Posted On: Mar 16, 2021

Amazon RDS Proxy now lets you create additional endpoints each with their own VPC settings, enabling access to your Aurora or RDS databases from applications in a different VPC.

RDS Proxy creates the primary endpoint in the underlying database’s VPC. With this launch, you can now create additional RDS Proxy endpoints that enable connectivity from other VPCs to your database. For example, if you are running a reporting application in a separate VPC from your database, you can selectively enable connectivity to the database by creating a RDS Proxy endpoint in the application’s VPC.

You can create additional endpoints for a RDS Proxy through the Amazon RDS Management Console, using the AWS CLI, or SDK, and associate any VPC that is within the same AWS account as your RDS Proxy. To learn more, please refer to our documentation.

Amazon RDS Proxy is a fully managed and a highly available database proxy for Amazon Aurora and RDS databases. RDS proxy helps improve application scalability, resiliency, and security. To learn more, visit the RDS Proxy details page, read our blog, or view our documentation.