Amazon Kinesis uses simple pay as you go pricing. There is neither upfront cost nor minimum fees and you only pay for the resources you use. Amazon Kinesis's pricing is based on two dimensions: Shard Hour and PUT Payload Unit.

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Shard is the base throughput unit of an Amazon Kinesis stream. One shard provides a capacity of 1MB/sec data input and 2MB/sec data output. One shard can support up to 1000 records per second. You specify the number of shards needed within your stream based on your throughput requirements. You are charged for each shard at an hourly rate.

A record is the data that your data producer adds to your Amazon Kinesis stream. A PUT Payload Unit is counted in 25KB payload “chunks” that comprise a record. For example, a 5KB record contains one PUT Payload Unit, a 45KB record contains two PUT Payload Units, and a 1MB record contains 40 PUT Payload Units. PUT Payload Unit is charged with a per million PUT Payload Units rate.  

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* Getting records from Amazon Kinesis stream is free.

* Data transfer is free. AWS does not charge for data transfer from your data producers to Amazon Kinesis, or from Amazon Kinesis to your Amazon Kinesis Applications.

* Please note that Amazon Kinesis is NOT currently available in AWS Free Tier. AWS Free Tier is a program that offers free trial for a group of AWS services. For more details about AWS Free Tier, see AWS Free Tier.

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Let’s assume that our data producers put 100 records per second in aggregate, and each record is 35KB. In this case, the total data input rate is 3.4MB/sec (100 records/sec*35KB/record). For simplicity, we assume that the throughput and data size of each record are stable and constant throughout the day. Please note that we can dynamically adjust the throughput of our Amazon Kinesis stream at any time.

We first calculate the number of shards needed for our stream to achieve the required throughput. As one shard provides a capacity of 1MB/sec data input and supports 1000 records/sec, four shards provide a capacity of 4MB/sec data input and support 4000 records/sec. So a stream with four shards satisfies our required throughput of 3.4MB/sec at 100 records/sec.

We then calculate our monthly Amazon Kinesis costs using Amazon Kinesis pricing in the US-East Region:

  • Shard Hour: One shard costs $0.015 per hour, or $0.36 per day ($0.015*24). Our stream has four shards so that it costs $1.44 per day ($0.36*4). For a month with 31 days, our monthly Shard Hour cost is $44.64 ($1.44*31).
  • PUT Payload Unit (25KB): As our record is 35KB, each record contains two PUT Payload Units. Our data producers put 100 records or 200 PUT Payload Units per second in aggregate. That is 267,840,000 records or 535,680,000 PUT Payload Units per month. As one million PUT Payload Units cost $0.014, our monthly PUT Payload Units cost is $7.499 ($0.014*535.68).

Adding the Shard Hour and PUT Payload Unit costs together, our total Amazon Kinesis costs are $1.68 per day, or $52.14 per month. For $1.68 per day, we have a fully-managed streaming data infrastructure that enables us to continuously ingest 4MB of data per second, or 337GB of data per day in a reliable and elastic manner.