SAP has certified the AWS Cloud for production SAP HANA workloads. Customer can use an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cr1 or r3.8xlarge memory optimized instances in either single node or scale out configurations ranging from 244GB up to 1.22 TB of memory.

If you already own a license of SAP HANA, you may bring you own license (BYOL) and leverage the full value that the AWS Cloud offers and provision infrastructure in minutes versus weeks or months.

AWS also offers a variety of resources on SAP HANA to help you, such as the SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud Quick Start Reference Deployment Guide and SAP HANA On AWS Implementation and Operations Guide.

Please see SAP Note 1964437- SAP HANA on AWS: Supported Amazon EC2 platforms (SAP ID Required) for further information on supported configurations. Benchmarks can be found at

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The Kellogg Company has been producing cereal and other breakfast fare for a worldwide audience for more than 100 years. Needing a more robust application to track and model promotional costs, the company is now running SAP HANA on AWS, a move that will save $900,000 in IT costs over 5 years and speed deployment by 90% compared to traditional data center solutions. Read the story.

  • The SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud Quick Start Reference Deployment Guide provides architectural considerations and configuration steps necessary for deploying SAP HANA in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in a self-service fashion. The guide utilizes a “Bring Your Own License (BYOL)” scenario for SAP HANA software and recommended best practices for deploying SAP HANA on AWS using services such as Amazon EC2 and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The guide also provides links to automated AWS CloudFormation templates that you can leverage to more quickly and easily automate your deployment or launch directly into your AWS account. Download the full SAP HANA on the AWS Cloud Quick Start Reference Deployment Guide and get started today!

  • You may also find more step-by-step instructions on how to setup and build a SAP environment on AWS at our Getting Started page.  If you are new to AWS, we recommend you first begin by reading the Getting Started with AWS Guide.
  • The SAP HANA infrastructure subscription by AWS allows you to develop and deploy HANA faster with real-time provisioning on the AWS Cloud for your existing HANA licenses. With flexible scaling to fit your resources, you pay for what you need and focus on maximizing value for your organization.You will need your AWS account, SAP customer ID, and SAP HANA license key in order to activate.
  • Find other resources to help you setup and implement SAP on AWS on our SAP Resources page. 

  • Launch your HANA environment in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to add a powerful, cloud-based data storage and analytical facility to your existing on-premises data center, integrate it with your existing application, or leverage SAP HANA as a standalone environment on the AWS Cloud.
  • Real-time provisioning on the AWS Cloud for your existing SAP HANA licenses-leverage that you already own! 
  • Scale resources automatically up or down as required. Pay only for the IT resources that you need.
  • Support for SAP HANA-based workloads on a single or multi-node setup, including SAP Business Warehouse (BW) or standalone OLAP scenarios on a cr1.8xlarge or r3.8xlarge instance with up to 1.22TB of memory and 32 vCPU's and features the latest Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge) Processors.
  • Develop and deploy SAP HANA quickly and reliably in the cloud and leverage your existing licensing investment-no additional licensing fees.

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244GB Size 488GB Size 732GB Size 976GB Size 1.22TB Size
Cores/Threads 16/32 32/64 48/96 64/128 80/160
EBS Storage (Standard) 60GB 120GB 180GB 240GB 300GB
EBS Storage (P-IOPS) 2.4TB 4.8TB 7.2TB 9.6TB 12TB
VPC Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Transfer In Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Out 244GB 488GB 732GB 976GB 1.2TB
S3 Backup Storage 2TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 10TB
1Number of GB/TB is inclusive of memory used to store compressed data and run the database instance.

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SAP has certified SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, for production deployment on the AWS cloud. Small businesses can access all the benefits of using AWS for SAP Business One, including lower costs, speed and agility, elasticity, and flexible capacity.  Certified configurations, hosting options, and sample pricing, please read more here. For additional information or to find an APN partner who specializes in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, contact us at

Developer instances of SAP HANA are now available on the AWS platform. Developers can get access to this in-memory technology from SAP through the highly scalable and low cost cloud infrastructure on AWS. Developers who sign up are able to run their own pre-configured HANA instance to create their data analysis application. Along with a host of third-party development tools already available on AWS, this solution is a major step for SAP to build-out a global ecosystem of SAP HANA developers.

Get Started: Developers can sign-up through the SAP HANA Developer Center page within the SAP Community Network.

AWS now offers SAP HANA One as a deployment option for SAP’s HANA in-memory data platform, for use in production on the AWS Cloud and available for purchase with pay-as-you-go pricing, for only $0.99 an hour on the AWS Marketplace. SAP HANA One is provisioned by AWS on advanced hardware, using AWS’s powerful compute optimized c3.8xlarge instance type(1), which features the latest Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge) Processors with memory capacity up to 60GB of RAM per instance. This provides a large amount of computational power coupled with increased network performance, and is well-suited for computationally intensive workloads like SAP HANA One.

The availability of SAP HANA One on AWS enables companies of any size to deploy business-critical or consumer-facing HANA-based applications to take advantage of the power of in-memory transactional and analytical data processing supported by SAP HANA.

Get Started: Go directly to the AWS Marketplace, an online store where you can find, buy, and one-click deploy software that runs on the AWS Cloud, to provision and instantly access SAP HANA One.

(1) c3.8xlarge instances cost $1.78 an hour, and are billed in addition to the $0.99/hour fee for SAP HANA One.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) customers can run their entire BW application on the SAP HANA technology on AWS leading to unprecedented BW performance, a dramatically simplified IT landscape, and a business community able to make faster decisions.

Get Started: Download a 30-Day Free Trial and experience the value of SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA on AWS.