Posted On: Sep 15, 2015

We are excited to announce the launch of two new health checking features for Amazon Route 53:

Calculated Health Checks let you combine the results of multiple Amazon Route 53 health checks into a single value using common operations such as AND, OR, and NOT. You can use calculated health checks with Amazon Route 53’s DNS failover to help improve the availability of your entire application. For example, you can create health checks against multiple parts of your application such as a web server, application server, and database, and then use a calculated health check to trigger failover when at least one of the application’s components is unreachable. Or, you can configure a calculated health check to cause failover only if multiple endpoints are unhealthy at the same time. Like Amazon Route 53’s other health check varieties, calculated health checks are integrated with Amazon CloudWatch to provide metrics, graphs, and configurable alarms.

Latency Measurement Health Checks let you measure the performance of your application in addition to its availability. When you enable this optional feature, Amazon Route 53 provides additional Amazon CloudWatch metrics for connection time and response latency from each of the AWS regions where Amazon Route 53 conducts health checks. You can configure alarms on these Amazon CloudWatch metrics in order to be notified if your application becomes slow to respond to customer requests.

Getting started is easy. To learn more, visit the Amazon Route 53 product page for full details and pricing, or see our documentation.