CA and AWS are working together to help enterprises take advantage of Amazon EC2 as an extension of their enterprise IT infrastructure through a broad array of CA’s enterprise management solutions that support Amazon EC2.

Management plays an important role in enhancing benefits of cloud. CA’s business-driven approach to managing cloud computing ensures that the use of cloud resources are managed with a defined goal of achieving cost savings and increasing business capabilities.

Business-driven cloud management allows IT to meet the needs of the business through effective and efficient management of AWS resources, in conjunction with and taking into account an organization’s existing computing capabilities. Managing the cloud in this manner, provides the ability to understand what resources are available both on and off premises, and then based on pre-determined business policies automate the dynamic reconfiguration of internal and external computing infrastructure to provide an optimum level of service.

CA Spectrum Automation Manager provides full support of Amazon EC2 resources. The integration of the two solutions help organizations enhance the cost savings, scalability and service quality that AWS offers. By using informed automation and process automation, CA Spectrum Automation Manager allows customers to dynamically and rapidly respond to fluctuations in resource demand through automatic provisioning and configuration of Amazon EC2 resources. Automating critical IT operational processes can help reduce downtime, increase efficiency and accelerate standardization, empowering your IT organization to meet fluctuating business demands. CA Spectrum Automation Manager is a policy-based server provisioning and automation solution that combines the power of informed automation and process automation for server provisioning, configuration change detection, self-service resource provisioning and virtualization management.

CA Spectrum Automation Manager support of Amazon EC2 can: Monitor performance and utilization of Amazon EC2 instances

  • Discover previously provisioned Amazon EC2 instances
  • Discover OS information and applications running on Amazon EC2 instances
  • Log all actions taken during the provisioning of the Amazon EC 2 instances
  • Detect all changes made to the running instances through baseline snapshot comparisons

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The support of CA Wily Introscope, a key component of the CA Wily Application Performance Management solution, for Amazon EC2 allows enterprises to maintain the visibility of transactions and business processes through internal physical or virtual systems and their cloud resources on Amazon EC2. CA Wily Introscope helps customers ensure that applications address business and service level goals by helping them to proactively identify, triage and resolve performance problems before end users are impacted.

CA Wily Introscope manages Java and .NET applications running on Amazon EC 2 similarly to the way it manages applications running inside customers’ data centers. Introscope agents are deployed and configured in instances running on Amazon EC2 in nearly a identical fashion as physical and virtual installations.

Customers can use CA Wily Introscope to monitor applications running on WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, and other J2EE application servers as well as applications based on Microsoft’s .NET infrastructure.

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CA Insight™ Database Performance Manager for Distributed Databases (CA Insight DPM) helps customers improve availability and performance of databases running in physical, virtual and Amazon EC2 environments. Customers can place their databases on Amazon EC2 and continue to proactively manage their performance.

CA Insight DP M is a flexible software solution that gives you the power to manage the performance of your diverse and complex database environments from a single browser-based console. A single deployment of CA Insight DPM can provide you with an enterprise view of performance of your databases, both on Amazon EC 2 and your own data centers. CA Insight DPM can monitor Oracle, DB2 LUW , SQL Server and Sybase.. The option to use remote and/or local monitoring provides the flexibility to quickly monitor databases deployed on Amazon EC 2 while at the same time allowing you to scale your management to thousands of databases.

CA Insight DPM also delivers database health metrics in-context to CA eHealth® Performance Manager, CA Spectrum® Infrastructure Manager and CA Wily Introscope for a “single source of truth” when an end-to-end view of performance management is desired.

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Ensuring effective change and configuration management of provisioned Amazon EC2 resources, CA Service Desk Manager allows IT organizations to track change requests to help facilitate compliance with business best practices, ITIL process models, and regulatory rules and procedures. Adding Amazon EC2 infrastructure to the 360-degree view of individual infrastructure components lets CA Service Desk Manager perform impact analysis on planned changes to help avoid business disruptions.

By using CA Service Desk Manager, customers realize the same benefits for their Amazon EC2 applications as they do for applications running inside their own data centers. These can include:

  • Delivery of high-quality, consistent IT service support
  • Faster and more accurate resolution of issues
  • Reduction of support costs
  • Reduction of service disruptions
  • Automatic creation and tracking of change requests
  • Alignment of provisioning and configuration change detection to ITIL best practices

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