Posted On: Jul 25, 2018

The Serverless Bot Framework is a solution that helps AWS customers implement chatbots in other languages without having to develop their own backend platforms that support language analysis and abstraction, and knowledge training. The solution integrates with managed services such as AWS Lambda, to apply machine learning algorithms, and Amazon Polly, to turn text into lifelike speech.

The solution deploys an Amazon API Gateway endpoint where customers can send requests, AWS Lambda functions that apply machine learning algorithms, Amazon Polly to turn text into lifelike speech, an Amazon DynamoDB table to store conversation logs and interaction context, and Amazon S3 buckets to store configuration files. The solution also includes a sample web application that you can use as a reference framework to create your own application that fits your business need. For more information, see the solution webpage.

The AWS Solutions team communicates AWS architectural best practices and develops standardized, automated solutions for the platform. Our offerings currently live on the AWS Answers webpage, where customers can browse common questions by category to find answers in the form of succinct Solution Briefs or comprehensive Solutions, which are AWS-vetted, automated, turnkey reference implementations that address specific business needs.