Posted On: Jul 9, 2020

Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra), a scalable, highly available, and fully managed Apache Cassandra–compatible database service, now enables you to back up your table data continuously by using point-in-time recovery (PITR)

PITR provides you with continuous backups of your Amazon Keyspaces table data to help you protect against accidental writes or deletes. When you enable PITR, Amazon Keyspaces backs up your table data automatically with per-second granularity. You can restore your table data to any second in time in the preceding 35 days. You can enable PITR with a single click in the AWS Management Console or with a simple Cassandra Query Language (CQL) API call. Using PITR, you can back up tables with hundreds of terabytes of data, with no impact on the performance or availability of your production applications. You also can use PITR to recover Amazon Keyspaces table deleted in the preceding 35 days that had PITR enabled, and restore the table to its state just before it was deleted. 

PITR is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Keyspaces is offered. For information about pricing, see Amazon Keyspaces pricing