data to Amazon’s data centers more easily than before. The AWS Storage Gateway, as it is called, is software that customers install into their own computers to connect securely with Amazon’s storage cloud, and securely send to AWS copies of corporate data to encrypted files.

  • eWeek: Amazon Web Services Launches DynamoDB, a New NoSQL Database Service

    Posted On: Jan 18, 2012

    Amazon Web Services has again delivered key technology to keep itself ahead of the cloud computing pack with a new high-performance, highly scalable NoSQL database service known as DynamoDB.

    AWS quietly keeps delivering new capabilities that help its customers out of jams and continue to confound its competitors. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides extremely fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability, said Adam Selipsky, vice president of marketing, sales, product management and support at AWS.

  • Forbes: How The Cloud Changes Businesses Big And Small

    Posted On: Jan 17, 2012

    Guest post written by Werner Vogels
    Werner Vogels is chief technology officer of Amazon Web Services.

    Cloud computing is disrupting the traditional way of doing business and the old way of thinking. As the cloud continues to level the playing field for businesses large and small, we are seeing fast adoption that has helped to unleash great ideas and innovations by organizations from start-ups to large outfits. There are a few trends that are driving change and solving real world problems in a different way.

  • Convergência Digital: Merck adopts cloud to provide information to physicians

    Posted On: Jan 10, 2012

    MSD, the result of the merger between Merck Sharp & Dohme with Schering-Plough, has launched a collaborative cloud-based: the MSD InteracTV, video-sharing platform aimed at doctors who have a relationship with the company.

    Paulo Amaral, head of the area of multi-channel marketing at Merck, said that, after the merger, the company felt the need to establish dialogue with its various audiences, including physicians. "We did a survey and found that most doctors prefer to receive information on video," he explains.

  • Utility Week: Cloud Nine

    Posted On: Jan 3, 2012

    Haven Power is taking advantage of the lower costs and increased flexibility of cloud computing, as Paul Armstrong explains.

    Cloud computing is a concept that many in the utility sector will not yet have experienced first hand. Cloud services were developed as a way to offer companies computing resources on a pay-as-you-go basis. It provides alternatives to onsite hardware because companies can get the computing resources they need on demand over the internet. This allows them to turn on computing power when they need it and turn it off when they don't, optimizing the cost model based on demand. Nor do they have to spend time on maintaining computer hardware. They can focus their resources on serving their customers and using technology to help their companies grow. Haven Power is one of the first energy companies to make use of the cloud.

  • Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Gartner Research)

    Posted On: Dec 8, 2011

    Gartner positions Amazon Web Services in the Leaders Quadrant of the new Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. Public cloud compute IaaS, in the context of this Magic Quadrant, is defined as "standardized, highly automated, massively multitenant offering, where compute resources, complemented by storage and network capabilities, are owned and hosted by a service provider and offered to the customer on demand.”

  • Market Overview: Public IaaS Clouds (Forrester Research)

    Posted On: Nov 7, 2011

    For many Infrastructure & Operations professionals, developing a cloud strategy is a top priority for 2011 and 2012. After strategically selecting certain workloads fit for public IaaS, it’s time for selecting your vendor. In this report, Forrester identifies ten key categories of differentiating capabilities for public IaaS clouds. According to Forrester, “Since the debut of IaaS, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has dominated the market with technically advanced solutions and an expansive third-party ecosystem.”

  • Zend Offers Developers a Smarter Way to Develop and Run Web Apps in the Cloud

    Posted On: Oct 28, 2011

    Article Excerpt: At ZendCon 2011 in Santa Clara, CALIF – Zend Technologies announced phpcloud.com. For millions of developers looking to develop for the cloud, phpcloud.com will provide a uniquely productive developer experience and a robust application platform provided by Zend, the PHP Company, on the proven cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Ars Technica: $1,279-per-hour, 30,000-core cluster built on Amazon EC2 cloud

    Posted On: Sep 20, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Amazon EC2 and other cloud services are expanding the market for high-performance computing. Without access to a national lab or a supercomputer in your own data center, cloud computing lets businesses spin up temporary clusters at will and stop paying for them as soon as the computing needs are met.

    A vendor called Cycle Computing is on a mission to demonstrate the potential of Amazon’s cloud by building increasingly large clusters on the Elastic Compute Cloud. Even with Amazon, building a cluster takes some work, but Cycle combines several technologies to ease the process and recently used them to create a 30,000-core cluster running CentOS Linux.

  • Government Computer News: Amazon unveils cloud tailored for government agencies

    Posted On: Aug 17, 2011

    Article Excerpt: "AWS GovCloud is physically and logically accessible by U.S. citizens only, so government agencies can now manage more heavily regulated data in a secure environment while remaining compliant with strict federal requirements, the officials said."

    "GovCloud offers the same high level of security as other AWS cloud services, including the Federal Information Security Management security controls, Federal Information Processing 140-2 compliant endpoints, SAS-70, International Standards Organization 27001, and Payment Card Data Security Standard Level 1. AWS also provides an environment that enables agencies to comply with Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act regulations."

  • CNET: Amazon releases secure cloud for government

    Posted On: Aug 16, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced AWS GovCloud, a new AWS Region designed to allow U.S. government agencies and contractors to move more sensitive workloads into the cloud by addressing their specific regulatory and compliance requirements.

    Amazon's move reflects the ongoing adoption of public cloud services by government entities, including the U.S. Treasury's Recovery Accountability and Transparency board, which hosts Recovery.gov and Treasury.gov on AWS, as well as NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which processes telemetry data and high-resolution images on an array of EC2 cluster compute instances.

  • InformationWeek: Amazon Launches Cloud Services For Government

    Posted On: Aug 16, 2011

    Article Excerpt: AWS GovCloud will meet a host of strict regulatory requirements specific to government and include services such as Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, Elastic Block Store, and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

    According to Amazon, the new offering, Amazon Web Services GovCloud, will meet a host of strict regulatory requirements specific to government. It's designed to meet moderate security control levels under the Federal Information Security Management Act and to meet FIPS 140-2, a federal cryptography standard.

  • ZDNet: Amazon intros AWS GovCloud for U.S. government agencies, contractors

    Posted On: Aug 16, 2011

    Article Excerpt:

    As the United States government proceeds to shutter 800 data centers and move further into the cloud, a new solution from Amazon could help fill some gaps.

    Amazon’s senior vice president of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy introduced the AWS GovCloud at the NASA IT Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon. The solution is specially designed for U.S. government agencies and contractors for uploading and moving sensitive data to the cloud.

    Teresa Carlson, vice president of Amazon Web Services’ global public sector, said in a statement that over 100 government agencies are already taking advantage of AWS. Thus, it’s no surprise that Amazon is trying to beat its cloud competitors to the punch with a customized option as government agencies make major strides towards cloud adoption.
  • Inc.: How You Can Use Amazon's Mechanical Turk for Business

    Posted On: Jul 15, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Think back to the last time you had a task for which you would've loved to have had an army of workers. Perhaps you had to sort through thousands of articles looking for something specific, or you had to transcribe hours of audio recordings, or you had to check for duplicate records in a database of thousands of entries. Or perhaps you saw an opportunity in the market that would have required you to mobilize hundreds of people to help you in a short amount of time.

    Until now, you've had three choices: hire temporary workers, which can be messy and inefficient, overburden your staff or, worse, let the opportunity slip away.

    That's why Mechanical Turk, the web service from Amazon.com, one of the most trusted brands online, is so interesting to business owners. Mechanical Turk is an online marketplace for temporary workers. Using your Amazon account, you can hire workers to complete tasks that a computer can't do efficiently.

  • BusinessWeek: The Cloud: Battle of the Tech Titans

    Posted On: Mar 4, 2011

    Article Excerpt: "AWS makes it possible for anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card to access the same kind of world-class computing systems that Amazon uses to run its $34 billion-a-year retail operation. "This will be a very high-volume, relatively low-margin business," Jassy says.”

    “AWS is growing like crazy. Although he won't cite exact numbers, Jassy claims "hundreds of thousands of customers" already use the service, and analysts at UBS (UBS) estimate Amazon will do about $750 million of business on AWS this year. In fact, a whole generation of Internet companies couldn't exist without it. Netflix's (NFLX) movie-streaming empire runs on it; Zynga, the social gaming company, uses it to handle sudden spikes in usage. AWS has become such a fact of life for Silicon Valley startups that venture capitalists actually hand out Amazon gift cards to entrepreneurs. Keeping up with the demand requires frantic expansion: Each day, Jassy's operation adds enough computing muscle to power one whole Amazon.com circa 2000, when it was a $2.8 billion business.”

  • Wall Street Journal: Battle for Cloud Services Heats Up

    Posted On: Feb 15, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Given the amount of noise surrounding cloud computing it's easy to forget just how new the concept is. Amazon.com began offering services in 2006 and since then, according to technology consultant 451 Group, it has "almost single-handedly moved cloud computing to the center of the IT innovation agenda.

    William Fellows, principal analyst of the 451 Group, says: "In terms of market share Amazon is Coke and there isn't yet a Pepsi."

    The type of cloud model pioneered by Amazon has become known as "infrastructure as a service." It describes a procedure whereby a customer rents rather than buys the raw hardware for computer processing and data storage, along with the Internet bandwidth to deliver it. The customer, not the provider, is responsible for the operating system and software to run on it.

  • PC World: How Amazon's New Bulk E-mail Service Works

    Posted On: Jan 26, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Amazon has launched Simple Email Service (SES), a new component of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform designed to help businesses send bulk e-mails. No, not spam. They aren't too keen on the "S" word over at Amazon and, in fact, many safeguards are in place to prevent abuse.

    Being a huge online business, Amazon's no stranger to sending bulk e-mails, and this appears to have inspired SES. Indeed, it's in Amazon's interest to prevent the system from being abused because that could lead to blockage of its own e-mails, not just those of its customers.

  • Business Insider: What Amazon's New Simple Email Service Really Means To The Email Industry

    Posted On: Jan 26, 2011

    Article Excerpt: A bit of background: most know Amazon as the world's biggest online store, but years of running one of the largest websites ever has allowed them to create massive, scalable infrastructure that is available for anyone to use. Services like S3 (Simple Storage Service) and EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) power a ton of websites.

    Simple Email Service works pretty much the same way as the rest of the Amazon infrastructure: use a simple API, pay only for what you use (in this case, how much email you send), grow as you scale. And like most of the rest of the Amazon services, the rates are really, really cheap: only ten cents per thousand emails sent. That's maybe 20% the cost of similar existing services.

  • PC World: Amazon's Beanstalk Aims to Make Web Services Easier to Use

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2011

    Article Excerpt: AWS Elastic Beanstalk is now available for use by Java developers. To get started, a developer uploads a Java application to Elastic Beanstalk, which automatically handles the deployment details like provisioning compute capacity, load balancing between servers, autoscaling up and down, and monitoring the health of the application.

    Once a customer uploads the Java app, it will be up and running online in a matter of minutes, [said Adam Selipsky, vice president of Amazon Web Services]. “If they so choose, they never have to worry again about the underlying infrastructure that is making that app live to the world.”

    However, Beanstalk also allows users to fine-tune the underlying services, helping to set AWS apart from some other offerings on the market, Selipsky said. “A lot of the platform-as-a-service offerings reduce the amount of programming you have to do but they make choices for you and force you to live with all the decisions predetermined by the vendor,” he said.

  • GigaOm: Meet Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon’s PaaS Play

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Amazon Web Services, which popularized cloud computing with its Elastic Compute Cloud and Simple Storage Service, has moved up the stack from infrastructure to providing Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, its Platform-as-a-Service play. However, Amazon is layering its PaaS offering on top of its other services in a way that’s easily reversed, which means developers can take the easy way out of developing on Beanstalk, or they can peel back the platform to manually provision and tweak their underlying VMs if they want.

    Amazon’s next move will be expanding beyond Java, something it could do via partnerships with other providers or on its own. Brian White, a developer with AWS, said PHP and Ruby are high on Amazon’s list, but declined to specify how partnerships with other providers might look. When asked about competing with other PaaS providers who host their platforms on AWS infrastructure, Selipsky suggested that perhaps those might become partners for supporting other languages.

  • ZDNet: AWS introduces Beanstalk for developer-friendly cloud

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2011

    Article Excerpt: In addition, the tool automates load balancing and scaling once the application is live, Amazon Web Services (AWS) said on Wednesday. Offered free of charge, it is aimed at developers who have built an application, but do not want or have the resources to deal with standard day-to-day maintenance in the cloud.

    Elastic Beanstalk will heighten AWS’s competition with Google App Engine, Google’s cloud platform-as-a-service product. Google App Engine supports programs written in Python and Java and, like AWS with the Elastic Beanstalk addition, automates scaling and other maintenance tasks.

  • InformationWeek: Amazon EC2 Gains An Elastic Beanstalk

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Amazon Web Services Wednesday added a new service to its Elastic Compute Cloud—the Elastic Beanstalk. The service allows an application in EC2 to automatically scale up to meet demand without any human intervention.

    The service is a free add-on for Amazon customers. They merely check off Elastic Beanstalk as a desired service and it will be automatically applied to the designated application—provided the application is written in Java. In the future other languages are likely to be covered as well, with two candidates being PHP and Ruby, depending on demand, said Adam Selipsky, VP of cloud computing evangelism.

    At the same time, developers retain the right to override Elastic Beanstalk, go into the EC2’s control console and set a different-size instance as the basis for scaling their application. After a developer intervenes and interacts with the AutoScaling mechanism, Elastic Beanstalk takes over again and then applies that new instance size as the basis for its scale-up decisions. The change may occur with Beanstalk decommissioning the outmoded virtual machine, while commissioning the new ones.

  • The Washington Post: Treasury moves to the cloud

    Posted On: Jan 11, 2011

    Article Excerpt: The U.S. Department of the Treasury is moving four existing sites into the Amazon Web Services cloud and will work with the company to host a new agency Web site.

    A Tuesday report from Information Week said Treasury will be the first cabinet-level agency to use Amazon Web Services to host a Web site.

    The U.S. government is trying to move a lot of its information into cloud-based computing, and a recent policy initiative from U.S. Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra gave all federal agencies three months to pick three services to shift to Web-based computing.

  • InformationWeek: Treasury Sites Jump To Amazon Cloud

    Posted On: Jan 10, 2011

    Article Excerpt: The Department of Treasury has tapped Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing infrastructure to host a revamped Web site for the agency as well as migrate four existing sites to Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

    Federal agencies that have already embraced the cloud include NASA, which recently moved the daily activity-planning software for its Mars Rover to Amazon’s cloud, and the Army, which will use a cloud hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to consolidate its e-mail systems.

  • The Guardian: Charities move to the cloud

    Posted On: Jan 4, 2011

    Article Excerpt: Charities could save money and time by switching their IT operations to cloud computing, says Lasa’s ICT Champion. Like the Big Society, many charities will have heard of ‘the cloud’ or ‘cloud computing’ but may not realise it’s a money-saving and time-saving opportunity.

    Flexibility: Using services such as Amazon’s EC2 or The Charity Cloud means you can buy computing power as you need it. Comic Relief moved its IT systems to the cloud after recognising that for 95% of the year it uses only 5% of its capacity.

    The cloud can offer a whole suite of tools such as event management, accounting software, file storage and graphics, and many are free or inexpensive.

  • InfoWorld: VM Import could be a game changer for hybrid clouds

    Posted On: Jan 3, 2011

    Article Excerpt: The ability to replicate VMs between private data centers and public clouds could make the hybrid cloud a reality. Amazon Web Services’ new VM Import feature could be a game changer for hybrid cloud deployments. The product allows IT departments to move virtual machine images from their internal data centers to the cloud, as needed. Many applications can benefit from this neat little trick. The low-hanging fruit is disaster recovery, as well as any migration to the cloud required to bring more capacity online by allocating additional VMs.

    The process is pretty simple. “To import images, IT departments use Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) API tools to point to a virtual machine image in their existing environment. Next, they specify the amount of compute capacity they need and where they want to run the image in Amazon’s cloud platform. VM Import will then automatically transfer the image file, migrate the image, and create the instance in Amazon’s cloud,” says Amazon.com.

  • Forbes: In Corporate IT, The Cloud Changes Everything

    Posted On: Dec 22, 2010


    A few weeks back, I was on a panel of media pundits asked to make predictions about what might happen in the technology business in 2011. One prominent member of our group, seeking to stake out a bold, contrarian position, asserted that 2011 would be the year that “cloud computing” would be revealed to be a big nothing, an over-hyped concept that in the end is more about marketing than actual technology.

    He’s so, so wrong.

    For starters, the cloud is not quite as mystifying as you might think at first glance. All of the red-hot consumer Internet sites now dominating the conversation about the Web are built on a public cloud infrastructure. Facebook, Zynga, Twitter – they all rely on public clouds from Amazon.com (AMZN) and others to host their data. As Crosby notes, the public cloud is expanding at an astonishing rate: he says the cloud will quarduple in size over the next two years. The phenomenon is driven by a host of factors, not the least of which is the proliferation of of tablets and smart phones dependent on the cloud to store data. And as Crosby says, consumers have largely come to grips with the security and privacy trade-offs that come with the cool apps the cloud enables.

  • PC World: Prepare for an Explosion in Mobile Cloud Applications

    Posted On: Dec 14, 2010


    A substantial building block for the future success of the cloud was put in place yesterday as Amazon released Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. These will allow easy access to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

    If that sounds confusing, here’s the short version: Amazon has just made it a piece of cake for even modest programmers to make phone and tablet apps that can use its cloud services, such as Simple Storage Service (S3).

  • CIO: How to migrate enterprise applications to the Cloud - Part 1

    Posted On: Nov 12, 2010

    Most applications, data or IT assets within an organisation can be moved to the Cloud today with minimal effort. This 2-part series will help you build an enterprise application migration strategy for your organisation. The step by step, phase-driven approach, shared high-level insights on how to identify ideal projects for migration, build the necessary support within the organisation and help you migrate applications with confidence.

    This phase enables you to build a business case for moving to the Cloud. It includes examining the costs, security and compliance, and identifies the gaps between your current traditional architecture and next-generation Cloud architecture.

  • PC World: Amazon Adds SLA to Cloud-based Content Delivery Service

    Posted On: Nov 12, 2010

    CloudFront can be used to distribute website images, videos, media files or software downloads, from edge servers located in the U.S., Europe and Asia, according to Amazon. Users are automatically routed to the nearest edge location to improve performance, the company said.

    The SLA specifies that if the availability of a user’s content drops below 99.9 percent in any given month, it can apply for a credit equal to 10 percent of the monthly bill, according to a blog post. And if the availability drops below 99 percent, users can apply for a 25 percent discount.

  • ZDNet India: Multipart Uploads for Quicker Cloud Storage Launched By Amazon

    Posted On: Nov 12, 2010

    Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services evangelist, explains their new service – : “You can now break your larger objects into chunks and upload a number of chunks in parallel. If the upload of a chunk fails, you can simply restart it. You’ll be able to improve your overall upload speed by taking advantage of parallelism. In situations where your application is receiving (or generating) a stream of data of indeterminate length, you can initiate the upload before you have all of the data.”

    Amazon S3 presents the data as a single object when all parts of the object get uploaded. Also, if transmission of any part fails, users can re-transmit that part without affecting other parts.

  • ZDnet: Try out Amazon EC2

    Posted On: Oct 25, 2010

    “Amazon has come up with a very interesting proposition for those considering deploying a cloud-based solution that will be hard for small to medium size organizations as well as state and local governments to pass up – try it for free for a year. [...] this might be just the enticement that some need to try out cloud computing.”
  • BBC: Facebook, Amazon and Zynga bet on social web

    Posted On: Oct 25, 2010

    "Facebook, Amazon and Zynga will invest in a fund to help entrepreneurs develop applications and services for a new era of the social web." "There's going to be an opportunity over the next five years or so to pick any industry and rethink it in a social way," said Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. "We think that every industry is going to be fundamentally re-thought and designed around people."
    That was a view backed by KPCB partner John Doerr, best known for investing in Amazon, Google and Netscape. "These social networks are going to go from a half a billion people to billions of people connected on the planet and so represents an extraordinarily exciting time on the internet," he told BBC News. "Think of it as a quarter-billion-dollar party. The third great wave of the internet is mobile and social together. It's going to be tectonic."
    Amazon will help businesses get access to the company's web services platform for one year, as well as provide business and technical support.
  • InformationWeek: Amazon To Offer Free Cloud Services

    Posted On: Oct 25, 2010

    A "micro" Linux server in the Elastic Compute Cloud will be free for a year as an inducement for prospects to try their first cloud experience.
    Like an apartment building offering a month of free rent, Amazon Web Services is looking for EC2 tenants by offering a year of free use to those just getting started in the cloud.
    Beginning Nov. 1, new customers will be able to run one micro instance in the Elastic Compute Cloud for a year at no charge. The virtual server can be combined with free use of Amazon S3 permanent storage and EC2’s Elastic Block Store, which supplies disk space for running systems. Elastic Load Balancing and AWS data transfer will also be thrown in at no charge. AWS calls the package its “free usage tier.”
  • The Register: Makara layers DIY platform cloud atop EC2

    Posted On: Aug 26, 2010

    This spring, a startup called Makara came out of stealth mode with a beta of a product called Cloud Application Platform, which as the name suggests allowed companies to set up private platform clouds like Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, or Engine Yard internally on their own iron. Today, Makara is doing something that will perhaps be more interesting, which is layering atop Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure cloud to turn it into a platform cloud.

    Article Excerpt:
    Now that Amazon’s EC2 compute cloud can be brought to bear using the Cloud Application Platform, the set of monitoring and management tools that allow customers to manage their private clouds running atop Eucalyptus (KVM), Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (KVM), Red Hat KVM, and VMware vSphere hypervisors and cloud frameworks can now be used to manage EC2 images.

    In fact, says Isaac Roth, co-founder and chief executive officer at Makara, the whole point of the Cloud Application Platform is to make the differences between a public cloud and private cloud moot and to abstract both up one layer so companies just worry about the services their applications need to run – a Web server, a database, and so forth – and leave the Makara system at work to manage how the underlying infrastructure is scaled up and down.

  • Information Week: Amazon Tops Cloud Study

    Posted On: Aug 26, 2010

    Black Duck uncovered open source project information by analyzing its own KnowledgeBase of open source projects. The approach helped Black Duck identify cloud environments. Black Duck found Amazon to be the leading cloud environment followed, in order, by Microsoft’s Azure, Google Apps Engine and Force.com.

    Article Excerpt:
    “When we began the analysis we expected to find projects focused on security, privacy and management,” said Peter Vescuso, Black Duck’s executive vice president, in a statement.

    “The variety of projects that self-identify as ‘cloud’ is much broader in scope, reflecting the sophistication of the cloud application ecosystem and confirming the importance of OS cloud software developed to support the needs of enterprise IT,” said Vescuso.

    Black Duck noted that the private and public clouds collected in its searches includes such well-known projects as Hadoop, Eucalyptus, Hyperic, deltaCloud, Open Stack and OpenECP.

  • CNET: Amazon opens supercomputing service

    Posted On: Jul 13, 2010

    Article Excerpt:

    A new option for Amazon Web Services has arrived: the raw computing power of supercomputing clusters now widely used in research circles.

    The service, called Cluster Compute, is a variation of one of the earliest services Amazon offered, EC2, or Elastic Compute Cloud. Compared with the standard EC2, Cluster Compute offers more processing power and faster network connections among the cluster’s computing nodes for better communications, Amazon said Tuesday. The service retains the same general philosophy, though: customers pay as they go, with more usage incurring more fees.

    How fast is it? An 880-node cluster reached 41.82 teraflops, or floating-point operations per second, using the Linpack mathematical speed test. By contrast, the 145th-fastest machine on the most recent “Top500” list of the fastest supercomputers reached a sustained speed of 41.88 teraflops.

    The service is sold on the basis of much smaller nodes than what was used in Amazon’s test: a server with two quad-core Intel X5570 Nehalem Xeon processors. Each such instance costs $1.60 per hour to use. Alternatively, with a payment of $4,290 for one year or $6,590 for three years, the per-hour fee drops to 56 cents.

  • eWeek: Amazon Web Services Delivers High Performance Computing Solution

    Posted On: Jul 13, 2010

    Article Excerpt:

    “Businesses and researchers have long been utilizing Amazon EC2 to run highly parallel workloads ranging from genomics sequence analysis and automotive design to financial modeling,” said Peter De Santis, general manager of Amazon EC2, in a statement. “At the same time, these customers have told us that many of their largest, most complex workloads required additional network performance. Cluster Compute Instances provide network latency and bandwidth that previously could only be obtained with expensive, capital intensive, custom-built compute clusters. For perspective, in our last pre-production test run, we saw an 880 server sub-cluster achieve a network rate of 40.62 TFlops – we’re excited that Amazon EC2 customers now have access to this type of HPC performance with the low per-hour pricing, elasticity, and functionality they have come to expect from Amazon EC2.”

    Cluster Compute Instances complement other AWS offerings designed to make large-scale computing easier and more cost effective, Amazon officials said. For example, Public Data Sets on AWS provide a repository of useful public data sets that can be easily accessed from Amazon EC2, allowing fast, cost-effective data analysis by researchers and businesses, Amazon said in its press release. These large data sets are hosted on AWS at no charge to the community. Additionally, the Amazon Elastic MapReduce service enables low-friction, cost effective implementation of the Hadoop framework on Amazon EC2. Hadoop is a popular tool for analyzing very large data sets in a highly parallel environment, and Amazon EC2 provides the scale-out environment to run Hadoop clusters of all sizes.

  • GigaOm: Amazon’s Cloud Gets a Supercomputing Cluster

    Posted On: Jul 13, 2010

    Article Excerpt:

    Amazon today said it would now also offer high-performance computing (HPC) through Cluster Compute Instances, which use more powerful processors and clustered nodes to help get around some of the latency issues associated with distributed computing. HPC has long taken advantage of many nodes working in tandem, but has typically connected those processors using Infiniband or low-latency networks. However, as the need for HPC becomes more popular, and the next generation of faster supercomputers grows more difficult to build (GigaOM Pro sub req’d), the cloud may offer some hope.

    The rise of cloud computing owes a bit to HPC, but for the most part demanding workloads couldn’t take advantage of the cost benefits and flexibility associated with the cloud because of the latency within the cloud and the cost and time associated with moving terabytes of data back and forth from a lab to the cloud. Amazon has solved the data problem by using the postal service and also by acting as a free repository for some types of scientifically valuable information.

  • PCWorld: Amazon Introduces Cluster Computing for HPC Apps

    Posted On: Jul 13, 2010

    Article Excerpt:

    Amazon Web Services says its latest cluster computing service, which it announced Tuesday, can provide the same results as custom-built infrastructures for high-performance applications at organizations that don’t want to build their own.

    The service, called Cluster Compute Instances for Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing infrastructure, can deliver up to 10 times the network throughput of current instance types on its EC2 service depending on the usage pattern, the company said.

    Amazon has tested Cluster Computer Instances with the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The lab found their HPC applications ran 8.5 times faster than on previous Amazon EC2 instance types, according to an Amazon news release.

  • ZDNet: Amazon Web Services tackles high performance computing instances

    Posted On: Jul 12, 2010

    Article Excerpt:

    Amazon Web Services on Tuesday will launch compute clusters for high-performance computing applications like genomic research.

    The offering, dubbed Cluster Compute Instances for Amazon EC2, is designed for intensive computational workloads like parallel processes used by the likes of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for research.

    Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cluster computing move will either be an interesting showpiece for a limited market or end up democratizing supercomputing. In the meantime, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs was a early tester of AWS’ Cluster Compute Instances. AWS’ HPC service features pay-as-you-go pricing and the ability to scale up or down on demand. These cluster computer instances operate the same as Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.

  • The Guardian: High street stores turn to hosted services

    Posted On: Jun 21, 2010

    Why women’s clothes retailer, Anthropologie, has outsourced its e-commerce to a cloud computing provider.

    Article Excerpts:
    “We wanted to expand further and the most logical option was a partnership with Amazon,” says Hughes. “The partnership allowed us to focus on our core skill – retailing. Cloud computing offers us the ability to scale our operation quickly and economically as required in response to trading conditions.”

    Cult bohemian fashion store Anthropologie defied a global recession to open its first London store in October. And while the 11,000 sq ft space in Regent Street represented the brand’s first strategic move into the highly competitive European fashion market, the website anthropologie.eu had to make a similar impact online.

    Several major names do rely on the cloud for their e-commerce operations. US retail giant Target, which recorded more than 23.2m users in April this year, is one of the biggest corporate clients for Amazon’s Enterprise Services, which provides order fulfilment for the company, and it has been working with Target since 2002. In the UK, the e-commerce platforms of high-street favourites Mothercare and Marks & Spencer are also powered by Amazon.

  • BusinessWeekly: Boost to next generation human genetic research

    Posted On: Jun 21, 2010

    The 1000 Genomes Project, an international public-private consortium to build the most detailed map of human genetic variation to date, has completed three pilot projects and announced the deposition of the final resulting data in freely available public databases for use by the research community.

    Article Excerpt:
    Launched in 2008, the 1000 Genomes Project first conducted three pilot studies to test multiple strategies to produce a catalogue of genetic variants that are present in one per cent or greater frequency in the different populations chosen for study (European, African and East Asian). Disease researchers will use the catalogue, which is being developed over the next two years, to study the contribution of genetic variation to illness. In addition to distributing the results on the Project’s own web sites, the pilot data set is available via the Amazon Web services (AWS) computing cloud to enable anyone to access this unprecedentedly large data set, even if they do not have capacity to download it locally.

  • InformationWeek: Recovery.gov Moved To Amazon Cloud

    Posted On: May 13, 2010

    Article Excerpts:

    “The federal government has moved Recovery.gov, the Web site people can use to track spending under last year’s $787 million economic stimulus package, to Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platform, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board announced Thursday.

    The move marks a milestone for the Obama administration’s cloud computing initiative. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra said in a conference call with reporters it is the first government-wide system to move to a cloud computing infrastructure. It’s also the first federal government production system to run on Amazon EC2, Kundra said.

    Cloud computing has been one of Kundra’s top priorities since becoming federal CIO in March 2009. In next year’s IT budget requests, for example, federal agencies will have to discuss whether they’ve considered cloud computing as an alternative to investing in on-premises IT systems.”

  • ZDNet: Private Cloud Not Real Cloud Offering

    Posted On: Apr 29, 2010

    Article Excerpts:

    “The current private cloud model that requires companies to invest heavily in virtualization and maintaining their own data centers is not a “real cloud” model, according to an Amazon executive.

    Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services (AWS), argued that the current model of private clouds does not provide the capital expenditure (capex) savings and scalability of a true cloud offering. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

    “Companies usually are not able to provision accurately the amount of data center capacity that they require, and this problem recurs when they create their own internal cloud infrastructure,” said Jassy, who was in town Thursday for the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) Distinguished Infocomm Speaker Series. He noted that companies would still have to dedicate a proportion of their IT resources, such as software engineers, to maintain the data centers instead of freeing them up to create products that will differentiate their companies from the competition.

    This runs counter to the definition of cloud computing, which Jassy said constitutes five attributes: changing capex to variable operational costs; a pay-as-you-go payment model; allowing companies to have truly elastic, scalable data center capacity, fast product time-to-market; and reducing the focus on hardware management. These attributes are in accordance to Gartner’s definition of cloud computing, he said.”

  • The Australian: Cloud Demand Prompts Amazon To Go Local

    Posted On: Apr 29, 2010

    Article Excerpts:

    “SURGING demand for Amazon’s cloud services has forced the internet giant to open a regional office and data centre in Singapore to service the Asia Pacific region.”

    “Many local companies and developers already use its services in the US and Europe, including electronics design software provider Altium and graphics design house 99designs.com.”

    “Altium chief information officer Alan Perkins said the AWS facility in Singapore would allow the company to launch global services and fully take advantage of opportunities in China. He said there were cost-savings benefits to using the Amazon model. Switching all our customer-facing content delivery from Akamai to Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront has resulted in us paying less than one-quarter of what we used to for the same level of service,” Mr Perkins said.”

  • BusinessWeek: Amazon Looks to Widen Lead in Cloud Computing

    Posted On: Apr 28, 2010

    “With Microsoft and IBM now offering rival services, Amazon says its own efforts could one day surpass retailing revenues. To widen its lead in the cloud computing market, Amazon.com is working to make its Web services compelling to more customers as computing giants such as Microsoft (MSFT) and IBM (IBM) attack the same territory.”

    “On Apr. 28, Amazon (AMZN) announced the opening of a new data center in Singapore to give customers in Asia, India, and Australia speedier access to its Amazon Web Services business. That business lets companies buy from Amazon, on an hourly basis, computing power that’s delivered over the Internet. The Singapore data center will target Asian customers and Western companies that have many users in the region.”

    “Beyond small startups, Amazon counts larger organizations including Eli Lilly (LLY), Pfizer (PFE), NASA, Adobe Systems (ADBE), and Netflix (NFLX) as cloud computing customers. On Mar. 23, it released a software development kit so Java developers could more easily write applications that take advantage of its computing services. An Apr. 15 deal with NetSuite (N) lets customers of the online accounting software firm store their data on Amazon’s computers.”
  • NY Times: Companies Slowly Join Cloud-Computing

    Posted On: Apr 19, 2010

    “This year, Netflix made what looked like a peculiar choice: the DVD-by-mail company decided that over the next two years, it would move most of its Web technology — customer movie queues, search tools and the like — over to the computer servers of one of its chief rivals, Amazon.com.” “Amazon, like Netflix, wants to deliver movies to people’s homes over the Internet. But the online retailer, based in Seattle, has lately gained traction with a considerably more ambitious effort: the business of renting other companies the remote use of its technology infrastructure so they can run their computer operations. In the parlance of technophiles, they would operate “in the cloud.””

  • eWeek: Amazon Debunks Top 5 Myths of Cloud Computing

    Posted On: Apr 19, 2010

    “Despite being among the first to successfully and profitably implement cloud computing solutions, AWS officials said the company still has to constantly deal with questions about the reliability, security, cost, elasticity and other features of the cloud. In short, there are myths about cloud computing that persist despite increased industry adoption and thousands of successful cloud deployments. However, in an exclusive interview with eWEEK at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Adam Selipsky, vice president of AWS, set out to shoot down some of the myths of the cloud. Specifically, Selipsky debunked five cloud myths.”

  • Streaming Media Magazine: Amazon CloudFront Named Editors' Pick 2010

    Posted On: Apr 19, 2010

    Streaming Media Magazine has named Amazon CloudFront in their 2010 Editors’ Picks – an annual list of the most innovative, most important, and just plain coolest stuff in online video. “Amazon CloudFront: Debuting in November 2008, Amazon’s entry into the CDN market quickly became a major player…. As Dan Rayburn wrote on his Business of Video blog, “Amazon will be in the driver’s seat to own the market for small and medium sized content owners who need simple delivery at a great price.”

  • Computer Weekly: Cloud shrinks IT costs by 90%

    Posted On: Feb 9, 2010

    “Channel 4 pre-empted server busy signals by dialling up extra processing power from Amazon’s EC2 service on a hour-to-hour basis, Harris said.”

  • eWeek: AWS Toolkit for Eclipse is Named 2009 Enterprise IT Products of the Year

    Posted On: Dec 11, 2009

    “Amazon was defining the “cloud” before the term even existed, and it built its Amazon Web Services as a natural spinoff of its own infrastructure. During the past several years, Amazon has continued to refine its services, but programming for AWS hasn’t been easy—until the release of AWS Toolkit for Eclipse, that is.”

  • eWeek: Amazon Launches Relational Database for the Cloud

    Posted On: Oct 27, 2009

    “I found Amazon RDS to be a very efficient way to deploy MySQL, and a natural fit for cloud-based application deployment,” said David Tompkins, a senior computer scientist at Adobe Systems’ Advanced Technology Labs. “The instance is up and running in minutes, and very sensible defaults are baked in. The APIs provide streamlined administration, with an ability to programmatically automate administration functions — which is a key feature in cloud-based applications. Most importantly, Amazon RDS provides pain-free scalability – which is typically one of the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of database deployment.”

  • ComputerWorldUK: Amazon Web Services Is Addressing Enterprises' Top Issues

    Posted On: Aug 27, 2009

    James Staten, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research reports in this article. “Attention enterprises — Amazon Web Services, Inc. is serious about wanting your business. Over the past 6 months the cloud computing leader has made several enhancements to its services that specifically address the security concerns of enterprise infrastructure & operations (I&O) professionals as well as security & risk professionals.”

  • NPR: Mechanical Turk Interview

    Posted On: Jun 30, 2009

    Sharon Chiarella, Vice President of Amazon Mechanical Turk is interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR) and the interviewer looks at how employers and workers are both finding success on the Mechanical Turk marketplace.

  • Forbes: Interview with Andy Jassy, Sr. VP, AWS

    Posted On: Jun 29, 2009

    “Amazon’s Golden Cloud – A peek inside at the challenges and growth areas of Amazon’s outsourcing services.” An interview with Andrew R. Jassy, senior vice president, Amazon Web Services.

  • TechFlash: Interview with Sharon Chiarella of Mechanical Turk

    Posted On: Jun 26, 2009

    “Sharon Chiarella is vice president of Amazon Mechanical Turk, Amazon.com’s “online marketplace for work,” which connects people who want tasks done (for example, tagging web photos or doing small bits of research) with people willing to do them, often for pennies. She talked to TechFlash about the power of crowdsourcing, how it’s being used today, and why it shouldn’t be used to sell Girl Scout cookies.”

  • Silicon.com: Amazon spreading its wings in the cloud

    Posted On: May 5, 2009

    “Amazon’s cloud computing division has lifted the lid on some of the enhancements it has on the way. Andy Jassy, senior VP for Amazon Web Services and Amazon Payments, told silicon.com: “Really what we’re trying to do with Amazon Web Services is provide a set of building-block infrastructure services that other businesses can use to build sophisticated scalable applications. Amazon recently opened a datacentre in Ireland for businesses wanting to use the services but keep their data in Europe for compliance and latency purposes.”

  • WSJ: Free Rides for Students on Amazon’s Cloud

    Posted On: Apr 29, 2009

    “Amazon.com on Wednesday is launching a grant program that offers professors, researchers and students free access to its popular Web services – the storage and processing power that it usually rents on a per-use basis.”

  • Portfolio: The Future of Cloud Computing

    Posted On: Mar 9, 2009

    “Portfolio.com takes a peek inside today’s cutting-edge corporate IT and finds the beginning of a real revolution. Talk about remote control: When Eli Lilly’s Dave Powers needs to fire up a rack of servers so scientists can run an experiment modeling, say, a potential blockbuster drug, he pulls out his iPhone and taps the screen. When the job is done, he flicks his finger and the computers disappear. Literally. They’re located in the “cloud,” or to be more exact, at one of Amazon.com’s massive data centers. Lilly rents computational time from the virtual vendor, paying only for the firepower it needs at any given moment. When a job is done, the meter stops ticking.”

  • Wall Street Journal: Selling Expertise On the Internet For Extra Cash

    Posted On: Mar 4, 2009

    “As the recession deepens, a small but growing number of people are taking their skills online, doling out expertise or performing specified tasks for a fee. Labor-at-the-keyboard sites are gaining popularity as people increasingly turn to the Web in search of work. One site is Mechanical Turk (www.mturk.com), a Web service run by Amazon.com Inc., pays workers to perform tasks, such as cataloging products online.”

  • PCWorld: New IPhone Apps Let You Control Amazon Cloud Services

    Posted On: Feb 12, 2009

    “Amazon Web Services customers will soon have a pair of options for managing their systems from an Apple iPhone. Ylastic, which makes a browser-based management dashboard for EC2 and other AWS services, released a version for the iPhone and Google’s Android platform this week. The company is charging US$10 per user per month for the mobile application. Meanwhile, an EC2 management app for the iPhone is now in development at the Rochester, New York, application development firm Directthought. The company is hoping to have the application, directEC2, ready for sale on Apple’s App Store within a month, said senior software architect David Kavanagh”

  • IBM Apps Now Running on Amazon’s EC2 Cloud

    Posted On: Feb 12, 2009

    Data Center Knowledge: “IBM and Amazon Web Services have partnered to allow developers to use Amazon EC2 to build and run a range of IBM platform technologies, the companies announced today. The agreement with IBM, perhaps the company most identified with corporate IT, is the latest indicator of the growing traction for Amazon’s cloud computing platform among enterprise users. The old maxim that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM” underscores the significance of the partnership. At a time when many corporate IT departments are debating the merits of cloud computing, the IBM-Amazon partnership is a signal that IBM sees Amazon’s public cloud as enterprise ready.”

  • eWeek: Amazon SimpleDB a Solid Choice

    Posted On: Feb 5, 2009

    “Amazon in December released the beta version of SimpleDB, which is part of Amazon Web Services. Amazon SimpleDB offers businesses using cloud-based applications a place to store simple data. While not useful for all Web-based data storage, Amazon SimpleDB can work well in environments where users needs to quickly look up data.”

  • Inc.: Is Cloud Computing Right For Your Company?

    Posted On: Jan 17, 2009

    “Cloud computing offers more flexibility than the traditional setup. You could, for instance, rent 10 servers for when your website traffic peaks at 7 p.m. but scale back to just two for when traffic wanes at 2 a.m. This promise of more flexibility and lower costs has grabbed the attention of many business owners.” This article profiles two AWS customers: FlyMiwok and TC3 Health.

  • Cloud Computing Begins to Gain Traction on Wall Street

    Posted On: Jan 6, 2009

    Wall Street and Technology: “Nasdaq stores many terabytes of Nasdaq, NYSE and Amex data in Amazon’s storage cloud; according to Claude Courbois, associate VP, product development, Nasdaq adds 30 gigabytes to 80 gigabytes of data every day to the cloud, about 300,000 flat files each representing 10 minutes’ worth of trading activity on a stock.”

  • Amazon Offers Pay-Per-Use Service For Data Hosted on S3

    Posted On: Jan 5, 2009

    NetworkWorld: “Amazon adds new S3 twist: Make people pay to access your data. Amazon.com Inc. has rolled out a new option for its Simple Storage Service (S3) that lets data owners shift the cost of accessing their information to other people or entities.”

  • InformationWeek names Amazon CTO Werner Vogels Chief of the Year

    Posted On: Jan 5, 2009

    “If we’re on the cusp of the computer industry’s next major architecture, the one beyond client-server, Vogels has played a key role in getting us to this point. A former researcher in Cornell University’s computer science department, where he specialized in large-scale distributed systems, Vogels joined Amazon in 2004 to help the e-retailer design and scale its IT infrastructure to handle workloads many times Amazon’s own.”

    “Vogels’ name and face are often associated with Amazon’s cloud, but AWS isn’t a one-man show. Senior VP Andy Jassy conceived the business model five years ago and has had his hand at the wheel ever since. VP Charlie Bell is the lead technical manager of AWS. VP Adam Selipsky is the liaison to the 440,000 developers who have signed up so far. Vogels, Bell, and Selipsky report to Jassy, and Amazon balked at our suggestion that one of them could be singled out. But we did it anyway, selecting Vogels as InformationWeek’s Chief of the Year, our highest editorial honor.”

  • ZDNet: Migrating to Amazon Web Services: The Blueprint

    Posted On: Dec 18, 2008

    “Helpstream, a software as a service customer service and relationship management company, recently completed a migration to Amazon Web Services. Here’s a look at Helpstream’s blueprint, which took about six months to implement. In those six months, Helpstream moved its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services–primarily the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage System (S3). The migration is notable given that Helpstream has never talked to an Amazon person–everything is done online–and billing is handled via a corporate credit card (an interesting quirk of dealing with an e-tailer.”

  • CIO Magazine: Amazon's Cool Cloud Move: Adds Public Data Sets to EC2

    Posted On: Dec 10, 2008

    “Last week Amazon announced something very cool: the availability of public data sets hosted in its Elastic Block Store (EBS) service, part of its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) offering. These data sets are available for free, with only typical EC2 runtime charges applied for access and use of the data. The first set of data offerings are genome, chemistry, and economic statistics.”

  • eWeek: Amazon Beats Out Google as Best Cloud Provider

    Posted On: Nov 20, 2008

    “A survey by Appistry and CloudCamp shows that respondents chose Amazon.com and its Amazon Web Services over Google by a margin of nearly two to one as the company expected to have the largest impact on cloud computing. Security, reliability and scalability emerged as the top three challenges to greater adoption of cloud computing.”

  • Nick Carr: The new economics of computing

    Posted On: Nov 5, 2008

    “The history of computing has been a history of falling prices (and consequently expanding uses). But the arrival of cloud computing – which transforms computer processing, data storage, and software applications into utilities served up by central plants – marks a fundamental change in the economics of computing. It pushes down the price and expands the availability of computing in a way that effectively removes, or at least radically diminishes, capacity constraints on users.”

    “My favorite example, which is about a year old now, is both simple and revealing. In late 2007, the New York Times faced a challenge. Fortunately, a software programmer at the Times, Derek Gottfrid, had been playing around with Amazon Web Services for a number of months, and he realized that Amazon’s new computing utility, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), might offer a solution.”

  • CNET: Amazon's Linux cloud computing out of beta, joined by Windows

    Posted On: Oct 23, 2008

    “A central part of Amazon’s online computing foundation is growing up. “Amazon EC2 is now in full production,” Barr said in a blog post Thursday. And as promised, EC2 now offers Windows in a beta test, joining Sun Microsystems’ OpenSolaris and Solaris Express Community Edition. Along with those moves, EC2 now comes with a service level agreement, a formal commitment that the service will be available at least 99.95 percent of the time.”

  • GigaOm: Amazon Cuts Prices on S3

    Posted On: Oct 9, 2008

    “Amazon announced today that it will cut prices for its Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) offering on Nov. 1. The company is essentially offering people who use more storage significant volume discounts.”

    “What I was most amazed by was the sheer variety of companies that are using the S3 offering. For instance National Geographic’s topo.com uses S3 to sell maps, download updated trail and trip information and even create trip maps to share with their friends.”

  • Bezos and Vogels Among Top Driving Forces in Technology

    Posted On: Oct 8, 2008

    Silicon.com names Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and CTO Werner Vogels among the top technology agenda setters.

    Jeff Bezos, a perennial Agenda Setters who’s made the list eight times, launched Amazon.com in 1994 and has remained at its helm for nearly 15 years – an eternity in internet time. During his tenure he has created arguably the most successful online retail brand in the world. The panel noted the particular success of the Kindle electronic book reader, which launched in November 2007 and immediately sold out. Read more on Bezos.

    A newcomer to the Agenda Setters list, Werner Vogels is making waves in internet retailing as chief technology officer and VP of Amazon.com. Since joining the company in 2004 Vogels has been at the heart of Amazon’s transformation from a mere purveyor of goods to a platform for conducting business online. As one Agenda Setters panellist said: “[Vogels has been] pioneering the practical implementation of the revolution that is ‘the cloud’, demonstrating yet again that the consumer market place innovates well ahead of the staid and conservative enterprise market place. Read more on Vogels..

  • PCWorld: Amazon EC2 Plays Nice With Windows

    Posted On: Oct 1, 2008

    “Amazon is now privately beta testing the addition of Windows Server and SQL Server to EC2 but plans to roll out the options to all developers before the end of the year. In comments to the blog posting, several developers welcomed the news. “The sun is going to shine a little bit brighter tomorrow. This is fantastic news and big props to the AWS team and Microsoft for making this happen, wow,” wrote one identified as Richard Waldvogel.”

  • CIO Magazine: Oracle Database in Amazon's Cloud

    Posted On: Sep 22, 2008

    “Oracle is now offering its 11g database, Fusion Middleware and Enterprise Manager products through Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), the vendor announced Monday at the start of its OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Oracle will also let customers use existing software licenses on EC2 at no additional cost. Oracle also announced Secure Backup Cloud Module, a software package based on Oracle Secure Backup that allows customers to backup databases to Amazon Simple Storage Service.”

    “The announcements are “an important, game-changing move for both Oracle and Amazon,” Forrester Research analyst James Kobielus said via e-mail Monday.”

  • Amazon to Launch Content Delivery Service

    Posted On: Sep 18, 2008

    “Amazon is getting into the content delivery business to help organizations better deliver their content from the edge of the network. The new service will work with Amazon’s S3 data storage service and will be provided on a pay-as-you-go basis.”

    “Adam Selipsky, vice president of product management and developer relations for Amazon Web Services, said the new service will provide organizations with a high performance method of distributing content to end users, giving customers low latency and high data transfer rates when they access an organization’s objects.”

  • InformationWeek: Amazon EC2 Entices Innovative Use with Persistent Storage

    Posted On: Aug 21, 2008

    “Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) greatly expanded the use cases for its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) utility computing service Thursday by adding a persistent storage feature called Elastic Block Store or EBS, making EC2 more reliable and scalable to entice new customers and a broader range of applications.”

  • Monte Carlo Simulation on Amazon EC2

    Posted On: Aug 5, 2008

    “This blogpost presents the report on recently concluded scalability benchmark of Monte Carlo simulations running on Amazon EC2 using the GridGain framework. It consists of two parts: Part I is a technical report on the benchmark goals, method and results and Part II is an account of the development process and lessons learned.”

  • Pixily's Use of AWS

    Posted On: Jul 24, 2008

    “Pixily has economized by building the entire website atop Amazon.com’s Web services infrastructure, which allows a company to rent servers and storage space as needed. “That gives us the flexibility to add more servers based on our demand, as traffic increases, instead of paying for them at the outset,” says chief technology officer Vikram Kumar.”

  • NASDAQ's Use of Amazon S3

    Posted On: Jul 18, 2008

    “NASDAQ Market Replay provides a NASDAQ-validated replay and analysis of the activity in the stock market. The application is built using the Adobe Flex and AIR platform, and utilizes the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for persisting historical market data. The combination of S3 and AIR offers a powerful deployment model with little internal infrastructure required… Amazon S3 removes the need for a traditional middle-tier server, as the data is accessed in from the Amazon ‘cloud’.”

  • Wired Magazine: Cloud Computing, Available at Amazon.com Today

    Posted On: Apr 21, 2008

    “Utility computing is Web 2.0’s version of rocket fuel. “You don’t generate your own electricity,” Bezos says. “Why generate your own computing?” The forces driving online apps — Internet bandwidth and reliability — also mean that, in terms of data per dollar, servers in your closet or colocation facility can’t compete with industrial-scale bits piped in from hundreds, even thousands, of miles away.”

  • CIO Magazine: Cloud Computing: Tales from the Front

    Posted On: Mar 5, 2008

    “Goodbye big data centers, hello applications running in the cloud? Behind the hype around cloud computing, CIOs are figuring out when and how to use cloud options wisely.”

  • Forbes: The Death of Hardware

    Posted On: Feb 11, 2008

    “The next revolution in high tech is taking place inside the “cloud” of the Internet. Small outfits looking to do lots of computing in a hurry are not buying hardware anymore; they’re renting from established players that already operate vast networks of cheap computers. Time-sharing, a concept from the dawn of the computing age, is back with a vengeance.”

  • Forbes: Amazon's hot new item: its data center

    Posted On: Feb 2, 2008

    "The venture, which Amazon expects will grow into a significant business segment, could help keep the company strong if retailers get hit by an economic downturn. More broadly, Amazon Web Services, as the business is called, could improve chances for a new generation of Web startups by slashing how much they spend up front on costly infrastructure."

  • CNN: Amazon.com adds web services to its offerings

    Posted On: Feb 1, 2008

    “Critics thought it was over the top when Amazon.com Inc. expanded from books into music in 1998. When the Web retailer let competitors start selling things alongside its own inventory in 2000, they said Amazon had gone nuts. In both cases, Amazon proved them wrong. Media sales now total in the billions each quarter, and third-party merchandise, more profitable for Amazon than its own wares, makes up nearly a third of everything sold through the site.”

  • Small Firms Tap Amazon's Juice

    Posted On: Jan 15, 2008

    “When Internet start-up Renkoo Inc. created a program called Booze Mail in June, its chief technology officer, Joyce Park, didn’t want to set the program up on the company’s main computer infrastructure. Instead, she signed up for Amazon.com Inc. By doing so, Ms. Park joined a growing group of start-ups and entrepreneurs now turning to an unusual ally: Amazon.”

  • Dr. Dobbs: RedHat Announces On-Demand Amazon Compute Cloud

    Posted On: Nov 7, 2007

    “Red Hat has announced beta availability of its Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a Web service that provides resizeable compute capacity in the cloud. This collaboration makes all the capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including the Red Hat Network management service, technical support, and certified applications, available to customers on Amazon’s network infrastructure and datacenters.”

  • NYTimes: Amazon Offers Online Storage in Europe

    Posted On: Nov 6, 2007

    “Amazon.com has extended its data hosting service to the European Union, speeding up its service for customers there, and offering them the ability to comply with European data protection laws to boot.”

  • Wired: New From Amazon: Guaranteed Server Uptime

    Posted On: Oct 10, 2007

    “Not content with being the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon.com is getting serious about a relatively new line of business: renting out its servers to other internet companies. An announcement posted Tuesday to the Amazon Web Services Blog says the company is now backing its Simple Storage Service, which lets companies cheaply rent server space in whatever amount they need at a given time, with a service level agreement, or SLA, that guarantees 99.9 percent uptime.”

  • InformationWeek: Amazon Pushes Data Center-to-Rent Service

    Posted On: Aug 7, 2007

    “Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN).com, which hopes to build a huge business renting its massive storage and computing power, used LinuxWorld on Tuesday as a forum to push the idea of building application services on top of someone else’s Web infrastructure.”

  • InformationWeek: Amazon EC2 Lets Users Sell Software as a Service

    Posted On: Aug 1, 2007

    “With Amazon’s new Paid AMI Support, EC2 users can become a software or application service provider, selling access to their particular server configuration. So rather than selling, say, blogging software that users have to download to a home computer then upload to a Web server and install, a software developer might create and deploy a Paid AMI that builds some profit into Amazon EC2’s base price of 10 cents per instance-hour consumed, 10 cents per Gbyte of data in, and 18 cents per Gbyte out, plus Amazon S3 storage and request charges.”

  • ZDNet: Video: Is it time to throw away your servers?

    Posted On: Mar 22, 2007

    “Last November, I wrote a post with the title Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: Honey, I just shrunk the server hosting business. In that post, I did some simple math to show how a small business like the one I run with Doug Gold (Mass Events Labs, where we host two servers with a bigtime hosting service) can save some serious money if it can figure out how to move from a physical hosting service to an “elastic” one like Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).”

  • USAToday: Amazon's new direction: Point, click, make a product to sell to the world

    Posted On: Nov 21, 2006

    “A couple of weeks ago, at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Bezos unveiled his strategy and talked with me about it. In the near term, the whole thing seems pretty complicated and nerdy. Amazon will offer services with names such as Elastic Compute Cloud (renting out computing capacity), Simple Storage Service (renting data storage) and Mechanical Turk (I’m still not sure what that is!).”

  • Amazon: Utility computing power broker

    Posted On: Nov 16, 2006

    “The likes of hardware makers IBM, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard have preached the benefits of utility computing for years. During that time, Amazon has been quietly putting the idea into practice. Its Amazon Web Services business essentially opens up the online store’s computing guts to outsiders, giving software developers access to its retail services, such as fulfillment and commerce, as well as to computer processing and data storage.”

  • BusinessWeek: Jeff Bezos' Risky Bet

    Posted On: Nov 13, 2006

    “Bezos wants Amazon to run your business, at least the messy technical and logistical parts of it, using those same technologies and operations that power his $10 billion online store. In the process, Bezos aims to transform Amazon into a kind of 21st century digital utility.”

  • Washington Post: At Web 2.0 Summit, a Look at What's in Store (and Storage)

    Posted On: Nov 11, 2006

    “SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8—Jeffrey P. Bezos, chief executive of Amazon.com Inc., outlined his ambitious strategy for selling online storage and computing power before a crowd of entrepreneurs gathered here Wednesday for the Internet industry’s marquee conference and annual pep rally.”

  • News.com: Amazon Web Services will be 'meaningful business'

    Posted On: Nov 8, 2006

    “SAN FRANCISCO—Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos is convinced that the company’s nascent hosted computing service will yield dividends for the retail giant, with time. Bezos spoke at the Web 2.0 Summit on Wednesday where the publisher and conference host queried him on Amazon’s Web Services business.”

  • ZDNet: Amazon.com CEO talks Web Services

    Posted On: Nov 8, 2006

    “CNET News.com’s Martin LaMonica speaks with Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos about his company’s Web services business during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.”

  • Federal Computer Week: Amazon.mil? DISA is intrigued by Web services model for creating systems

    Posted On: Oct 30, 2006

    “In a recent test, the Defense Information Systems Agency compared the cost of developing a simple application called the Tech Early Bird on $30,000 worth of in-house servers and software with the costs of developing the same application using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud from Amazon.com’s Web Services.”

  • ComputerWorld: Amazon.com's rent-a-grid

    Posted On: Aug 30, 2006

    “Amazon.com is on a roll. In March, the company launched the Simple Storage Service (S3), a metered disk in the cloud that I praised here and discussed in more detail on my blog. So in July, when the Simple Queuing Service (SQS) emerged from beta, developers were so busy with S3 that they hardly noticed.”

  • Federal Times: Cloud advisory panel to advise Congress

    Posted On: Jan 16, 2014

    A group of IT companies and organizations have formed an advisory group to consult with Congress and agencies on cloud computing and other IT issues.

  • Computing (UK): Microsoft's Azure cloud offering "not as strong as Amazon Web Services"

    Posted On: Feb 5, 2014

    Just Eat's cloud infrastructure is hosted by Amazon Web Services rather than Microsoft's Windows Azure because the online takeaway service believed AWS to be a stronger offering.

  • TechTarget: AWS cloud data warehouse offers cheaper alternative to Oracle database

    Posted On: Jan 30, 2014

    An online ticketing service that manages tens of thousands of transactions daily took pressure off its Oracle production database and saved on software licensing when it deployed a cloud data warehouse.

  • ZDNet: Amazon Web Services marks 40th price drop since 2006

    Posted On: Jan 21, 2014

    From retail to the cloud, Amazon has a reputation for routinely slashing prices on big ticket items.