Posted On: Nov 5, 2014

AWS Elastic Beanstalk now supports Python 3.4, Java 7 GlassFish 4.0, and Java 8 GlassFish 4.1. You can now deploy your applications relying on these languages/frameworks on Elastic Beanstalk using the AWS Management Console and the new EB CLI v3 we launched last week.

With this release, we are introducing a new category of supported platforms – Preconfigured Docker. This category of platforms is based on the language stacks provided by the Official Docker Repos on the Docker Hub Registry. This allows us to quickly provide you with the newest versions of additional language/framework platforms. If you are interested in building your own platforms based on the official Docker language stacks, you can use our Dockerfile(s) as a starting point.

The ‘Preconfigured Docker’ platforms are delivered as Docker containers allowing you to develop and test your applications locally using the same container that your application will be deployed to on Elastic Beanstalk. For more information on how to get started with these platforms, see Getting Started with Elastic Beanstalk Preconfigured Docker Platforms.

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