Posted On: Jul 26, 2018

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store now enables you to retrieve secrets managed in AWS Secrets Manager. With this launch, you can use a single set of APIs for retrieving your parameters managed in Parameter Store as well as secrets managed in Secrets Manager. For more details on retrieving Secrets Manager secrets using Parameter Store, visit our documentation here.

You can also now add labels to parameter versions. Labels are human readable names that help protect against unintended overwrites of parameter values and allow rollback to a previous parameter version if there is a deployment issue. For example, if you have configuration parameters such as database connection strings and API Keys across dev and production environments, you can add specific version labels across your parameter hierarchies. Additionally, Amazon CloudWatch Events Rules can be used to take action when labels are attached or moved from one parameter version to other. For more details on Parameter Store labels, read the blogpost here.

AWS Systems Manager is available in all commercial regions and GovCloud (US).

To learn more about AWS Systems Manager, visit here, or view documentation here.