Posted On: Nov 28, 2018

S3 Glacier Deep Archive is a new Amazon S3 storage class that provides secure, durable object storage for long-term data retention and digital preservation. S3 Glacier Deep Archive offers the lowest price of storage in AWS, and reliably stores any amount of data. It is the ideal storage class for customers who need to make archival, durable copies of data that rarely, if ever, need to be accessed.

With S3 Glacier Deep Archive, customers can eliminate the need for on-premises tape libraries, and no longer have to manage hardware refreshes and re-write data to new tapes as technologies evolve. All data stored in S3 Glacier Deep Archive can be retrieved within 12 hours. S3 Glacier Deep Archive joins Amazon S3’s portfolio of storage classes, and complements Amazon S3 Glacier, which is ideal for more active archives where some of the data may need to be retrieved in minutes.

S3 Glacier Deep Archive will be generally available in 2019 in all AWS commercial and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more, go to Amazon S3 Storage Classes and read the pre-announcement for S3 Glacier Deep Archive.