Posted On: Mar 16, 2021

Amazon RDS Proxy now lets you create an additional read-only endpoint to connect your application to Amazon Aurora Replicas. In some cases, RDS Proxy helps improve application scalability, resiliency, and security. These benefits can extend to your Aurora Replicas when connected through the RDS Proxy. To learn about Aurora Replicas, see our documentation.

By default, RDS Proxy provides an endpoint for your applications to connect to the Aurora primary instance. Now, you can create one or more read-only endpoints to connect your application to the Aurora Replicas. RDS Proxy provides enhanced scalability by pooling and sharing database connections among the Aurora Replicas. In case of a failure, RDS Proxy automatically connects to the next available Aurora Replica while maintaining connections from your application, improving availability for Aurora Replicas. Finally, using RDS Proxy your applications use IAM authentication for both the Aurora primary instance and Aurora Replicas, eliminating the need to store database credentials in your application.

You can create a read-only endpoint while creating a new RDS Proxy or add additional endpoints for an existing RDS Proxy in just a few clicks through the Amazon RDS Management Console, using the AWS CLI, or SDK. To learn more, please refer to our documentation.