Test Drive Big Data solutions on AWS. Quickly and easily explore the rich AWS ecosystem of solutions designed to address your Big Data challenges.

Test Drives are developed by AWS Partner Network (APN) Consulting and Technology partners and are provided free of charge for education, demonstration, and evaluation purposes. Each Test Drive includes enough free AWS server time to launch and explore these live solution stacks. You can return here and try any or all of the Test Drives at any time, so feel free to experiment, explore, and learn.

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Note that the Test Drives will launch from the authoring APN partner’s website.

IPC Global is providing this DirectIT lab with over 25 QlikView Dashboards for you to explore. Experience the speed and versatility from any device, share the lab by emailing the lab url to your co-workers. Blow them away!

This test drive is intended to orient you to the sophisticated capabilities of SAS. Once you go through the overview, you can explore the many additional features with this data or you can also load your own data and explore the features. In this test drive you will be able to create dashboards, xplore data, create frequently used models using a visual Interface.

Using this test drive, in under an hour, we would like to showcase the power and scalability of AWS Redshift by building an enterprise scale data warehouse for a telecom vertical and extracting meaningful insights from the data using Tableau business analytics software.


IPC provides you with a customized server desktop. Access over 25 QliKView Dashboards, learn about QlikView 11, “Copy, Paste and Share” a QV app in AccessPoint, QliKView’s app store. Take your data visualization to the next level!

The Intro to Splunk test drive is a lab environment that orients you to the key features of Splunk in order to demonstrate the power of monitoring machine data for Operational Intelligence.

This Test Drive will teach you the basics of a 3-node MongoDB replica set. Learn how to create a MongoDB replica set, define the required parameters, and monitor the cluster's performance. The Test Drive also includes a disaster recovery plan, essential for any mission critical application.

IPC has pre-loaded on your server desktop Sales Analyzer, a purpose-built QlikView App. Go ahead! Interact with the App. Virtualize, compare the analysis and share the data, anytime, from any device. Put yourself in charge!

Tableau is an Enterprise level software tool that helps organizations visualize their data by enabling easy to create interactive charts and dashboards. This Test Drive demonstrates how easy it is to identify business insights, as you will create a professional looking dashboard using Tableau's desktop tool. You will create this dashboard using live queries on data sets stored in AWS Redshift, a petabyte scale data warehouse service.

Protect your Big Data environment and maintain compliance using Vormetric Transparent Encryption. This Test Drive uses MongoDB to demonstrate how you can maintain compliance and data protection through strong encryption, privileged user access control and security intelligence.

This Test Drive covers using Oracle BI Publisher 11g to create simple reports based on Oracle Database. Also, it shows you how to create report layouts using the Layout Editor online, and how to schedule reports.

Try this Test Drive to get a hands-on experience of running Oracle BI Applications in the cloud. Business intelligence platforms enable all types of users - from IT staff to consultants to business users - to build applications that help organizations learn about and understand their business. Oracle Business Intelligence is the market leader in BI platforms. Deploying BI in the cloud is potentially a quicker, lower-cost and easier-to-deploy alternative.

FlyData Sync will allow you to take full advantage of your big data. In this Test Drive, you can constantly synchronize your MySQL (RDS/non-RDS) data to Amazon Redshift in near real-time. Setup once and keep your data flow on autopilot. FlyData Sync will monitor any changes made to your data source, will transform your MySQL data, parallel process your uploading, and seamlessly handle any errors that occur.

Explore this free 1 hour Test Drive of our Retail industry solution today, providing the analytics and metrics to support a day-in-the-life of decision makers in the retail industry. The Test Drive will step you through the system using sample data to see just how simple it can be to visualize complex retail data, helping to accelerate your deployment via this pre-built and ready to use turn-key solution.

Explore this free 1 hour Test Drive of our investment management analytics solution today. We will provision you with a dedicated instance of this system to demonstrate our pre-built and ready to deploy investment management solution. The Test Drive will step you through the system using sample data to see just how easy it makes visualizing complex data.

In this Test Drive, Minjar helps you to explore the Datastax Community Edition of Apache Cassandra, taking you through various features of Cassandra. Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure.

Enterprises face unique challenges of setting up a Data Warehouse to meet the ever changing business needs. Logic20/20 has developed the Dynamic Data Warehouse™ (DDW™) to enable IT organizations to be proactive and dramatically reduce the time required to support their ever changing business needs.

Oracle NoSQL Database provides a powerful and flexible transaction model that greatly simplifies the process of developing a NoSQL-based application. It scales horizontally with high availability and supports transparent load balancing as well as dynamic online topology changes. Try out a three node cluster running on Amazon Web Services in this Test Drive.

In unserem Lab zeigen wie Ihnen, wie Sie mögliche Angriffe auf die eigene IT-Infrastruktur frühzeitig erkennen und durch geeignete Maßnahmen abwehren können. Dabei lernen Sie Schritt für Schritt, in zweieinhalb Stunden, wie die Modellierung von Security Analytics mittels Hadoop auf der Big Data Plattform unseres Partners Datameer funktioniert.

Customer360 enables marketers to execute 1-1 personalized engagement based on data-driven insights about their customers. Customer360 runs sophisticated algorithms on customer data to identify growth opportunities at an individual level. Try out these designed for the marketer solution to see how to design and execute multichannel 1-1 personalized campaigns in minutes.

Take a quick tour of this Test Drive to evaluate Cassandra's capabilities in handling large data-sets, high availability and ease of management in AWS. We have configured a 3 node cluster running DataStax Cassandra Enterprise and have also provided sample data-sets for you to quickly get started.

Take a Test Drive of SAS Visual Analytics today. We can provision you with your own personalised environment using Amazon Web Services in less than 30 minutes and its free for the first 4 hours. Let us step you through the example reports we have created for you and then you can upload your own data into this environment and see how easy it is to build your own reports in minutes. Contact Selerity if an extended trial is required.