Posted On: Jun 1, 2021

Amazon CloudWatch now gives operators and developers visibility and actionable insights into their utilization of control plane APIs across AWS services. You can find API call count metrics organized by AWS service in the CloudWatch console, and search and discover usage metrics from thousands available in the AWS/Usage namespace.

CloudWatch now continuously monitors AWS control plane API activities to generate API call count metrics. AWS control plane APIs are used for administration, management and access changes, such as creating or deleting an Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. API call count metrics in CloudWatch allow you to proactively manage API usage by visualizing metrics in the CloudWatch console, creating custom dashboards, detecting changes in activity with CloudWatch Anomaly Detection, and configuring alarms that alert when usage approaches a threshold.

Control plane API call count metrics in CloudWatch are available in all commercial regions.

For more information on CloudWatch usage metrics, see the CloudWatch User Guide. Usage metrics are available for free in the CloudWatch console. Standard CloudWatch pricing applies for CloudWatch API, Custom Dashboards, Anomaly Detection, and Alarms.