Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit millisecond latency at any scale. It is a fully managed database and supports both document and key-value data models. Its flexible data model and reliable performance make it a great fit for mobile, web, gaming, ad-tech, IoT, and many other applications.

DynamoDB Streams provides a time ordered sequence of item level changes in any DynamoDB table. The changes are de-duplicated and stored for 24 hours. This capability enables developers to extend the power of DynamoDB with cross-region replication, continuous analytics with Redshift integration, change notifications, and many others.  Learn more by reading our documentation.

Participation in the preview is by invitation only. Please register to be invited, you can also forward the registration link to your friends. Alternatively, you can try using DynamoDB Streams with DynamoDB Local today.

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Get started right away with DynamoDB Local, a free client-side version of DynamoDB that you can download and use on EC2, your desktop, or your on-premise infrastructure.

You can also download:

DynamoDB JSON demo*

DynamoDB Document SDK

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The AWS Mobile SDK for Unity is now available in Developer Preview. The AWS Mobile SDK for Unity makes it easier for you to take advantage of AWS services for your games built in Unity. The AWS Mobile SDK for Unity supports Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and Amazon Cognito, with more service support coming soon.  To learn more, visit the AWS Mobile SDK page.

To learn more about features and benefits, visit our product details page.

*Please note that the UI in the demo that you can download from this page may contain minor UI differences than the one shown in the demo video. The demonstration of DynamoDB’s native support for JSON documents is not changed.