"We use DynamoDB because it is super reliable and provides us with consistently low latency" said Valentino Volonghi, Chief Architect at AdRoll, which was named by Inc. Magazine as the fastest-growing advertising company in 2012. "Performance is deterministic and we can instantly and transparently provision more capacity when our traffic grows. DynamoDB frees our engineers from the need to manage the database themselves, and this has enabled us to expand into new regions without worrying about the stability of our database. DynamoDB has helped us scale very quickly and affordably."

Valentino Volonghi Chief Architect

"HasOffers tracks billions of desktop and mobile interactions for performance marketers. We depend on DynamoDB's high availability and predictable, lighting-fast performance to power our mission-critical tracking systems. DynamoDB has scaled effortlessly to match our company's explosive growth, doesn't burden our operations staff, and integrates beautifully with our other AWS assets"

Niek Sanders VP of Engineering, HasOffers

Dropcam runs video streaming and storage servers on Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, and uses Amazon DynamoDB to scale and maintain throughput. “DynamoDB grows with the number of cameras that are connected to the service,” says Nelson. “Throughput is very steady as cameras come online. Growth in the amount of writes scales linearly with the number of cameras.” Dropcam’s developers don’t have to write queries to horizontally partition databases, and report consistent and low latency with DynamoDB. “With our previous solution, it would take 5 to 10 seconds to load an event on a smart phone or on the web. By using DynamoDB, we reduced delivery time for video events to less than 50 milliseconds,” says Nelson.

Greg Nelson Vice President of Software Engineering

Using AWS, ScribbleLive can scale to support news websites and blogs in 14 languages worldwide and maintain high availability at peak capacity. ScribbleLive has taken advantage of the efficiencies of the AWS platform to increase the number of servers online significantly while decreasing operational costs by 35 percent.

Jonathan Keebler CTO and Co-founder

“Using Amazon DynamoDB solved the problem that we were having with linear scalability without resorting to designing and building systems ourselves to get desired throughput,” says Borate. “Amazon DynamoDB allows us to focus on application development rather than database maintenance.”

Milind Borate CTO and co-founder

"DynamoDB is a truly revolutionary product which allows SmugMug to finally realize its goal of being 100% cloud-based,” said Don MacAskill, CEO of SmugMug. “I love how DynamoDB enables us to provision our desired throughput, and achieve low latency and seamless scale, even with our constantly growing workloads. Even though we have years of experience with large, complex architectures, we are happy to be finally out of the business of managing it ourselves, and to be using DynamoDB to get even higher performance and stability than we can achieve on our own. Most importantly, DynamoDB allows SmugMug to spend even more time and energy on what really matters – our product and customer experience.”

Don MacAskill CEO


"When IMDb launches features to our over 110MM monthly unique users worldwide, we want to be prepared for rapid growth (1000x scale), and for customers to use our software in exciting and different ways," said H.B. Siegel, CTO, IMDb. "To ensure we could scale quickly, we migrated IMDb’s popular 10 star rating system to DynamoDB. We evaluated several technologies and chose DynamoDB because it is a high-performance database system that scales seamlessly and is fully managed. This saves us a ton of development time and allows us to focus our resources on building better products for our customers, while still feeling confident in our ability to handle growth."

H.B. Siegel CTO

"Elsevier is a $3 billion enterprise that provides science and health information to more than 30 million scientists, students and medical professionals worldwide. Each year we publish thousands of books, nearly 2,000 journals and more than 250,000 articles, which means our datasets are constantly and rapidly changing," said Darren Person, Chief Architect of Elsevier. "We are always evaluating new technologies that will enable us to handle our large, varying workloads. Operating a distributed data store on our own is orders of magnitude more complicated and expensive to manage than traditional databases. DynamoDB delivers a high-performance service that can be easily scaled up or down to meet our needs, helping us eliminate complexity and lower costs."

Darren Person Chief Architect


"DynamoDB has helped us to scale up our targeted ad serving platform from a few thousand impressions to more than one billion daily impressions” said Peter Bogunovich, Software Engineer at RightAction Inc – a real-time media-buying platform for media agencies, trading desks and advertisers. “Compared to similar products, DynamoDB provides an amazing feature set, including super low latencies, (literally) push-button scaling, automatic data persistence, and seamless integration with Redshift and other AWS services. The API is nice and simple, making it easy to get started, but the critical enabler for us is the fact that DynamoDB requires no server configuration or maintenance. If we used a different product we would have spent a lot of development time to reach parity with DynamoDB instead of developing our business. As a growing business it is great to have a product as reliable and scalable as DynamoDB."

Peter Bogunovich Software Engineer

"At Amazon Cloud Drive, we switched to Amazon DynamoDB to get fast access to metadata and other resources because it provides a high throughput, low latency database service that we could deploy easily," said Russell Dicker, Director of Cloud Drive at Amazon.com. "We were excited by how fast we were able to put DynamoDB into production and how much developer time we saved. In addition, DynamoDB lets us scale up and down easily by simply reserving increased throughput capacity when we need it and dialing it back when we don’t. As a result, we can easily match our costs to our usage, while saving considerably on system management and administration."

Russell Dicker Director of Cloud Drive


“DynamoDB solves our problem of distributing and storing high-volume writes in a straightforward and cost-effective way," said Rob Storrs, Head of Engineering at Formspring. "Our rapid growth meant that we were spending significant resources managing our own large-scale database systems. DynamoDB gives us low latency and easy scalability, which allows us to keep our costs low and our engineers focused on building what our customers want. It's another example of AWS listening to their customers and building services that solve real problems."

Rob Storrs Head of Engineering

"DynamoDB has been pivotal in our rapid growth and development, allowing us to effortlessly scale from our early days to over 10 million database hits per day. DynamoDB and AWS allowed us to concentrate on building a stellar product that our users want and never worry about scaling the data store. The combination of high throughput and consistently low latency is crucial to delivering messages rapidly in our couples communication app. We look forward to the future developments of DynamoDB and its surrounding AWS technologies.”

Michael Petrov CTO and Co-Founder Couple App (TenthBit Inc)