Test Drive Red Hat on AWS. Quickly and easily explore Red Hat solutions that are deployed using AWS automated server infrastructure. These Test Drives have been developed by Red Hat and ecosystem partners, and are provided free of charge for demonstration, education and evaluation purposes. Each Test Drive includes enough complimentary AWS server time to complete the step-by-step guided tour of the system using the provided lab manual. You can return here and try any or all of the Test Drives at any time, so feel free to experiment and explore.


Please note that the Test Drives will be launched from the authoring partners’ website.

This Test Drive from Red Hat provides customers with a free, hands-on experience with Red Hat Storage Server, an open, software-defined cloud storage solution on AWS. In this test drive, you will create a highly available scale-out cloud storage implementation for enterprise file sharing and collaboration, large file and object storage and multi-media content delivery and storage.

Test Drive Shadow-Soft's integrated business process management solution.  Login as an administrator, create and explore the sample repository, and load custom repositories with additional sample data in under 60 minutes.  Powered by open source software including Red Hat JBoss BRMS, JBoss Operations Network and OC Systems RTI Application Performance Management, integrated and deployed on AWS in minutes.

Take this 30 minute Test Drive where our instructions will help you explore the Media Driver Integrated Console. Topics that are discussed within the tour will cover learning how to support your JBoss Fuse infrastructure while allowing management of your queue based processes from one centralized location, easily and reliably.

This Test Drive from Vizuri demonstrates that by combing the inherent, dynamic scaling characteristics of Red Hat's storage and PaaS products with ownCloud's file sharing services, organizations can build a collaboration portal that becomes the catalyst for their employee-powered idea engine.

In under an hour, this CITYTECH Test Drive will show you how easy it is to test new workflows and rules by moving applications to the cloud. The Test Drive showcases Red Hat’s latest JBoss Business Process Management (BPM) product with agile rules and processes integration (instead of embedded business logic) enabling collaboration for both business analysts and developers.

This Test Drive will show you WEM basics in just 20 minutes. Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM), the WEM featured in this TestDrive enables marketing teams and agencies to easily collaborate and publish rich and responsive online content. ICF Interactive specializes in customizing AEM and managing its infrastructure to ensure businesses are quickly and continuously responding to customers.

Take the JBoss Fuse Service Works Amazon Test Drive today and find out how easy it can be to solve complex integration problems with Enterprise Integration Patterns and the Fuse Service Works Platform. You’ll get access to a preconfigured Amazon Web Services environment and the sample use case we created, as well as step-by-step instructions, a demonstration video, and documentation to help you along the way.