Posted On: Oct 29, 2021

Amazon Lightsail now supports AWS CloudFormation, allowing you to utilize CloudFormation templates to provision and manage your application stacks comprised of Lightsail instances, disks or databases. You can also easily automate and replicate your stacks as needed. This adds a new convenient way of managing Lightsail resources in addition to the Lightsail Console and AWS CLI/SDK.

With this launch, in addition to being able to provision and manage Lightsail instances, databases and disks with CloudFormation, you can also perform operations like attaching disks to instances, creating and attaching static IPs to instances, setting up auto-snapshots for instances and disks - all via the same template.

This AWS CloudFormation support for Lightsail resources is available in all Amazon Lightsail regions. To learn more on how to use CloudFormation templates to manage Lightsail resources, click here.