Aug 1, 2012

Do you know the true cost of running your web applications on your existing infrastructure?  This whitepaper will help you understand the different cost factors involved when you deploy and manage a scalable web application in an on-premises environment and compare the total cost to a variety of different AWS purchasing options.  Our analysis shows that AWS offers significant cost savings, up to 80%, compared to the equivalent on-premises deployments.



“If we were to use the traditional on-premises data center, we would have spent $34 million dollars in hardware and maintenance expenses during the first two years. With AWS cloud, we met our reliability and performance objectives at a fraction of the cost.”
– Mr. Chun Kang, Principal Engineer, Samsung

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“We were able to reduce our DNS costs by 93%, which in tandem allowed us to shorten our time-to-live (TTLs) for easier, timelier management of DNS records. In the cloud, IP addresses are largely ephemeral, so we needed a service that would allow us to increase the amount of DNS requests due to a shorter TTL without increasing our spend. The AWS-based infrastructure has decreased the publication’s overall monthly operating costs by 75%. The publication has also been able to streamline its system administration personnel by approximately 50%.”
– Nathan Butler of The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company


“SEGA reduced server costs by over 50% with On-Demand Instances when unplanned load spikes hit after game launches”
– Stuart Wright, IT & Network Director for the Online Operations team


“When considering AWS, we were able to go immediately to senior executives and sell the idea of a low-cost solution by giving them evidence,” “The solution cost $50 the first month, and that resonated very much with senior management. Thus, we were able to accelerate the product launch.”
– Jeff Kimsey, Associate Vice President of Product Management for NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products

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