Posted On: Jun 19, 2018

Starting today, you can use AWS Firewall Manager to easily roll out AWS WAF rules for all your Application Load Balancers in the Europe (Ireland) region across your accounts in AWS Organizations.

AWS Firewall Manager is a security management service that makes it easier to centrally configure and manage AWS WAF rules across your accounts and applications. As new applications are created, Firewall Manager also makes it easy to bring new applications and resources into compliance with a common set of security rules from day one. Now you have a single service to build firewall rules, create security policies, and enforce them in a consistent, hierarchical manner across your entire Application Load Balancers and Amazon CloudFront infrastructure.

In addition to Europe (Ireland), AWS Firewall Manager is also available in US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon) and all 119 Amazon CloudFront edge locations worldwide. Learn more by reading the AWS Firewall Manager web page, or the AWS Firewall Manager Developer Guide.