Test Drive Trend Micro based security solutions, quickly and easily explore the benefits of using Trend Micro security software on AWS infrastructure. These Test Drives have been developed by Trend Micro and are provided free of charge for demonstration, education and/or evaluation purposes.


Please note that the test drives will be launched from the Trend Micro website.

This Test Drive provides an overview of some of the advanced security controls available from Trend Micro for your AWS environment. This 45-minute lab will show you how easy it is to apply the right security controls to your production applications. The controls you setup will help ensure any changes made to your applications are valid and will protect your application against cross-site scripting, malicious URLs, and other threats. You can run this lab up to 3 times but you’ll also come away with a 30 day free trial of Deep Security as a Service so you can try it out in your own AWS environment.

This Test Drive has been localized, and launches in the Japan region. 

本テストドライブではDeep Security as a Service (DSaaS)ユーザの皆様が必要としているセキュリティ対策を簡単にそして最小限の労力でご体験いただけます。