Posted On: Apr 1, 2021

Amazon Redshift now supports managed VPC endpoints (powered by AWS PrivateLink) to connect to your Amazon Redshift cluster in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). With an Amazon Redshift-managed endpoint, you can now privately access your Amazon Redshift data warehouse within your (VPC) from your client applications in another VPC within the same or another AWS account and running on-premises without using public IPs or requiring traffic to traverse the Internet.

With this release, Amazon Redshift allows you to create an endpoint to an Amazon Redshift cluster from another VPC in the same or another AWS account. You can either use the Amazon Redshift console or Amazon Redshift API to create an Amazon Redshift managed VPC endpoint. This feature is supported with Amazon Redshift clusters running RA3 instance types (RA3.XLPLUS, RA3.4XL, and RA3.16XL) and enabled for cluster relocation.

For more information, including instructions on getting started with cross-VPC support, please read the Amazon Redshift documentation or read this blog.

Amazon Redshift-managed VPC endpoints are powered by AWS PrivateLink. If you use Amazon Redshift-managed VPC endpoints to access your Amazon Redshift data warehouse from your client applications in another VPC, you will incur standard AWS data transfer charges and the associated cost for the AWS PrivateLink interface endpoint. View the AWS PrivateLink pricing page for details.

Cross-VPC support is available in all AWS commercial regions where RA3 instance type is available.