Posted On: Dec 15, 2020

The AWS SDK for JavaScript, version 3 (v3) is now generally available and includes many frequently requested features, such as a new middleware stack and a first-class TypeScript support. It also has a modular architecture, with a separate package for each service. You can improve your application performance by only importing the packages your application requires and reducing your application bundle.

You can utilize JavaScript SDK v3 extensive logging support to record API input/output and a corresponding metadata, new retry behavior with congestion control to accommodate throttling responses, and retry quotas to limit the number of failed retries. We also introduced a higher level abstraction for S3 multipart upload, and utility functions to operations with JavaScript objects in DynamoDB. Other features include pagination using async generators, bi-directional streaming over WebSockets, and support for HTTP/2 protocol.

JavaScript SDK v3 can access services in all AWS regions. To learn more about this release, please read our blog post, visit our Developer Guide, or check out the source code on Github. You can also visit our self-guided workshop, which provides step-by-step migration instructions to from JavaScript SDK v2 to v3.