Posted On: Feb 17, 2015

Environment Cloning
AWS Elastic Beanstalk now supports environment cloning. Previously, you would have to create a new environment and manually configure the variables and options to match your previous environment. You can now use the Management Console or CLI to clone an existing environment with a few clicks. Elastic Beanstalk will provision the exact same resources as your selected environment and configure them the same way. We release new versions of Elastic Beanstalk environments with security updates regularly. This feature will make it easier to upgrade your environments to new versions. Read more about this feature here.

Periodic Tasks for Worker Tier
Elastic Beanstalk now supports Periodic Tasks for the Worker Tier environments. Worker Tier environments are optimized to process application background tasks at scale. You can now use Worker Tier environments to run tasks on a defined schedule (e.g., every minute, every hour, etc). Learn more about this new feature here.

1-Click IAM Role Creation
Elastic Beanstalk now supports one click IAM role creation. Previously, you had to copy and paste an IAM policy when you wanted to create a new IAM role and instance profile. You can now also create an IAM Role with one click for the Worker Tier.

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