Posted On: Oct 8, 2008 names Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and CTO Werner Vogels among the top technology agenda setters.

Jeff Bezos, a perennial Agenda Setters who’s made the list eight times, launched in 1994 and has remained at its helm for nearly 15 years – an eternity in internet time. During his tenure he has created arguably the most successful online retail brand in the world. The panel noted the particular success of the Kindle electronic book reader, which launched in November 2007 and immediately sold out. Read more on Bezos.

A newcomer to the Agenda Setters list, Werner Vogels is making waves in internet retailing as chief technology officer and VP of Since joining the company in 2004 Vogels has been at the heart of Amazon’s transformation from a mere purveyor of goods to a platform for conducting business online. As one Agenda Setters panellist said: “[Vogels has been] pioneering the practical implementation of the revolution that is ‘the cloud’, demonstrating yet again that the consumer market place innovates well ahead of the staid and conservative enterprise market place. Read more on Vogels..

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