Posted On: Nov 19, 2018

Amazon SageMaker now supports two additional algorithms: Object2Vec and IP Insights.

Object2Vec is a new supervised learning algorithm used in applications where there are similar words, phrases, and sentences for the model to train and perform inference upon. Specific examples include building document classification systems where documents are mapped to labels, movie recommendation systems where user ratings are mapped to movies, and information retrieval systems to determine text similar to phrases that the user is searching for.

IP Insights is a new unsupervised learning algorithm that identifies suspicious online behavior by analyzing the IP address of a request. The algorithm uses statistical modeling and neural networks to associate online resources such as accessing a bank account with the IPv4 address from the user’s access history. Learning such associations enable the IP Insights algorithm to reduce the number of false positives by associating accounts with more likely IP addresses.

Object2Vec and IP Insights algorithms are now available in all AWS regions where Amazon SageMaker is available today. You can read more about these algorithms in the blog posts for Object2Vec here and IP Insights here.