Amazon Web Services provides a number of NoSQL database alternatives for developers. You can run fully managed non-relational services, work with Amazon Solution providers, or you can operate your own non-relational data store in the cloud on Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS.

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides extremely fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. Amazon SimpleDB provides a non-relational service designed for smaller datasets. Running your own NoSQL databases on Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS gives you full control over your database without the burden of provisioning and installing hardware.

In addition, AWS has partnered with MongoDB Inc. and Couchbase, both of whom provide support and training for customers running their products on Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS.

Please visit our page on Running Databases at AWS if you are interested in learning about the full breadth of database options available on AWS.

For database applications that require very low latency and predictable performance at any scale but don’t need complex querying capabilities like joins or transactions, Amazon DynamoDB offers a fully-managed, high performance, non-relational database service that is easy to set up, operate, and scale. For more information, see the Amazon DynamoDB detail page.

For database implementations that have datasets that will remain under 10Gb in size, are not principally accessed by primary key, and do not require a relational model, Amazon SimpleDB eliminates the administrative overhead of running a highly-available production database, and is unbound by the strict requirements of a RDBMS. For more information refer to the Amazon SimpleDB detail page.

MongoDB Inc. develops and supports MongoDB, an open source, high performance document-oriented database. MongoDB Inc. delivers technical support, professional services, and training for commercial-grade deployments of MongoDB. Learn more about working with MongoDB Inc. and running MongoDB on AWS.

Couchbase develops and supports Couchbase Server, a high-performance distributed key-value store. Couchbase delivers support, services, and training for commercial-grade deployments of Couchbase Server on AWS. Learn more about working with Couchbase and running Couchbase Server on AWS.

Developers may download and install NoSQL databases of their choice on Amazon EC2. An Amazon EC2 instance can be used to run a database which means developers avoid the friction of infrastructure provisioning while gaining access to a variety of standard NoSQL database engines.

We recommend running non-relational databases on Amazon EC2 for customers who:

  • Wish to select from a wide variety of database engines
  • Want to exert complete administrative control over their database server
  • Have in-house expertise in managing and scaling their own distributed database clusters.